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  1. The problem is those behaving appallingly are the ones spoiling it for everyone. As long as some people who invade pitches are attacking or abusing players, clubs, security and police have to treat anyone who gets on the pitch as a potential threat. Similarly the fact a few fans - including parents of young kids - seem to be trying to turn pitch invasions into a weekly ritual rather than a thing that happens after an incredible result then clubs have to step up security to avoid disruption to games. I don’t want to see ordinary fans with no malicious intent criminalised for getting on the pitch once a season*. However I think it is the small band of (often) coked up idiots doing that rather than the footballing authorities. *(even if, if I’m being really honest, I only really think it makes sense if you’ve won promotion or stayed up and find it a bit tinpot when people do it after a mid-table finish).
  2. Really good post. Ultimately LJ’s record so far is a consistently solid record of getting clubs to perform to their expected level or slightly above it, albeit with some dips in form a long the way. He is not an outstanding manager and I think his main obstacle to another job in the Championship is that - based on form to date - there is always likely be a more impressive name on the shortlist but he certainly isn’t a poor manager either. One presumes at Hibs the expectation is to get the team meeting their potential in the table with no serious expectation they will regularly compete for trophies. I think he’s probably a very decent appointment in that regard.
  3. I find the editing very suspicious. Unless someone happened to start filming at that precise moment then it feels like the film starts and ends in a place that is meant to convey a very precise impression without showing enough for anyone to judge for themselves what happened.
  4. Agree with this. I actually think Zak is a genuinely good footballer albeit one who makes too many mistakes at Championship level to avoid being punished for them. I can see him being a quality player at League One or in the SPL.
  5. Glad you wrote that. I was wondering when and how Boost suddenly appeared on my package…
  6. There's already progress though. Between Leroy Lita and Joe Bryan, I can only think of two players (James Wilson and Christian Ribeiro) who briefly broke into our first team and neither really established themselves. Of our current first team squad listed on our website, 10 of the 26 players listed came (at least in part) through our development squad. Eight of those ten have - at some point or other this season - started successive games through being the preferred choice in that position (rather than because injuries forced their selection). Two have made over 30 appearances, four have made over 20 and seven made more than 10. I don't see how anyone can see that as anything other than progress. And we certainly don't need to wait and see if Scott or Semenyo will be Championship level performers.
  7. Out of interest, when was the last time we announced a summer signing before the play off final had taken place? I am near certain it is our earliest summer signing since at least 2013 but am struggling to remember the order of signings in seasons before that…
  8. That's nice to hear. In all honesty, my overriding feeling with Callum O'Dowda is one of frustration - for him as much as us - in that I feel the ability and talent is there but - whatever the reasons (and I absolutely get we don't know what happened behind the scenes - he never managed to perform to his ability a consistent basis and he will have seen colleagues and teammates like Brownhill move onto to a level I'm sure he hoped he would one day get to himself. I think releasing him is the right decision and a fresh start might be a good thing for everyone. But I'd be really happy for him if he went on to finally realise his potential elsewhere.
  9. I think the difference for me is that both LJ and Johnson Sr used "clubs in the bags" to have multiple options in the same position, which ultimately tended to leave us with an oversized squad full of players that we didn't work as a coherent unit. I see this more as getting a player who can cover a lot of positions (but hopefully) fits with how we want to play wherever he is situated. I know nothing about him but it feels like that is the intention from what I've read about him. I don't necessarily think it means that Weimann is off either. The major issue with Weimann (and Martin and Semenyo) is we don't have anyone who can replicate them or play a similar role. (That's not to knock Wells, Bell or Conway - just that including them instead of Semenyo, Martin or Weimann changes the system due to the fact that they are different players). If Sykes can provide a similar energy to Weimann it means we've got cover and an option to take him off in games if needed without rethinking our entire playing style. The other thing I'd say is that I think it bodes well to be making a signing this early. That gives the impression that NP knows what he wants and - at least in this case - has managed to get his first choice target.
  10. I can’t see it myself but, if you turn out to be right, you’ll have earned the right to brag about your good judgement for years!
  11. I think LJ did a much more solid job than us that he sometimes gets credit for but I don't know that he did enough of a good job with us or at the other clubs he has been with to make the top of shortlists for most Championship or even League 1 or SPL clubs. I'd imagine his name will come up quite a bit as an option when boards compile shortlists and that he probably will sometimes end up being one of the five or six managers that are being considered for roles but I could easily imagine him in a situation where he struggles to get job not because he's unemployable but because, with any vacancy, there's always a more employable candidate.
  12. I've got to be honest. I'm concerned about his fitness and don't really understand how he fits into our squad. I think - much like Paterson last year - a fresh start might be good for everyone but, if he signs, then I'll be hoping he proves me wrong.
  13. I can only speak from the experience of my one trip to Oxford. But what I saw that day was that Tony Pulis was our manager, Steve Phillips made a lot of mistakes and we lost 3-0. From everything I've seen, Mark Sykes seems to be a footballer of some description but there seems to be uncertainty across the board about what his actual position is.
  14. For me: Grandad - Yeovil Town. (He might have played for them in the late 1920s or early 1930s. He played locally/regionally but could never quite get straight if it was actually for Yeovil Town or not) Dad - Bristol City. My Grandad moved to Bristol to work at whatever the precursor to British Aerospace was and married and had kids. My Dad went to City home and away in the 60s and 70s but stopped at some point in the late 1970s Mum - No interest whatsoever Me - Bristol City. As a kid, I had phases of supporting Plymouth Argyle aged 7 or 8 because they played in Green and had a funny name, then supporting Sheffield Wednesday from 11 - 15 or so because I wanted a premier league team and I liked being different. But that was always on top of City and, especially since I left Bristol, supporting Bristol City makes me feel close to my routes. Local Team - Growing up, Yate Town. As an adult my local teams have been Bournemouth, QPR, Chelsea (I think - I wasn't really close to anywhere), QPR, Arsenal, Wingate and Finchley, Walthamstow FC and now Arsenal again. Kids' Team - No kids but my brother wants me to take his kids to a City match at some point next season.
  15. Agree with this. I think it's a genuine shame with Wells and he's been quite hard done by by us. We bought him from Burnley at a point when he was clearly settled and comfortable at QPR and I suspect we weren't his preferred move. We then didn't really have a clear plan to use him and he's played for a succession of three different managers who all haven't really found a way to make the system work to get the best out of him. He's been forced out wide and made to do a lot of things that were not his natural game and I think the unfortunate truth is he was the wrong singing at the wrong time and his style of play does not fit in with the team. But, when he has played this season, he has always put a shift in and - as you say - Pearson suggests his attitude is excellent. If he goes, I think it is the right decision but I also hope he goes somewhere that get the best out of him and let him show how good he can undoubtedly be.
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