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  1. I agree, but there was no need to climb up the tree again to fall again.
  2. Next he’s going to tell us he can go through a whole night without getting up for a wee.
  3. I remember when they done a bus route to all home games from the Forest through Chepstow to Ashton Gate. They stopped in the 80's I think. Nothing really to report other than that as everyone else is talking about their travelling woe's
  4. Trust me, above 20 degrees I need factor 50. I’m dark haired as well! But as soon as that yellow bastard appears I’m burnt
  5. Factor 50 and a shed load of it
  6. I’m Welsh, but embarrassed by what some of those cocks are writing on Sky championship banter page. You lot down well, you lifted the country during these shite times.
  7. I’m hoping that some melts don’t take to Twitter now to abuse the players who’ve missed. Might of lost on penalties, but undefeated the whole tournament in match time.
  8. That’s going to hurt his neck tomorrow
  9. Congratulations from a Welshman as I say on my passport it says Great Britain. To the Welsh Scots who support the opposition. Suck it up.
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