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  1. All about those late round Prem games. It’s why I’m pleased we have Wycombe; even looking at the cup as just an income generation opportunity, be decent to get to the next round and pick up a top tier side at home.
  2. Bloody hell. Busy till just now, look at the score at cruising at the half? Guessing Coventry aren’t playing starters?
  3. One of my favourite players to watch in his day - all the best in his recovery.
  4. The saying ‘never mistake for malice that which can be explained via incompetence’ applies here, I think. Doubt this ref has an agenda against us, but I’ve zero doubt believing he’s absolutely shit at his job. Officiating has felt awful the last few years in the Championship.
  5. Deserves it for the dive (because that’s what it was) when the guy stood on his foot.
  6. HNM, Palmer, COD… For me they represent last of the echos of the old way of doing things, where it was more like accumulating lottery tickets and hoping one would pay off a la Webster, compared to building a team. The model was flawed anyway, as several of the best sales we made weren’t ‘assets’ brought in but players developed here like Bobby Reid and Joe Bryan, but those in charge still thought it would be the way we’d progress, despite key figures getting shipped out regularly. Feel somewhat sorry for HNM as he likely got sold a bit if a line, but despite that - need to be practical: can’t be having someone taking up a key role/starting position when they likely are gone as soon as they can. Better lose minutes go to players who are committed; just makes sense.
  7. He’s right to temper expectations. Nothing wrong with having a good feeling about things, but progress not promotion needs to be the watch word, I feel.
  8. Agree. I thought it was funny the other day when an article was talking about Ronaldo making his ‘debut’ for Real in a friendly in Ireland; personally, nothing non-competitive counts.
  9. Preseason results are largely meaningless, yes. Preseason performances on the other hand can be a useful indicator of where the team is at. Consensus seems to be we’ve looked better than we did ending the season, so that is a positive. Obviously all goes out of the window if we play like a pack of strangers next week, but I’m hopeful.
  10. Undoubtedly the academy has had ups and downs in terms of player usefulness to the first team, but I think even die hard supporters of idea like myself knew if we never managed to establish ourselves at at least championship level it may have ended up a luxury. As it stands, could very well be part of the thing that saves us after our prior CEO’s slightly risky ‘buy low, sell high’ strategy went wrong. Delighted with the players we’re seeing coming through now.
  11. Say less. If he goes and plays his way out of that league (which I’d suggest is of negligible quality, and not close to English league football), and earns his way back to the level he’s expressing his chagrin at not being given a fair shake at (ie the Championship), then have your words. But I’d suggest it speaks to the situation he’s willing to essentially air his dirty laundry in public like this before having anything to point at. Oversharing is a modern curse.
  12. Couldn’t agree more. From coaching in a different sport where communication is essentially forced on players, you can display very quickly the value of using it, and identifying those who can do it, and those who struggle. It’s a skill that can be worked on - you don’t have to be a natural - but I think it is so often underrated and undertrained in football (in my personal experience).
  13. This made me laugh more than it should.
  14. Presumptive number one? Or one for the future?
  15. Great article, thanks for sharing. Sounds like a thoughtful bloke; no bad thing to have on staff.
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