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  1. We have got so many players here that need shipping. Massengo i would take the money and re invest and Imo Atkinson is not a championship player .
  2. Hi does anyone have a spare code that I could use please
  3. Ye the trialist is ramello Mitchell ex Southampton
  4. Player on trial for city tonight ex Southampton
  5. Does anyone know who the trialist might be ? Also I take it Williams is joe Williams ?
  6. Team I would like to play Bents vyner Kalas Atkinson Baker Williams massengo Weimann Scott Semenyo Wells team I reckon Pearson will pick Bents kalas Atkinson Baker JD Weimann Massengo Bakinson pring Martin Wells
  7. joshbristol


    Has let you down now .
  8. Obviously vyner is just not being selected at the moment as we have 3 right backs but does everyone reckon semenyo is injured or not being selected .
  9. Flint machine in the air but so so poor on the floor .
  10. I have someone in mind a lad called Harry watts very good keeper but a gas head
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