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  1. I arranged to be subbed about 20 minutes from the end of a Sunday morning game in 1997 so that I could get into my mate’s car in the car park, changing on the way to Wembley to watch Leicester in the League Cup final. We got to our seats about 3 minutes before kickoff…
  2. This is WBA goalkeeper John Osbourne in 1972: obviously the done thing at all levels of the game at one time!
  3. I think this is a suitable silly/close season topic. Lots of us play or used to play amateur football at various standards. Things happen there that you’d never see in the professional game (some on the pitch, some not). A couple of examples from games in my own time as a very average (I’m being kind to myself) Commercial and Regional League player: - we once won a cup game 9-1…after extra time - we won a game 19-0 and our centre forward didn’t score …and one I wasn’t involved in but makes me laugh whenever I remember being told about it: in a game in the early 1980s Fishponds Albion apparently went 1-0 down after about 10 seconds without the opposition having touched the ball. There must be some other examples to keep us entertained now the season’s over…
  4. I ‘did’ Movember once, a few years ago, the only time apart from a brief misguided spell in the 1980s when I’ve had facial hair for non-lazy reasons. That November coincided with me giving a series of training sessions for the bank I was working for at the time, and I was asked if one of the sessions could be recorded to use at a later date. So somewhere out there is a three hour film of me giving a presentation on investment bond taxation in The Gherkin whilst looking like a fat John Alderton (for those of you too young to know him: trust me, it wasn’t a good look). I left the bank a few months later.
  5. I knew if I stuck to my guns the fashionistas would catch up with me eventually.
  6. As a man who’s just seen his hometown club win the FA Cup, which he thought he might never see...I agree with you. Obviously, at the moment I only care about the result, but I couldn’t celebrate Leicester’s goal straight away because I knew VAR would be checked; and whilst I’m f...ing overjoyed at the result, I don’t want football matches to be determined by the fact that someone’s left ear is in an offside position in a freeze-frame.
  7. I was having this very conversation with someone I met yesterday. Obviously, both would be great. But, old traditionalist that I am, if I had to choose just one I’d go for the FA Cup.
  8. I just about remember the 1969 final, and was there as a Leicester fan the last time before this season they got to a semi-final, against Spurs in 1982. Like many people I’ve lost interest in the Cup Final over the last few years, but I have to admit to being well up for this game. Leicester is definitely my “other” team now, but on days like today the old feelings come to the surface. “When you’re smiling...”
  9. In March 1985, my Scouse City-supporting mate and I were at Anfield watching Spurs beat Liverpool there for the first time in over 70 years. After the game we wanted to know how City had got on: cue utter bemusement from street seller of local Green Un, when we jumped up and down shouting “Yes!!” having had a quick look at the paper. “What’s happened lads?” “Bristol City have won 3-1 at Gillingham!” (in broad Scouse accent). ”Er....OK...”
  10. That does look more positive. Thanks.
  11. I read it exactly as you do: it doesn’t say it was a positive, or constructive, discussion. And “beneficial to both of us” could very easily mean “we both know we have to plan without each other for next season”. If that had come from a Press Department I’d have no doubt that was what was meant ‘between the lines’; I guess NP may not be quite so precise (or deliberately ambiguous) in his use of language as a professional media department. I hope I’m wrong. I’m not certain that NP will sort things out at City, but I don’t have great confidence that SL will choose anyone better if NP goes.
  12. So I’m not the only one who took the “hanging up your boots” thing literally, then? I never took much notice of what boots I was wearing, once I realised none of them could turn me into a decent player. But I can honestly claim that I last wore this pair playing at Ashton Gate alongside Scott Murray. He was our (superb) host for the morning when we hired the pitch in 2011 and insisted we all have an extra quarter of an hour after our game was finished, so he could join in.
  13. That would be better than now, for sure - although I suspect there will always be ambiguity about whether something was intentional. On balance I’d probably still feel that conceding the goal and losing a player for the rest of the game was too big a penalty. But there needs to be some consequence to discourage players doing this. Not sure what: ten minute sin bin, suspension for a later game??
  14. I think your analysis is spot on. What refs sometimes don’t take into account is that a natural position for the arm is sometimes away from the body - for example when running or jumping, both of which are pretty typical activities when playing football! To be honest, I don’t have much of an issue with a penalty being awarded in a case like tonight’s, as without the ball hitting Mawson’s hand it would definitely have ended up in the net - it’s just the flipside of goals being disallowed if the ball hits an attacker’s hand, regardless of how that happens. Intent is sometimes very difficult to determine, so taking it out of the equation for goalscoring situations seems a sensible approach. As a matter of principle, though, I don’t think you should be sent off simply for denying a goalscoring opportunity if a penalty results: the penalty means the goalscoring opportunity is still available, just in a different format (and whilst it’s true that you could miss the penalty, you might also have missed the original chance). To have to try to get the goal back a man short seems to me an excessive punishment, particularly if there is no clear intent.
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