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  1. It's how all clubs operate. We're not unique. Norwich got promoted but still lost Buendia to Villa for £35 million. Brentford got promoted despite selling Watkins at the start of last season. I'd love us to keep our best players but we're always going to vulnerable to bids from bigger clubs. For me, it's not about whether we lose players but whether we use the resources to replace them and continue to strengthen. That's where it went wrong with Webster and Kelly.
  2. No idea about today but my line up on day one would be: Bentley Vyner Kalas Atkinson Dasilva James Williams Nagy Palmer Weimann Wells
  3. Not sure about his weight and fitness but the rest of it sounds pretty familiar from his time with us...
  4. Don't get started, or the puns will come flooding in. It could get to biblical proportions.
  5. Have you accidentally logged into someone else's account or an old account you set up but forgot about? @glastonred seems to still be taggable and it is possible to click on the profile so it looks like two accounts exist...
  6. On top of which, only other option is to wait until his contract expires, and he leave for nothing. The reality he is a 22 year old who, whilst he might or might not have the ability to make it at Championship level, is stuck behind two other left backs who are only a year older than him*, with two other players a bit younger than him on his heels. It's not fair on players to just stockpile them and we have to move on anyone who doesn't have a path to the first team. *Btw am I the only one that didn't realise until I looked it up that Pring is 3 months' older than Dasilva?
  7. Christ - this is like learning Santa doesn’t exist all over again.
  8. Not a lot to say but good luck to him.
  9. I think a bit too much is being read into the line-ups. Essentially the Plymouth line-up was a continuation of the team that lined up for our first friendly but that had as much to do with Kalas, Williams, Nagy and Wells being unavailable as it was that the Plymouth team is our "first team". Certainly all eleven players in the Plymouth game have a fair chance of being part of our regular starting line-up but so too do Simpson, Kalas, Nagy, Williams and Wells - not forgetting Massengo and Semenyo when they come back from injury. I think we'll get more clues on Saturday from the Villa game but, even then, I don't necessarily think that will be our starting line-up against Blackpool.
  10. Agree with this. Last season we seemed to go through several games creating virtually nothing. Even if our football this season is not aesthetically pleasing, it is hard to imagine us being tougher to watch than we were in multiple games without shots on target.
  11. It's difficult to state an opinion confidently without having seen the research but I think, if there is evidence that heading causes brain injuries and brain disease, this seems like a positive step to reduce the risk.
  12. I'd agree with this. To be fair to Holden, I think there was an element of bad luck. The formation we started the season with suited the personnel down to the ground but injuries to Mawson and Weimann in successive games took away two of the key elements in making that formation work. Then, after a bit of trial and error, Holden found a 4-3-3 that worked briefly. But COD, who was key to that formation, then got injured too. But I completely agree that he then really reverted to mix and match selections and I think that was when the perils of appointing an inexperienced manager really showed. Holden just didn't have the experience, tactical acumen or maybe confidence in his own instincts to manage an extraordinary injury crisis and everything fell apart. I feel and hope the difference this season - beyond fitness - will not be so much how well our Plan A Works but more the manager's ability to adapt and make changes when things go against us with injuries and form. Obviously there is a nagging concern in that Pearson didn't manage to do that at the end of last season but I think/hope that part of that is because we had a team without the fitness levels to play how Pearson wanted and that, with this season's pre-season, they'll be much better equipped to respond to what Pearson asks for.
  13. I’ve been lucky. I am in Walthamstow and a lot of roads around me are seriously flooded - quite a few places in news reports that I recognise and the place where the cars have been a abandoned is on the way to my nearest big supermarket - but my road is sloped and I live on a second floor. I got absolutely drenched when it all kicked off on my way back to the shops and was quite surprised even then how quickly the water was rising but I have been safe at home. Suspect a few businesses I frequent will have been hit hard and people on my local Facebook group have been evacuated from their homes. Don’t think I have ever seen rain like it before.
  14. I think there's an element of pragmatism. Bentley is one of our most saleable assets and we know we need to reduce the wage bill. I don't necessarily think Bentley is off but I do think Pearson wants to understand what happens if an offer comes in. Can he trust O'Leary to take over as number one or will he need to look at options for a first choice goalkeeper?
  15. In a way, I actually think is this is the crux of the matter. By saying that a) this is a training game so the manager does not have to speak to the media and b) this is a proper match so we're going to charge £10 for people to watch the club is trying to have it both ways, and that is what has created the issue. If it was genuinely a training game - which is clearly how Pearson sees it- it had no place being charged for on Robins TV. As soon as the club took that decision, it made the game a matter of public interest and created a situation where Pearson should have been accountable to the media afterwards. The frustrating thing is that, if the club had called it a training game and streamed it for free, they could have got a lot of good will from the supporters, maybe attracted new people who might subscribe in the future and avoided any questions around media access.
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