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  1. Did Brentford fans boo Erikssen? Remember where you came from like jeez…
  2. Lew-T

    Timm Klose

    Is he carrying a knock?
  3. Lew-T


    I’m not really sure what more he or anybody could do under the circumstances. He’s got rid of the bad apples and trusting our promising youth! It’s just the silly mistakes at the back that’s costing us. On the whole I think he has done okay, we’re just desperate for some funds and a full fit team.
  4. To me it looks like Bentley has to take some of the blame for the scramble. We didn’t react very well though mind… It’s only 3 games but to have 1 point from Hull, Sunderland and Wigan is a bit disappointing.
  5. I think the reason why Zak gets slated is because he doesn’t learn. He lets players run off him too easily, can get pushed off too easily when the ball comes in. That defending for Simms goal was comical really… You can’t afford defending like that at this level. He’s too nice.
  6. Was much better second half in fairness to him. Not really worried from what I’ve seen though from both teams. Bit of a poor game.
  7. Rudi Koertzen ex Cricket umpire has died aged 73.
  8. Good response from Saturday. Hopefully this gets us going now…
  9. How can you not love Andi Weimann? The bloke is a machine.
  10. Why do you always have to be a prickly douche bag? For the ‘likes’ I suppose…
  11. Last time I heard that was around the GJ era I think. Since the EE has been gone, most of the old songs have now gone. 12345…. Smell my fingers…. Cider in a can…. Who are the people… I do miss the fun of it all. It’s all pretty generic now whenever I get a chance to go.
  12. Tomorrow is officially a sell out! Fair play, I know it’s the first game and there’s an offer on, but that’s very good going. Especially as it’s the holidays.
  13. Newcastle in the league from memory. Wolves in the Cup a couple seasons ago. Remember that being close to a sell out. Granted they are tough games mind!
  14. Took you an hour to come up with one occasion?
  15. Our record at home with a big crowd is pretty poor I think. Any big ‘occasion’ game often ends in a defeat…
  16. It’s just the late goals I want us to cut out. If we manage to nick infront on Saturday….great, but it’s how we manage it from there is what I’ll be mostly interested in.
  17. Lot of what they say isn’t wrong to be fair. Interesting read.
  18. I have noticed you tend to see them a lot with us. Home or away! I personally don’t mind, but others will.
  19. Some cracking post match interviews by the way. All very natural, lovely to see!
  20. Fair play the second half of that ET England found another gear! Great to see Wembley like this.
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