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  1. lots of bites! Forums are anonymous fun arent they?
  2. Judging by how many people returned tickets for Millwall due to fuel shortages, let's hope our fans can find car-shares, buses and trains to get to the game. We will be along the side and will have many more fans than we had last time there (was a Friday on Sky?). Long trip by car but about 1500 should be able to support the team more than the silence experienced at the Den
  3. He must be a happy man based on crowds returning, the prospect of 2500 Pompey fans turning up tomorrow (this is not a post about our away support north of the Midlands!). We know the stadium is good, we have enjoyed going there recently, we know how good their coach is and the owner appears to be doing a good job. Fact remains they have been 4 years in a lower league than us!! An independant view is on this link Q&A: Cheltenham fan & writer Jon Palmer chats about his night at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light - Roker Report (sbnation.com)
  4. One of our best for many years. we shouldntforget he was also one of our best defenders and if people dont think this is important then consider what flint meant to us and also what Baker (if he lasts 10 mins) could be for us. Anyone watching Afobe closely at the Den would realise we have let some good uns go, even if the club could do little about it at the time Hope he is now sending lots of Senegal Francs back to his villagers
  5. Totts, Lets see you at the Den to discuss my hero
  6. Some of us on here are sadly at the age where many of our childhood heroes are passing away, like those already mentioned. He was possibly my favourite non-City player in his era; what a goals/game ratio for Liverpool 244/404 Lets hope the focus tomorrow at the Den pre-match is on some of these great players who have just passed away this season rather than on some players, lneeling, fist-pumping etc at the kick off RIP Roger
  7. I've just watche the extended highlights on Swans TV and Luton had a 'mare after going 3-0 up; they missed an absolute sitter, then dropped points like we did late on Wed night. Lansbury should have got a red but was probably in the ref's ear all game up until then like he was at Ashton Gate. Rule change as suggested above is clearly the way forward; if your side in penalised no-one should be allowed to collect, or touch the ball AT ALL
  8. What? His running is just one of many attributes, like reading the game, assists, finishing, pure staminaand look at his pass with the outside of his boot for Wells. Magic man and his injury the main reason we struggled last season rather than the usual non-playing scapegoats who get slammed on the forum. I dont believe anyone cant see all Weimann's quailities. Four super channel runs in the first half yesterday, two of which found him - one from Bako the other from James. He's our best front man at present even if Martin scores more goals, Wells costs more and Semenyo has the most 'potential'
  9. As a regular critic of Wells since he joined i am delighted to put my hand up and say he and Semenyo looked fantastic when they came on yesterday and the finish from a superb Weimann pass was as good as any finish you could wish for from that distance. I'm not going to go over his past performances in detail, not even the 50 mins he 'played' against Luton, so just want to say some players really play well in some games and it is for numerous reasons. Pato hit a screamer at Luton yesterday that smashed the crossbar and then scored a worldie from the same sort of distance; one game doesnt make Pato a better player than we saw over several seasons, home and away Wells yesterday deserves the primary credit but clearly NP on the touchline (where i was close to) was continually giving these two subs a lot of his thoughts. Well done Pearson, Wells and City
  10. Top Robin, you are right again which is why we need another striker asap even though the results arent as bad as some people believe. 20-1 with Coral ast week to get promotion could be the best bet i've had for years!!
  11. Just watched MoTD and interesting to see Ayling at CB and Brownhill playing an unbelievable pass against Arsenal. Certainly both done really well in the top flight though i suspect Clarets will be at BS3 next year even though Dyche has signed a new 4 yr deal Then watched highlights from Loftus yet again. Weimann's pass and Wells' finish just get better and better despite knowing the outcome. Brilliant day out again in the capital
  12. Rob, sorry to miss you yesterday but whilst you often rate players one notch higher than me, i have to disagree strongly on 4 of yours- all all the other way.Kalas was an 8 for his blocks and positioning, Massengo must be an 8 and Weimann a 6 (two good assists- the 2nd to Wells a sublime pass ith the outside of his foot and 4 channel runs in the first half). THe Semenyo run wahere he was fouled one foot outside the box was superb so gets a 7 for his short appearance. It is strange who many times QPR got through our midfield yet i thought Han and James were both very strong Next report will be back in 'your manor' so see you there, where our away form will hopefully continue to satisfy those who travel away
  13. Pretty clear to me we have a solid block/spine of proven players at this level or above - Bents, Kalas, Baker, James, King, Martin, AW then we have 3 rising stars in Pring, Atkinson &Han and then the big question marks over Semenyo who will be a prem player or drift to League 2 (cant be sure yet). This has been the case most of this season and i appluad Pearson for sticking with this thinking. IMO we are two players short of a sure top 6, one midfielder and one striker but if we get lucky with injuries as we seem to be, i fancy a bit of a run, starting...yes at HOME to Fulham
  14. Another lovely day in West London. Having had some great days at Craven Cottage in the last 5 years we seem to be enjoying Loftus just as much now. I thought NP made brave but good substitutions, especially Semenyo and Wells but the most pleasing thing today apart from the result was the sight of the manager on the touchline, giving non-stop direction/encouragement to the players rather than taking his place in the stands and using phone links down to the bench. Well done NP, great visit to the Capital again and lets hope Fulham struggle next week. Bobby was off form today and JB is 2nd choice to Robinson, according to a FFC ST holder coming back on the train. Next week....Bring it on!
  15. Max, I am sure you do, your posts may it pretty clear you call them daily. M.A Isn't my buddy, but an ex-employee of the Club i love
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