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  1. I think I’d take a draw today. Just want a decent performance.
  2. When we’re 30-4 I’ll be going back to sleep.
  3. There are some pikeys complaining about this because they don’t think 20,000 is big enough…. Sorry what? When was the last time they even averaged 10K?
  4. Has anybody on here watched it yet? Is it only on Disney+?
  5. Players just walking back to get back. I can’t take this.
  6. You wouldn’t think we are behind. No urgency anywhere on the pitch to get back into this game.
  7. I reckon in the last 3 years I’ve seen this post about 48 times.
  8. I don’t rate him, sorry. Never have done. That’s not an overreaction either, he’s just so frustrating to watch. You just want to grab him and shake him. The guy is away with the fairies.
  9. I’ll say it again… We’re so dead to watch. The only time we looked ever close to scoring was a Tomas Kalas throwing. And even then he can barely reach the box… We just need some life about us.
  10. We really need some pace out there. We’re so dead to watch!
  11. In fairness that chant was going around nicely! Loud and clear. I agree about the timings of songs and mixing it up though.
  12. Just listening briefly to Nige’s pre Sheff Utd interview…. Joe Williams has got a bit of damage(Nige’s words). Different type of injury to previous, not sure how long it will take. James and King in contention soon. Looks like the midfield that ended on Wednesday might well start on Sunday!
  13. The only bit of a scran I have from AG is the Jamaican goat curry. Just a shame about the price.
  14. I thought they were both at it in fairness. Right call to leave it on both accounts imo.
  15. Bottom paragraph of this post… 100%! Only one moment where the Stoke player kicked it through his legs to whip a ball, Fletcher hits the bar. But I thought he was excellent defensively overall. I was pleasantly surprised.
  16. The 2nd long throw over in the Dolman A block, Kalas had his foot virtually in the 18 yard box!
  17. The Ashton Gate faithful do love playing the underdogs. Happy days!
  18. I thought we bullied Stoke tonight in parts. Beautiful stuff!
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