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  1. But we are far better than them and the disruption is known about in advance so can be planned for by those who want to go. Christmas is, of course, a huge surprise and in Sagsville they can only do internet shopping while a match is on. I'm not going next week. We always lose when I go to Birmingham and I can't stand the place anyway.
  2. The centre blocks hold 320 (16x20) the top tier of the stand is 2100, the lower tier is 1900. Millwall's published figures. The two blocks were 75% full. So about 500. By your logic, that stand would hold about 7500. It holds 4000. The whole ground only holds 21000. Millwall's own fans put your "support" at sub-500. The picture tends to confirm that. Millwall FC have not published away support according to my Millwall supporting friend (and his friends....), and rarely do. SODOFF FC have not said how many tickets they sold have t
  3. Sorry, that's bordering on the cycle race or Christmas shopping excuses.
  4. Oh dear, those nasty facts again. My Millwall supporting mate just supplied some information. Away supporters only get tickets for the (pictured) North End. Sold Out FC only had tickets for the upper tier and sold about a quarter of them. He's pretty sure that the North End is not POTD. If any away fans buy POTD tickets in other parts of the ground they are 'relocated' to the North End as long it's not full. I showed him this thread and he laughed like a drain. He reckons 500 is generous and they were quiet as mice.
  5. And it was clearly 500, that sag bullcrap inflation factor again I guess.
  6. I think you'll find Millwall say they sold 1018 POTD, but don't let facts (or a picture) contradict more sag fabrications.
  7. Sorry to resort to facts but the North Stand at the New Den holds just shy of 4000 split 2100 / 1900 between top and bottom. The bays the SODOFFs have occupied hold 320 each so there are no more than 500 there. If there had been 1,000 then Millwall would have opened the whole of the top tier. But they didn't.
  8. So is 502, and I know which is closer to the truth.
  9. He said he didn't realise there was an away crowd!
  10. Those blocks hold 300 each. They are about three-quarters full, so 500 max
  11. Text from a Millwall fan I am friends with. Nasty team, spent whole game whining and moaning. i just asked him how few fans they had there
  12. Can't say I give a flying (any more than you do), sags lost 9-0 on the telly is all that really matters. By the workings of saglogic I guess it doesn't count as it was before 1982.........
  13. I thought it was Martin Thomas in goal that day. Can't remember the opponents but the pre-2015 sag incarnation got thumped 5-0 on MOTD prompting the "what's the time?" "Five past Kite" gag.
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