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  1. Yes a very bad ref. By not seeing all the infringements, he made the poor players have to play for 55 minutes or so, instead of the usual 40 odd minutes. Disgusting, they should be paid overtime, they may EMSD (extra minutes stress disorder)
  2. Win, loose or draw, we are then faced with the three most depressing words in the English language "the International break".
  3. He'd be no good for us, he kicks with both feet.
  4. Thanks Whooosh, would never have thought of the red button on Saturday, good man.
  5. I read a report recently by some professor (I imagine he was anyway, they're pretty thick on the ground these days) regarding the relative weights of the balls then and now. He stated that there is little difference in the weight of the two balls and that the damage was caused by the speed of the ball when it was headed.
  6. Pearson said he wanted more draws, so he will be happy.
  7. I've stayed in training throughout. In fact I may have overdone it.
  8. Simply a really nice man. God bless.
  9. Injured in training, out for the season.
  10. Swap him for Craig Shakespeare.
  11. I think you'll find it's KP Nuts.
  12. If Bentley goes and O'Leary is promoted to our No 1, I would be seriously worried. Apologies to all those on here who rate him so highly simply because "he is one of our own".
  13. Yes, particularly Stelling who'll be more unbearable than ever. Goes on about his Hartlepool ad nauseam but at the first opportunity he leaves the place and now lives in leafy Hampshire. Bloody hypocrite.
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