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  1. Think Webster would have been am excellent signing for them. John McGinn as well
  2. Joe Williams does not actually exist; he is a satirical creation designed to highlight the incompetence of Andy Rolls
  3. Trying to argue with you is going to be about as unfair as punching a baby so I'm going to pass thanks
  4. Sorry, what? He's the best manager we have had in decades and some wrong decisions in the penalty shootout won't change that
  5. It's obviously sad but that has been the first Euros in my life where I have been proud of how we have played and conducted ourselves. Young core and first final in 55 years. Some of the best experiences I have had watching England happened this summer. Tears of happiness against Germany. Watching us crush Ukraine. We're not done yet.
  6. Completely botched the strategy for penalties. Rashford and Sancho should have been on fifteen minutes earlier.
  7. Here is the shirt for anyone who doesn't know what it looks like...yep, another excuse to get my shirt collection out!
  8. He'd be 'Former Bristol City defender Tomas Kalas' within weeks
  9. If he assists we will also kick off somewhat
  10. If Kalas scores we riot
  11. I was supporting Torquay anyway but considering half an hour ago I've driven past the ground and some **** monkey hanger hit the roof of my car I'm definitely a Gulls fan today!
  12. Epitomised the revival of the club.
  13. Think he's off to be the chief football writer for Pravda judging by his Robins TV commentary...
  14. When it comes to our kit I’d really like to see a return to a yellow and green away kit (although I’m definitely partial to more purple and lime too). Since 90s revival kits are trendy I’d love a return for this bad boy (and yes, this is one from my collection, let me know if you would like to see more!)
  15. Quite apathetic at the moment. I think my enthusiasm will pick up over the summer but now my mind is on the Euros. Right now I think we could all do with a break from Bristol City.
  16. Hopefully Monday if they are all eligible for kerbside collection.
  17. Vyner C (Kalas) Bakinson VC (Nagy) Conway (Wells) Dreadful (Season)
  18. I can understand this although the notion from people that we could have continued our form is optimistic. The subsequent couple of years showed that our team culture (and Johnsons leadership not suiting high pressure situations in the league) did not suit getting a late surge of form which is the essential component for promotion. From a neutral perspective it didn’t seem like a historic giant killing although we had not had a moment like that for twenty three years. I do think that historically we are a crap team or, as I regularly call us, ‘the best of the worst’; as evidenced by our JPT dominance. Obviously on a personal level I happen to think we are the best team to ever exist although really we are relatively small fry in the grand scheme of things. I have never been more proud of this team than those games against Man City. They were arguably the best team in the world at the time and we put three goals past them over two legs!
  19. Completely disagree with many posters on here. In football, especially if you support a crap team like us, you need to take the moments when you get them. That United game was that moment. No point in thinking about what else could have ever been; I was in tears of joy that night and it made the many years of suffering worth it. We get enough misery as City fans as it is; why look back in such a negative way on what was such an iconic night?
  20. Overload Lansbury (Pearson) Bakinson C (Palmer) Massengo VC (Nagy)
  21. Kalas looked enough of an overpay even when partnered with Webster; now it just looks ridiculous.
  22. Vyner (Sessegnon) Bakinson (C) (Lansbury) Semenyo (VC) (Pearson*) *as far as I am concerned Wells and Diedhiou don’t play for us any more; even if they happen to be on the pitch...
  23. You reading the forum is a pretty open secret by now, and there's only so many walks that can be done on an island as small as Guernsey so surely you've turned to inane internet browsing. Bristol City, right now, are a bunch of baboons in a tree. Those at the top are seeing nothing but smiling faces. How friendly and welcoming! Look at how happy and content everyone is. Everything must be okay, surely! Sadly, us at the bottom are seeing what is really happening; there's nothing for us fans to watch right now but a bunch of red ****holes who seem to do nothing but throw out an endless supply of s**t! This summer is going to be monumental. Just like the one before that...but we don't have to talk about that if it reminds you of how much of a disaster it was. Use your billions to make a time machine, stick Nahki Wells in there and beam him up back to our 2012/13 squad where he would most definitely fit in. Then, commit to what had actually been going rather well before; getting those young players out on the grass, eager to make their mark and be proud to play for this club. Because let's be honest, why would an old Prem journeyman be really that 'honoured' to play for us? You would not have spent this much money on something you do not care about. Yet it's been apparent over the last year that we are starting to see the old ways creep in again. The time to arrest this slide is now and then these miserable last few months could be seen in the future as the wake up call that blew the cobwebs away and reignited our increasingly obsolete status as a 'club on the up'. There is still time to do this, but it would involve you making certain decisions that you have avoided in the past. Whether you choose to embrace that is entirely up to you. Yours, some random person on a particularly shouty forum on the internet
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