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  1. False news, i live in avonmouth and can assure you it's atleast 70/30 split in favour of city :). Easily.
  2. Expect Kevin Davies will nod a couple in for them if he plays
  3. Didn't say he was the best in the world, I meant these boys apply themselves and put in 100% effort, so no other coach out there will get anything more out of them, its a young squad slowly improving, sod was the right man to oversee this and nurture them, this may even regress there progress now as stability is key, and you can tell from the players reactions it is not a popular decision.
  4. Absolute travesty of a decision, there is nobody on this planet who would get anything more out of this young bunch of players than sod could of. Watch us replace him with someone who hasn't got one iota of sods football knowledge or know how. Yes we have been very poor this season, but we were improving albeit performance wise not results wise, had we stuck with sod I have no doubt in my mind we would have come good. Completely disillusioned with this club at the moment.
  5. All aboard for the JET show ft the Bristol city squad.
  6. Lets get these first 3 home points on the board! COYR.
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