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  1. You have to be a gashead to want LJ to leave or just really dumb.
  2. What a negative way of looking at it. Please tell me more about your outlook on life.
  3. Thought this might help some people out today who can't get to the game - don't know if it's been posted. CDKeys are offering a week of Sky Sports for £2.69 for a week pass. This will let you watch today's game and Sky sports for a week. Just bought it and added to my existing NowTV account. If you don't have one you can sign up at no cost. https://www.cdkeys.com/top-up-cards/nowtv/now-tv-sky-sports-1-week-pass COYR!
  4. Yeah sure, he's signed onto another team to piss off a team that he loved playing for. What rubbish. Personally I say good luck to Aden, hope Cardiff get relegated though.
  5. Championship quality stop gap but never intended to be our number 1, as confirmed by the signing of Bentley with a 4 year contract. For the past few years (aside from Frankie) we've had stop gaps, loans and short term goalies. I didn't mean any disrespect to Maenpaa, just that it's nice to finally have a top permanent keeper with a view to keep for the future.
  6. Finally we've signed a top goalkeeper, something we've been missing for a long time. This could really make the difference this year!
  7. Kolo Skew-say. Jamie Muckomby.
  8. Don't get what the fuss is here? It's a monthly sub, if you don't cancel then the payment will go out.
  9. Probably Shrews which we should beat. Wolves will probably win if we get them.
  10. Wouldn't mind MT to be given a new contract.
  11. I guess Joe got sick of being called Joey Bryant all the time.
  12. I thought we were going to take our time and get a goalkeeper that's for now and the future. Little disappointed by this but let's see how it turns out, could end up being a top keeper.
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