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  1. This ref needs a kick in the nuts
  2. Scott announcing himself well
  3. Can they not zoom in a bit on this camera
  4. True, but how many would choose TV over live? I’m probably clutching at straws because I’m isolating until week Wednesday so peed off I can’t attend today or next week. Plus we’ve all been used to watching away games the past season.
  5. Thinking about this. Clubs are losing money during this pandemic and people will still be hesitant in going. Why don’t they make this season like last season £10 a stream for uk residents as well. If all clubs do it they will still get crowds as you can’t beat being there but it would at least get extra money into the clubs. We all know that some will be able to get hesgoals and other streams but surely any money into the clubs would be beneficial. Apart from the sags, as they will crash the internet with all their fans locked out.
  6. Origami, but they will be taking points of you if the corners are not 90 degrees
  7. Gutted, I’ve got to isolate from today for the next two weeks (medical procedure next Wednesday) so I’m missing the Villa and Blackpool game. i would think 19k to 20k due to ST being counted but bums on seats around 16k due to holidays and Covid issues
  8. Any chance of someone putting up the team sheet please
  9. I agree, but there was no need to climb up the tree again to fall again.
  10. Next he’s going to tell us he can go through a whole night without getting up for a wee.
  11. I remember when they done a bus route to all home games from the Forest through Chepstow to Ashton Gate. They stopped in the 80's I think. Nothing really to report other than that as everyone else is talking about their travelling woe's
  12. Trust me, above 20 degrees I need factor 50. I’m dark haired as well! But as soon as that yellow bastard appears I’m burnt
  13. Factor 50 and a shed load of it
  14. I’m Welsh, but embarrassed by what some of those cocks are writing on Sky championship banter page. You lot down well, you lifted the country during these shite times.
  15. I’m hoping that some melts don’t take to Twitter now to abuse the players who’ve missed. Might of lost on penalties, but undefeated the whole tournament in match time.
  16. That’s going to hurt his neck tomorrow
  17. Congratulations from a Welshman as I say on my passport it says Great Britain. To the Welsh Scots who support the opposition. Suck it up.
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