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  1. Yes I know, but since the HIV diagnosis Thomas has become more vocal, to be what you want to be. So I can sort of see what Robbored is blabbing about. (I know I’ve banged my head a few times defending Robbored) Gareth Thomas is in my opinion a great ambassador towards the gay community and shows that there is no reason to hide who you are.
  2. It was only about 2010 Thomas retired which is when he came out.
  3. Apart from Glastonbury weekend and Wimbledon then it just pisses down.
  4. About 10 years ago I think, could even be longer.
  5. It’s lost it’s appeal now they play it when there are still Prem games to be played. Preferred it when it was the weekend after leagues finished. Used to love the build up with its a knockout etc and cameras following the coaches in.
  6. Why are Chelsea wearing yellow? Would have thought they would stick to blue for this one.
  7. They’ve just said in all Van Dijk games at Anfield they’ve not lost a Prem game.
  8. Manure falling apart
  9. Not sure as the one who was offside left it for the other one to break through.
  10. Forest win tomorrow which improves their GD playing Hull on Saturday whilst Boremuff play Millwall chasing Play offs. Why can’t you see it happening?
  11. That’s the way I look at it as well. When we are good enough to beat someone 5-0 some say it has to be because they were poor. But in fact it was us that made them look poor because they could not cope with us.
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