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  1. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!! Everywhere he has gone He has been awful
  2. Today embarrassed to say My team is Bristol City But I know it is because of Clueless LJ
  3. Langford Red


    Time after time I can not understand why SL puts up with LJs cluelessness? SL must love losing money LJ put a team out that he said he can trust His excuse was he will have to reassess the team again Sorry no season ticket to watch LJ next season SL get LJ to stop blaming HIS players Or get rid
  4. It did not affect Blackburn with their WEAKENED team!!!!
  5. Well done totally agree Why would anybody pay £450 fo a LJ season ticket He is clueless
  6. Johnson! Oleary needs to be given his chance now
  7. While we are in touching point of play offs SL will not get rid of him Still think a good manager coming in a while ago would have had us fighting with WBA and Leeds The fans have been stung to much
  8. So he has a couple of bad games and dropped LJ has countless bad games Nothing done
  9. Can anybody tell me what Eliason has done to be treated the way is has?
  10. I really don't mind losing As long as the players try and look like they played well
  11. How much money has SL paid out? And none of them playing on the pitch, and earning their money If I was SL, I would now seriously be questioning LJ Watch this space after the game?
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