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  1. I do think James is a guaranteed starter going forward. As is Williams imo, it just depends what formation Nige wants to go with. James Williams Palmer Wells Weimann ?
  2. I personally think it looks smart. Reminded me of the old park end in pictures. Nice blend of old and new.
  3. I wouldn’t be seriously worried, but I’d like to see Max improve on his kicking and knowing when he’s got time to take a touch. Away at Blackburn last season, Max aimlessly kicked the ball first time when receiving a pass, even though he had plenty of time to adjust and see what was available. Other than that though, I’d say Max is a steady keeper.
  4. Higher standard, better players, fans are not batshit crazy, move back home…. I could go on?
  5. Sunderland fans think LJ is on the list for the Swansea job. I could see that one happen you know… Lee will no doubt jump if Swansea came calling.
  6. I think Palmer does need pushing though. He’s a professional footballer, he should always be fit. Perhaps in the past LJ and Holden didn’t push KP enough and he got a little comfortable. I don’t think Nige does ‘comfortable’.
  7. Really don’t fancy Malan in there. Takes up too many balls and we end up chasing a game where it should have been a doddle.
  8. Yeah Livi can bat… Or not.
  9. I wish they’d shove those horns up their backsides aswell!
  10. Malan isn’t that good is he? I’ll rephrase that, Malan isn’t very good against spin…
  11. Didn’t watch the game but to come back from 2-0 down is a good sign of fitness and work rate. Especially in these conditions.
  12. Must be a Safa thing.
  13. He’s up there with Jade Dernbach.
  14. Probably one of the biggest I’ve ever seen. He’s hit in the rugby stand! Stupid run from Curran. Might have cost us getting near 200…
  15. Years ago when we had ‘youth’ coming through to the first team they would be 20/21 years old. These lads the likes of Scott and Conway are 17 and 18…. The maturity and quality is there. Believe in them and give them time, they’ve got plenty of it to improve!
  16. Yeah, good news. Hopefully not too far away from full fitness.
  17. You can easily make a difference in that time.
  18. Not just this kit in particular but their design is seriously one of the worst in the football league. It looks so tacky.
  19. Yes, I also noticed a difference with Bakinson’s physique. His legs and quads looked a lot bigger! Doesn’t appear to be a tall gangly lad anymore…
  20. I thought something was a bit odd when talking about Joe Williams. He started to say something under his breath almost!
  21. Granted. Just feel we’re a bit short of pace in the squad.
  22. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching top quality international football at the euros recently, but I thought we were pretty poor. Especially the first team regulars, we looked so slow.
  23. Still not working for everybody?
  24. I much prefer that version of the team sheet.
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