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  1. We’ve ended the season managerless and mediocre. A real backwards step; disappointment would be putting it very lightly!
  2. This pesky restart, getting in the way of the poor players holidays!
  3. The whole season summarised in one single penalty.
  4. You would think by now that Hoskin and Owers would stop saying things along the lines of ‘If City keep this up than they are bound to break through soon’ when really it always culminates with the opposition scoring on one of their first chances
  5. Accountability. Consistency. Experience. Honesty. Sells O’Dowda.
  6. Only key he knows how to use is bloody Backspace
  7. Don’t think it sounded like him personally
  8. ‘i NeEd To PiCk A tEaM I cAn TrUsT !!!’
  9. We can expect O’Dowda to start yet again despite offering absolutely nothing all season. Must be nice to be one of the trusted ones! Sammy Ameobi always scores against us so I’m expecting that too. 2-1 Forest win if we’re lucky
  10. Can someone please help me on how to unsubscribe from Robins TV? The club website and app was difficult enough to use even when using it regularly and now I haven’t used it in ages it’s proving impossible. Don’t want to be charged out of nowhere
  11. Likes and shares, Thoughts and prayers, No-one cares
  12. Thought it was bloody hilarious not gonna lie
  13. As per title. Doesn't necessarily have to be a memory related to a great game because otherwise this thread will die pretty quickly! I’m looking for those odd memories, ones that you still think and laugh about to this day. Ones you only really get from playing away.
  14. JET vs Rovers, no doubt! What do you mean six years ago? It should win every year
  15. I am convinced that you are actually an automated bot that the mods have scripted as a joke to appear and post some randomly-generated pessimistic rubbish whenever we lose a game.
  16. Call it the Bas Savage Stand and as a tribute have some mascots kick footballs into the back of it every ten minutes
  17. The issue with the Olympic Stadium is that it should have been constructed with the intent that it was going to have a very short period of its life as an athletics stadium, and then the rest as a football ground. It was instead built with pretty much nothing but the Olympics in mind and while that’s great in the short term, it has led to the issues that we see now.
  18. Been a really boring FA Cup this year. No upsets to get excited about either
  19. Bobby is the departure that has affected us the most over the last five years at least; perhaps even the last decade. We have never replaced him. Weimann plays an important role in this team but is not the answer. Bobby didn’t just score the goals; he made the whole team tick. He is the one striker we have ever had that has managed to bring the best out of Diedhiou. I don’t have confidence that the current recruitment system can find somebody that brings what Bobby did to our team. He was the glue that held it all together. Those saying that this thread is stupid are being very harsh. Bri
  20. How dare you? I’ll have you know I was a damn good stay at home right back. Ask any winger in the Cornwall Sportivate Youth League from five years ago
  21. Cross ‘Diedhiou misses a sitter’ off your bingo cards
  22. Probably an optimistic request but I want to find a pub/bar/casino/whatever in Bristol that would be likely to show the hockey tonight; ideally Calgary v Montreal. Would such a thing exist?
  23. Got my ticket! Hoping if I keep the stub the club prioritise those who attended this game IF we get past them and get Liverpool at AG next.
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