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  1. I did not see any photos with king ?
  2. Ye agree but I also imagine Lee Johnson had a lot of input
  3. Can only blame Lee Johnson I suppose
  4. If palmer and kalas both end up leaving that is potentially 11 million pound we have parted with to receive possibly 1 million back from kalas .
  5. That is what I am saying why would city pay him 25 a week for another year to terminate his contract
  6. Surely city won’t pay his remaining wages a whole seasons worth to get him a move when they can just keep him as back up until his contract expires Ye pretty sure
  7. If they mutually agree to terminate his contact and is done legally then is a possibility pretty sure same scenario has happened before
  8. Can't be 100% just yet, but it sounds like Bristol City will terminate his contract with no payout to allow him to join Coventry on a free transfer. Not definite, but it's what I'm hearing.
  9. That is what a lot of people are saying on the Coventry forum
  10. I mean to terminate and not pay palmer his remaining wages
  11. That won’t happen city will terminate his contact so he can sign for Coventry as a free agent and will be contacted to them so they will pay all his wages
  12. We have got so many players here that need shipping. Massengo i would take the money and re invest and Imo Atkinson is not a championship player .
  13. Hi does anyone have a spare code that I could use please
  14. Ye the trialist is ramello Mitchell ex Southampton
  15. Player on trial for city tonight ex Southampton
  16. Does anyone know who the trialist might be ? Also I take it Williams is joe Williams ?
  17. Team I would like to play Bents vyner Kalas Atkinson Baker Williams massengo Weimann Scott Semenyo Wells team I reckon Pearson will pick Bents kalas Atkinson Baker JD Weimann Massengo Bakinson pring Martin Wells
  18. joshbristol


    Has let you down now .
  19. Obviously vyner is just not being selected at the moment as we have 3 right backs but does everyone reckon semenyo is injured or not being selected .
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