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  1. I'm not saying you make them. I'm saying lots of posters on here make sweeping generalisations about young people, which you never ever out call, yet seem to feel the need to call out sweeping generalisations about older people. If you genuinely oppose sweeping generalisations, call everyone out every time they make them. If you don't oppose them, don't selectively call them out just because you dislike that particular generalisations. Someone who complains about sweeping generalisations on Mondays and Thursdays but doesn't on Tuesdays and Wednesdays very clearly doesn't really care about sweeping generalisations at all.
  2. I wasn't going to bring up the protests both because the majority of people who protest are peaceful and I think it is a little unfair to judge people on the behaviour of the worst of those who agree with them but, since you bring it up, you are obviously right that there is some degree of ideological convergence between those who whine about footballers kneeing down, those who protest against lockdown restrictions, those who felt the need protest outside vote counting centres because they dislike who won an election and those armed thugs who stormed the Capitol in January. Certainly all those protests further the idea that that the generation of which those who boo taking the knee seem to belong to appear to be a very intolerant and brittle generation indeed. But @TheReds has got my point exactly. I'm not pretending for a moment that there is not an element amongst the left and an element amongst younger voters who are intolerant of other people's ideas and just want to shut down debate, potentially using violence, but there is no evidence at all that that element is any larger than the element of that older and more right wing that shut down debate by booing at football matches, harassing election officials or even bringing guns into the senate in the US. What I find bizarre in certain posters' need to constantly pretend all the intolerance is coming from the younger generation when you've got people exhibiting all the above behaviours and, even on a more pretty level, the amount of petty tolerance and unnecessary outrage generated - be it by those who get in a tizzy because someone wants to be called them instead of she or he, those booing because someone kneels down at a football or those who think it should be their decision what some Oxford University students display in their common room - is easily equal or greater than the outrage generated on the left. I've called you out on your selective highlighting of generalisations before. But why do you feel to point out when generalisations are made about older people yet constantly allow the exact same type of sweeping generalisation about younger people to pass by unchallenged?
  3. I think that is an exceptionally accurate description of those that boo or condone the booing. Sadly far too many of them fail to reflect on their own behaviour and instead constantly deflect their behaviour by accusing the younger generation of the exact intolerances to other viewpoints that they themselves display. I know it is a trite thing to say but how on Earth do people who boo someone kneeling at a football match cope when faced with genuine adversity? How on Earth did a generation get so brittle that something as trivial as kneeling on the grass or removing a portrait from a private space outrages their sensibilities? Those setting such fragile things examples to younger generations cannot moan about what they see in return. If it is anything at all, it is their own mirror image.
  4. Brentford don't kneel. QPR don't kneel. Kalas didn't kneel in our last couple of matches. No vilification happened. The evidence shows that what you say is not true. When you're getting enraged by a footballer choosing to put their knee on some grass, it's probably time to ask who is really brainwashed...
  5. It really is simple. The players have explained why they are taking the knee. That is why they are taking the knee. The players have explained what they intend taking the knee to symbolise. That is what them taking the knee symbolises. Anyone who boos players taking the knee does so in the knowledge that the players have explained what they are doing and why, and by doing so states that they oppose the players stated intention. It really is that simple. The political sideshow is just that.
  6. You forget that @Baba Yaga lives in the world of Orwellian Doublespeak. Everyone is free to make their own decision as long as Baba Yaga personally agrees with it. And, if Baba Yaga does not personally agree with it, then by definition they cannot have made their own decision.
  7. Yes but you forget the players are not allowed to think and act for themselves. The morality police want to tell them what they think and why they act. It doesn't matter if players have made their own choice to take the knee and given their reasons for doing it. Those who are constantly outraged have decided it is another thing to get outraged about and it must be booed.
  8. So talking about what people are actually doing it and why they are doing it is now "muddling things up" in the land of doublespeak. Big Brother has properly, properly got you. Reciting propaganda lines, swallowing and regurgitating logical fallacies that make no sense on even the slightest analysis. Maybe you could try thinking for yourself rather than peddling whatever nonsense arguments you've read on the internet? You are a person so don't do a bot's job for it.
