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  1. I don't think its a chip, more like a full blown potato head. I expect nothing less from a nothing club with a dwindling fan base with a history of doing nothing yet think they're on a par with the likes of Norwich. They will continue to show a complete lack of respect for the rest of the League Two clubs and even complain that it's not fair that the same clubs "up their game" when playing them.
  2. That's nice as well. Maybe things are starting to look up for you. Unfortunately that fat cock ex owner set the tone a few years ago in that mid week derby which is hard to forget and why you're all judged by that. Answer me this; why was there no charges brought by the Wiltshire police in respect of the Swindon players clearly inciting the away fans at the end of the match?
  3. You are assuming that they would ever crawl out from under their 1970's rock.
  4. You can polish a turd as much as you like. . . .
  5. That's actually quite nice and with a good kit supplier as well. Better than the cheap market tat over at the swamp.
  6. A turd and two turds, a bit like the mutts they have posing in that rediculous concoction.
  7. If ever you needed to see what a loser looks like . . .
  8. Cringeworthy in that cheap tat kit with that stupid badge which looks like something from Thunderbirds. You can almost see the strings attached to the dummy. Why do they make all of their new recruits hold up that rediculous scarf. It's like the final part of the initiation ceremony. Then again if you're that desperate and have no shame you'd do almost anything I suppose.
  9. I would imagine that "Aaron C" is not his real name. Probably doesn't want the ridicule or shame of anybody knowing how far he's gone down the footballing pyramid.
  10. As far as I am concerned there is no rivalry. They are a nothing club with a dwindling fan base who continually revel in being ramshackle holding onto some obscure misguided view that they think it gives them a "family" feel. They are stuck in the 1970's and hark back to some cup run they had over 60 years ago. The only times they come up in conversation is usually to laugh at their inept tinpottidness which happens on a daily basis.
  11. Looks like he should be playing a banjo
  12. Yes, as in f..king hell, its full of tents. Get me a taxi I can't wait to get going.
  13. Yes; keeper kicked it out and the ball rebounded in off his rather large overweight derrier into the back of the net. Cue his usual tomfoolery celebration of doing a summersault and subsequently injuring his back in the process and having to be substituted early on with no striker on the bench, priceless. We lost 2:1 and with it any chance of the title. And yes, I was there.
  14. Looks like the Gary Glitter fan club is in full swing
  15. I may be wrong here but didn't Jerome play for Stoke the same time as Nathan Jones was manager there?. As with GrahamC I actually thought Lansbury played pretty well considering his lack of gametime & fitness & did a lot of the dirty work, its no coincidence that HNM played better when HL was in the side.
  16. It looks like their trophy room
  17. "Big club" I've just 5hat myself laughing Honestly, where do they find these morons?
  18. I'm sure it must be easy playing on a turnip patch surrounded by an assortment of tents, plastic chairs and a garden shed once you've flicked off all of the dog sausages with a stick. Nice bit of tarmac though [worth YET another mention]
  19. I really hope this is the season for KP45. He's a terrific footballer and a game changer. If only we could get a fit Benik Afobe back, now THAT would be a mouth watering prospect . . .
  20. He told it as it is which is very refreshing. He mentioned we would've been relegated had the season continued for another month. I understand having a smaller squad but that really puts pressure on NP getting the right players available early on. Anything approaching a mid table finish will be good for me such is the state that reptile and his cronies left us in. Its clear that fitness, discipline and robustness will be what we look for.
  21. My take on Morrell is that he was seen by a certain ex employee as the most desirable saleable asset to generate a bit of cash when we had an abundance of midfielders (that weren't injured) This is despite the fact we invested a lot of time and resource into developing him. He should've been Brownhill's replacement. Should we have sold him, no.
  22. Really impressed by Italy. High tempo pressing and lots of crisp passing and movement, reminded me of Leeds! Some nice touches from Turkey too. Great start, just what every football fan needed. No historionics and only two bookings which was refreshing.
  23. The "shampooing" of the curtains? With Babestation on the TV, plenty of DNA there & all from the same family.
  24. It's the ONLY solid structure they've built in sixty odd years, not counting 4 garden chairs, a few lengths of 4x2 and a bag of postcrete to put up the disabled section. Its worthy of several more mentions I expect.
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