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  1. The year is 2134. The city of Newcastle prepares for its ancient annual ritual of the 'Saudi Arabian Takeover'. Local children sit on parade floats, wearing traditional Arabic dress and throwing dates to the thousands of spectators who line the streets. Nobody knows how this tradition started, or what it is even supposed to mean. Local historians say it was something to do with the historic football club, who played their games in the city before all sport was made illegal following Bet365's brutal invasion of Denmark in 2084.
  2. I hope they get a good reception. They were part of the best time of my life supporting City in 17/18 (well, more just 17) ; JB scored the winner against Rovers as a kid ffs, is that not enough?
  3. Right on cue! Couldn't be a better visual metaphor for the man
  4. If he could only have hit the ball so convincingly in his time with us, perhaps he would still be here!
  5. Yep, I've done this and it normally works. The scanner can be temperamental but if this happens just show the steward the barcode and they'll let you in
  6. I've just looked down, seen a shirt with Simpson on the back and thought 'bloody hell, who would have his shirt' Then I realised it was actually Danny Simpson
  7. Honestly, why are we coasting when we are the ones that are actually losing?
  8. Hope this doesn't mean Wells on the left
  9. I like this ref, he takes no s••• can I retract that statement please
  10. I'm going to change the name of my boxer shorts to the 'Big Willy Centre' and maybe if I say it enough it will come true...
  11. Quite worried about Dasilva, seems some way off from when he was one of our most exciting players
  12. In other news, the upper Lansdown absolutely beats the doors off the Dolman. Why didn't I sit here earlier...
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