  9. The bit in bold is where I am really getting fed up of the morality police in this country getting permanently outraged and telling everyone what to think all the time. I have, unsurprisingly, never been into an Oxford University common room but it strikes me as eminently sensible that the students can have the art they want, and not have the art that they do not want. They live in a free country so of course they can. If they don't want a portrait of the Queen, they can not have a portrait of the Queen. To any sensible person, the response to that is "so what? The artwork in a room I'm never going to go in has no impact on me whatsoever". Unfortunately the morality police who like to tell everyone what to think appear not to be sensible and appear to feel it is their right to whine and get outraged about a piece of artwork being removed from a room they are not going to go in. Yet again, the permanently offended - who get offended by people dancing on talent shows, songs not being sung at the Proms or footballers kneeling down - find another reason to get offended and impose their morality on everyone else. I seriously wonder how anyone who gets upset when a painting of the Queen gets removed from a room they are not going to go in has the robustness to cope with the challenges of daily life. I also wonder if they're going to start to tell me what art I am and am not allowed in my lounge too. They certainly don't support freedom of choice. Perhaps you are right that we don't need footballers to take the knee. But we also don't need them to not take the knee just because some people who get unfathomably upset and outraged about everything get unfathomably upset and outraged about a footballers have a knee on the grass. I am sick of the self-appointed morality police thinking they can dictate what everyone else does all the time. If someone wants to take down a portrait of the Queen from a private space, they can take down that portrait. If a footballer wants to take the knee, they can take the knee. In both cases - whether I agree or disagree - it is utterly irrelevant as it has no impact on my life. People need to stop whining, stop getting offended and stop trying to dictate how everyone else lives their life.
  10. When they stopped doing it, their statement made very clear that they fully supported other clubs taking the knee. As with QPR, their reason for stopping isn't a disagreement with the principle or the gesture but rather a feeling there is a need to stop it becoming a token gesture.
  11. I doubt it would. But my point was the original poster seems to think they've made some sort of statement on it and I was pointing out that they've said nothing since February and haven't explicitly said they won't be doing next season. I see no reasons why they would change their mind but this thread seems to exist on the assumption that Brentford have put out a statement about taking the knee next season when that is not the case.
  12. It wasn't posted last night though. Brentford have not made a statement on taking the knee since February and have not made any comment about whether they will do it in the Premier League or not.
  13. I don't think Brentford have actually made a statement on next season yet. They decided in February to stop doing it as they felt it was no longer having an impact, and a couple of news papers picked up on that yesterday, but I don't think they've made a new statement. I doubt they'll change their minds though. In all honesty, I think taking the knee would probably have quietly disappeared at the end of the season but I think the booing is probably going to make players feel a need to continue in order to not look like they are backing down due to a vocal minority.
  14. I've done a lateral flow test a couple of times and the people I live with have done several 'cos their kid goes to nursery. It is ridiculously easy and straightforward. I'd understand people being uncomfortable if it was proof of vaccine or nothing but "proof of vaccine or that you've done a quick and easy test" feels a fairly trivial demand.
  15. Shakespeare's a Villa fan and close to Dean Smith isn't he? I just don't see him coming here.
  16. I'm not gonna lie. I'm an overweight beer-swilling man the red City vest is a bit tight and definitely makes my nipples extremely prominent. Ace design though so I'm just going to focus on the quick delivery and the lucky, lucky people who get to see me wearing it...
  17. Don’t give away spoilers. All that is still to come!
  18. I've ordered that away t-shirt and a training vest and the Steve Stacey book to make it up to free delivery. Fortunately I managed to sneak in and finalise the order before my brain had a chance to intervene and ask if I could afford it...
  19. That hits the nail extremely firmly on the head.
  20. Yeah - but it is different someone seeing your work and saying you are doing a good job. What has happened here is the equivalent of someone sees you with a hammer and saying “wow, you actually look like you could build a chair”. I agree it was all light hearted but it was a weird comment for the guy to make.
  21. Sadly “Gareth Southgate is the secret puppet master behind Black Lives Matter” isn’t even the most ludicrous conspiracy theory I’ve read on the board today...
  22. People say things to blokes they don’t know and people say things to women they don’t know. That is true. But not necessarily the same things. I struggle to imagine a scenario where a man said to a man they did not know who was playing football “wow, that’s really impressive. Your pose even looks a bit like a real footballer”, which is what has happened here. However well intended it was, there is no getting around the fact the subtext is “you look less terrible at football than I assumed”, which has to lead to a question of why he assumed that in the first place.
  23. Exactly. No way on Earth a stranger would say that to a bloke, former footballer or not.
  24. Walker, James and, I think, Chilwell are all full backs that can play in a back three as needed. Problem is, whatever way you dice it and slice it, our central defence is pretty reliant on Maguire being fit. Others can play with him but I'm not sure how we can play without him.
  25. Sadly a few more too. David Rocastle, who must have been an Arsenal teammate, passed away from illness at just 33. Gary Speed, of course. And also Dalian Atkinson, died at 48 in 2016 after being tasered by the police. A trial is still ongoing to find out whether the officers acted within the law. I got into football at around 1990 and it's sad and scary to see some of the footballers I first remember are no longer around. Of course I realise those older than me will have experienced it far more than I have.
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