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  1. BBC reporting £50m deal agreed between Brighton and Arsenal... Any thoughts as to whether Brighton might fancy Kalas?
  2. I don't think it's that strange TBH, He was on good money and my understanding is that for us to get a fee we'd have to offer him comparable terms to what he was on and given his injury record and the fact we're cutting the wage bill the manager has to make difficult decisions. In an ideal world he probably stays but given the financial circumstances NP probably didn't think he was worth that kind of salary. He'd probably been tapped up by the Taffs as well and promised XYZ and Nige would've been party to that so they've let him go. Nothing strange about it. He hasn't played, was on an inflated salary and offered little more than what we'd already have and wasn't better value for money. Amazed by some of the (conspiratory) theories offered up as to why people leave. Players... they come, they go as do brickies, plasterers, chefs, waiters, etc
  3. And how much of that 100p in every pound finds it's way back to the sweatshops of Bangladesh where they're made en mass? Not a lot I'm sure!
  4. Not under the current coaching set up he won't. Here's to change. I think to a degree NP has one hand tied behind his back. The budget simply isn't there to make wholesale changes to the backing staff. Our kids seem to make good progress up to first team level then hit a brick wall. Desperately hoping this will change.
  5. Great Article and well researched. What surprises me is that post covid football must be subject to a massive change. Players simply cannot command the same wages they did, and financial issues at clubs such as Reading etc means many will be sold and those ooc will have to take what's offered and be in no position to demand unrealistic wages. Therefore, I simply cannot understand why some (If not all) of our players who are ooc this summer haven't looked like they're playing for a contract. Fair enough if you're injured then you're relying on past performances to get you an offer but those that have played and looked disinterested and down tools have taken a massive gamble on their futures. You'd think the agents would've had a word and said "you ain't getting the big deals next contract so make my job easier by making an effort and upping the performance ante" Some of the dross we've had this season will be lucky to pick up division one contracts next year.
  6. I'm sure SL's plane is G-PULA and is a Dassault Centreline aircraft. That thing you've found looks like the kite that Emiliano Sala went down in! I think Steve can do a bit better than that!!!
  7. I would say it would be negligent. The possibility of losing millions more by relegation or stagnating is worse than making an investment in a proven coach and manager. I accept nothing is guaranteed but you have to give yourself the best possible chance.
  8. Having just watched GmcG's video relating to the press conference and what with recent events surrounding Zoom meetings and the like I couldn't help looking beyond G to his bookcase where I half expected a massive butt plug to be on display.
  9. I didn't show any love in my post. Harsh world of professional football is either get reults or you're history, nice human or not. I simply wondered if he's issued a leaving statement.
  10. Haven't seen or heard the usual parting message of thanks for the opportunity etc.. Noticed LJ got his in within a couple of days but nothing as yet from Dean. Probably taken it badly which is understandable. I noticed SL made the usual "always welcome back anytime" comments. Usually something issued through the league managers association...
  11. I bet you've rung the Feminist society and asked to speak to the man in charge? :laugh:
  12. I'd employ her in an under 23 manager role for instance. Give her a couple of years within the mans game to earn a reputation and show the guys she can do it and has the tactical nous then let her progress from there. In our current situation then its far too much of a risk as she'd need time to first convince the nay sayers amongst the players never mind the supporters. She's probably too high up in the womens game to come over as anything other than a head coach but certainly a talented womens coach should be working in the mens game.
  13. 1). Where's the coffee machine? 2). Who signs my holiday and expenses form? 3). Do I get a key to the executive toilet?
  14. Would be nice but probably wishful thinking. Surprised Mark Robins name hasn't cropped up after all his suitors on here last summer...
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