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  1. I love the sheer ambition behind many of those shots. They say people ‘see headlines’ when they go for worldies like that but don’t imagine the lads involved here thought they’d make them for all the wrong reasons…
  2. An interesting choice of job for him. I’d have thought his time at Aberdeen may have given him more stock than a second level job there, but perhaps he’s taking a role that suits him more than challenges him. Wish him luck; I don’t fully subscribe to the notion that he had no chance here, as feel he made some odd choices, and was clearly still learning his trade, but it wasn’t the best time to be taking us on, so can’t fault him too much for what happened.
  3. It’s probably just Wells then: I don’t think it’ll be a factor with Atkinson. Big jump for the lad, and as mentioned; not had the chance to slowly get time in a settled and/or successful side, so can imagine he might be in and out of the line up a bit. If he’s injured or has been, tough time of year to manage that, what with the unsettled schedule and lack of time between games. I’m personally happy with what I’ve seen with him so far; got some work to do still, but I don’t think we should have been under any illusions he’d be another Webster immediately. Had potential though.
  4. W L D W L D etc. form would make us comfortable, and in fact would be a decent end to the season; looking at the fixture list, I think that’s not impossible (albeit not in that precise order, of course). My biggest concern is that we simply look better on the field; while I feel we’re exactly where I expected us to be just now in terms of points and position really, it has been some of the frankly shit on pitch showings that have had me worried. Emergence of some solid youth players has been a plus, and hope we hold our nerve and keep playing them, plus maybe find one or two on loan/from the lower levels who may be able to mix things up, though can see far more outgoings happening than incomings. I’m not losing sleep over it, but I do think we’ve work to do to ensure safety and the ability to plan for the future are this level still; I just hope we get a little more consistent and trend upwards in our performances as the season closes out.
  5. Only six points in 20 games is almost so incredible looks like an achievement. That’s a minimum of 14 losses over those games; hard to argue anyone deserves not to go down with form like that.
  6. Will admit to looking at things at 2-1 down and not being confident we could get back into it; happy to be wrong. Encouraging thing being a lot of young players playing today who didn’t let the scoreline get them down, so while it can be up and down sticking with youth, decent showing from them today. Hope we can build on it and string some results together now.
  7. HNM is literally one of our best players; I have no idea why people can’t see it.
  8. Please, please don’t concede late again, lads; if nothing else, Andi deserves it for being (once again) our best player. COYR
  9. Andi’s weird run of almost only scoring braces continues. COYR
  10. Maybe. But I’ve seen a lot of those not playing on the pitch this season and wasn’t that impressed by them. Not saying our kids our world beaters, but thinking big picture; at least some of the young players might end up solid squad players for us, or at least fetch decent coin if we go down.
  11. I’d imagine very little. My biggest worry after seeing those accounts isn’t who we can get in, but which young players might be gobbled up for less than they should, as we have little leeway to hold on to them.
  12. Upside: some of the younger players are clearly our best personnel, which at least gives you a little hope. Downside: Not quite everything else, but the vast majority. This Millwall team are not good, and aren’t even seemingly playing that intensely, yet even with 25 mins left, I struggle to see us getting an equaliser. Bad times.
  13. “Win win for the Gas :laugh:” is such a funny response when you realise that was probably their absolute high point over the last 20+ years. Stuff like that is the only reason I still get a bit annoyed when people call us ‘Bristol’ and don’t know that there is another team in the city, as imagine being mistook for cheating scum like that.
  14. Was it one of their promotion seasons they had at least a couple of home games called off due to ‘waterlogged’ pitches when it was drizzling? Always find a way to fiddle things, don’t they?
  15. Feel like ******* Cassandra with this one, but whatever - earlier in the season the late goals were a sign we are unprepared and unfocused; nothing has changed. Appalling stuff: senior pros are worthless and literally no point playing them anymore - just put in kids as we’re going to be in the relegation scrap anyways so may as well see how they do under pressure. Absolute garbage.
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