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  1. Man City fans breaking their own goal net at the empty had. Odd.
  2. Yep, I’m watching the ManC v Villa game and Villa have been brilliant to be fair to them.
  3. I can’t stand Hinchcliffe, he tends to criticise a lot without having a clue. I’m amazed he played the game with what he says! There is another EFL main commentator that his name escapes me. Often sits with Hinchcliffe actually, and he spouts absolute crap just to fill in the gaps of the game.
  4. I hope they crash and burn next year.
  5. Isn’t Soady a bit older? Or have I imagined that.
  6. He’s got pace, he will add width, good age… Something we’ve been lacking really for a little while. I don’t mind this seeing it’s a free transfer. The only thing I’ve got doubts about is the lads attitude. I can only go on by what a few Oxford fans have said previously.
  7. Yeah I think Everton will be fine anyway.
  8. Yeah! One of the players in that elite Aussie side. Car accident, aged 46.
  9. I thought you meant Manchester City… But you mean us! Of course they are bigger than us, it’s no question.
  10. Wow Andrew Symonds…. Another Aussie cricketer gone way too soon! Very sad.
  11. I don’t mind Liverpool to be honest. It’s Man United I cannot stand…. But growing up in the Fergie era, you can understand why.
  12. Mate, you’ve literally got villages in that division… Stop waving that dick.
  13. Nope. Gas **** Zummmmerzet!
  14. I can get behind this appointment. Really out of nowhere but McCullum will bring a freshness to the team that’s been needed for years. I was always impressed by his captaincy for NZ. Really happy with this!
  15. If he has a rep of a bad attitude, I don’t think Nige would go there.
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