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  1. Think Webster would have been am excellent signing for them. John McGinn as well
  2. Joe Williams does not actually exist; he is a satirical creation designed to highlight the incompetence of Andy Rolls
  3. Trying to argue with you is going to be about as unfair as punching a baby so I'm going to pass thanks
  4. Sorry, what? He's the best manager we have had in decades and some wrong decisions in the penalty shootout won't change that
  5. It's obviously sad but that has been the first Euros in my life where I have been proud of how we have played and conducted ourselves. Young core and first final in 55 years. Some of the best experiences I have had watching England happened this summer. Tears of happiness against Germany. Watching us crush Ukraine. We're not done yet.
  6. Completely botched the strategy for penalties. Rashford and Sancho should have been on fifteen minutes earlier.
  7. Here is the shirt for anyone who doesn't know what it looks like...yep, another excuse to get my shirt collection out!
  8. He'd be 'Former Bristol City defender Tomas Kalas' within weeks
  9. If he assists we will also kick off somewhat
  10. If Kalas scores we riot
  11. I was supporting Torquay anyway but considering half an hour ago I've driven past the ground and some **** monkey hanger hit the roof of my car I'm definitely a Gulls fan today!
  12. Epitomised the revival of the club.
  13. Think he's off to be the chief football writer for Pravda judging by his Robins TV commentary...
  14. When it comes to our kit I’d really like to see a return to a yellow and green away kit (although I’m definitely partial to more purple and lime too). Since 90s revival kits are trendy I’d love a return for this bad boy (and yes, this is one from my collection, let me know if you would like to see more!)
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