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    Following City to away games approx 20 times per season and whenever I'm in the UK. ST Holder for as long as i can recall

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  1. Just buy a ticket anywhere in the empty, soul - less bowl, don't queue jump of BCFC ST holders
  2. then is then, Covid times have ripped clubs, businesses and communities apart; surely we all get that and now is now. EPL players Rashford, et al earn an obscene amount of money for what they do as do their agents; we shouldnt blame the clubs, we should ask wi the wages being 'demanded' by so-called decent people are really what they should be or, if they are ten time what they should be, would more realistic wages mean the average fans wouldnt get 'fleeced'
  3. aa you are of course, quite right; just a way of stating how exciting it was to watch JET take a pen - whether it was at Notts C or any lower-league ground. I'm sure you understand that sentimnet but bredwood clearly doesnt . End of
  4. JET the Penalty King, one of the best, 'get you off your seat' players we've had in a decade and scored memorable goals. One of the hardest shots and best assists during the double season. Gills away in JPT when Smith got the lot he was unplayable. Rather have him come of the bench to take a penalty in a big match than some highly paid players/politicians
  5. I still call it 'going to Reading' but no longer say we're off to Elm Park. Our place will always just be the City Ground or the Gate, even though everything there now has been thanks to SL.
  6. Football can be a wonderful game with good sportsmanship, opportunities for us all to travel (unless you live in Wales where the leader tells you where to go and what type of holiday you must have) Sadly it has been run by very corrupt people driven by personal egos and financial gains and by large organisations, now predominantly of the gambling sector. The ideology of 'taking football round the world' was another con in many locations, particularly S.A & Qatar. The term White Elephants for SA make me laugh where the unnecessary Durban stadium (stunning when new) cost more than putting water and sanitation into 80000 slum homes Qatar has a local population less than Briz and no one really wants to go there. With fans having absolutely no say in anything to do with football, we must wait for the power moguls, politicians, gaming companies and big businesses to make these decisions
  7. Slarti, How about doubt double Christian names: Gerry, Gerry Gow Andy, Andy Cole
  8. YET Another success of the BS3 regimes that seem open for criticism on this forum. He has been very good for us until NP took over and has had a good Eurosand was fab tonight We will keep him and another BS3 (MA et Al) success from this shop window - Nagy and we should be able to be top half in the Championship next year. Any loss will get slaughtered on here but I think we are in for an OK season with NP at the helm.
  9. A few guardian readers on here me thinks. Rich to knock The Sun/Daily Mail (best selling paper in England) when the orrible left-leaning rag with 1.5% population readership (and declinging fast) still tries to hate football fans, statues to our history and anything royalist or centre of politics. Sing what you like if it doesnt offend the people around you; people who go to games dont have to please people in their armchairs
  10. Cannot believe how the sun is affecting the meories of last season. Wells was, rightly the butt of most jokes mpost weeks and suddenly some people are putting him in to a transformed 11. Remarkable, truly incredible - or a lowering of expectations or, perhpas a hope there is a player in there somewhere?
  11. oh wow you really dont like the way City players have taken us to mid-top Championship positions in the past few years! THe end of last season under NP was a disaster but surely most people would take the positions of the previous few seasons? HRs
  12. Or maybe he doesnt get verbals from City fans who watch him regularly (big differenece from those who come on to OTIB) Interesting Kalas plays so well against one of the best teams in the world and if you f=read this forum you'll be tempted to believe our mgt dont buy good players, our medics dont keep players fit and ourr coaches dont improve players they choose to work with. THese Euros are a series of a few one-off gmaes and are different from what we see over a season at BCFC but clearly these two are some f the best players in Europe and our CLub have doen really well to have them ready tostart for NP in 6 weeks time
  13. MoP; i think you need to see a shrink. As of now these Euros are dividing opinion as much as you hope to; THree teams have played two games and had 3 or less shots on Target; Finland (2), Slovakia (2) and England (3) Tell me what is there love about these stats and others may wish to read your constructive football comments - or not
  14. Depends on the game in question; a bunch of us from Bristol City London Branch flew from Stansted to Newcastle when we played Hartlepool away. We had a great weekend, walked the Hartlepool coastline, drank at the local brewery pub, got a decent point and of course went back for the P.O game. Most on here will have recalled or heard about the home leg of that P.O Proper football, proper days out and committed fans who would have paid anything they could afford. In today's world of watching every game from the ease, comfort and effortless of their screens it all seems like hard work back then.
  15. Not really after the season we've had where by most stats and evidenced by watching every game, we were largely disappointing and certainly not entertaining under any of the coaches. THe last 10 games were as bad for me to watch as any 10 in my 50 years+ of watching My point is more general about the game and how many supposedly good teams just 'dont turn up' for games that you'd think were their biggest games of the season. OK, England have bigger fish to fry than the Scots but the fact is if you dont get shots on target the team wont score. Only people taken in by the media hype of so-called big games (EPL, Internationals, play-offs, whatever) would say they really are entertained if there are no or two shots on target throughout a 90+ minute game A mate of mine bets on a lot of games about individuals having shots on target and even Kane, Vardy, Rashford et al can go through games with one or none - i mean how crap is that to watch?? So no, I'm not aiming to point our City are good entertainment in 2020/2021 but rather that the whole sport has become less entertaining; it's akin to there being no rallies in tennis, no pars in golf, no tries in rugby and defensive bowling in cricket where every ball can be left. Maybe when you think back to the exciting games of City's past, even just a few seasons ago, we only remember the better games out of 46/50+ games but i am suprised England, Man City, Swansea, Lincoln all go big games with no shots on target; What's the point of goalkeepers?
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