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  1. Please tell me, I was not the only one stupid enough to keep trying the play button
  2. Well done England, never thought being a Welshman I would be so happy
  3. Nice touch from the Beeb to give that young girl tickets
  4. I’ve still not received my season ticket. My wife and granddaughters have arrived. I emailed them, and got a reply that mine was sent to my previous address. And if I can’t get to it, to pay £10 for a reprint. This was over a week ago. i wrote back saying that I updated my online account last year with my new address, and the error was theirs. Plus we’ve still got redirection and if it had been sent there it would be redirected. So far I’ve not had any reply and even sent an email on the weekend asking for an update.
  5. I know I put up a joke comment about 76 earlier on in this thread. But it’s not hard to work out the world is getting hotter, we are breaking records for the hottest day in UK now every so many years where as previously it was years and years apart.
  6. Wasn’t Charles mocked in the 80’s predicting the damage we are all doing to the climate.
  7. BREAKING: Survivors of the 1976 UK heatwave are to be offered counselling and an apology from the Met Office for them not issuing a warning that the sun can be hot
  8. If it goes above 30 degrees at point of batching, we can only supply with stamped tickets at their risk. A lot of designers won’t allow that so that will be a big percentage of cancellations. No doubt there will some who will try and wonder why their concrete is cracking.
  9. I work for a Ready Mixed company, there has been loads of cancellations this week for work planned for Monday.
  10. Going for the tickets on the 8th, bet hotel prices have doubled already.
  11. My wife’s arrived a week ago Thursday, my granddaughters today. I’m still waiting on mine. Never been so excited for a key ring
  12. Am I missing something with the Instagram message? Is Bristol the destination or is it a guess?
  13. We can all dream. I was skint the last time. And then had a failed operation on my throat for Roger Waters so they had to sell my ticket on the night.
  14. Floyd could be another Paul McCartney. I suspect if everyone named their favourite Floyd track some people won’t like it preferring something else. I’m like a Floyd weirdo, Dark side of the Moon is not one of my favourite albums but yet the sales on that one is still one of the all time highest sales. My favourite album of all time is The Final Cut. Be a bit outdated now as kids won’t understand it and some people find it depressing. Plus how would they play In the Flesh now?
  15. Yep, but it’s further away, at not on the Iplayer.
  16. Wonder if KISS or Ozzy ever fancy headlining. And would like to Alice Cooper as a legend section.
  17. Best thing about music is there are choices for everyone. I’ve seen Coldplay a few times and really enjoy them.
  18. I don’t like the last Artics album Tranquillity base hotel, and they are saying the next one will be similar. Nothing like their stuff previously. Shame really as the previous stuff was fantastic.
  19. Think there is more chance Roger Waters than Pink Floyd. He done it in 2002. The issue with Floyd or Waters (and I love both) is that, they are not really uplifting to get crowds going. They are more aimed at the sit back relax and enjoy the show. I don’t think they are a festival sort of band.
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