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  1. Cannot remember that stand being there, just terracing, are those floodlights before the corner ones? and did we not use grass back then?
  2. 1/11 for 10 cigs or a pint (10p), 4/11 (25p) for a gallon of petrol... not a litre... and less than a fiver for ST in the new dolman.... I believe and 77/6 for my first weeks wage at Parnells Fishponds
  3. The good old days and Wow that team, brings back some memories, as does being there to see The Dolman rise from the terracing. 39.000 capacity our new super stad has some way to go, as does the current team and manager
  4. From way back to Galley, Garland, Ritchie we have always sold good strikers, to progress we must hang on to them. We sell our assets like most clubs, I dont hold out much hope of our current crop taking us anywhere much, but hang on and hope NP can make a silk purse out of sows ear....wont be easy.
  5. yep plus J G***** SUPERSTAR HOW MANY GOALS HAVE YOU SCORED SO FAR and HES HERE HES THERE HES EVERY f`king where G.G** and 1,2,3,4 ...up (Gibbo) the 4 G`s, forever in my mind (and the rest not mentioned here) from great days at the footie
  6. small world my brother and his family still live in Spring Hill. Many a time I got the 14 bus from opposite the Anchor Pub to old Market then walked to Ashton Gate
  7. Used to go there, being from nearby New Cheltenham Road.......its now a housing estate; it also says Andy lost 70% function in liver, had life saving bowel cancer op (I had one of them) and got covid
  8. Its just a game of football, we hope our country wins but if they dont we probably wont die. There will be other games, but this is our only life look after yours while respecting others. Way over the top media coverage while other stuff is ignored imo.
  9. Garland, Galley, Gibson and Gow (and the rest from back then) thanks for the memories ...great days at the footie
  10. Everything you said, hopefully its caught early enough before any spread. My bowel tumor removal 2 yrs ago seems to have gone ....for now, caught and removed just in time; many scans later I`m all clear. Hope all goes well Paul
  11. he played never saw him in the 2mins I watched
  12. honestly watched about 2minutes of this shite zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  13. Although he had some poor "runs of games" AD gave me and many others, unforgettable memories, not least promotion to the top league and the witnessed celebrations from Ashton Gate pitch. He assembled a great but small squad of players, Galley, Garland, Gow, Gibson, Merrick,Skirton, Fear, Ritchie, Cashley etc, etc great days proper football and proper days at the match, when I hardly missed a game home or away. The throbbing Ashton Gate, The East-End, Enclosure, Open/Park end and Dolman, as it rose from the ashes all contributed to that magical moment in time. Thanks for the memories Alan, I do hope our latest manager can give those who missed out on those days, a repeat performance, he has a long road ahead to do so.
  14. Jack Adams R.I.P. lost his battle with cancer on Saturday. Only 34yrs old leaves a young family 13yrs, 9yrs, 10months, played for Glos as centre and Bristol 2009, 50 games.
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