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  1. A week of real hot weather and sunshine and we’re all flapping. It’s the middle of July man.
  2. On a different note, what has happened to the home page of this forum?
  3. I can already see Mark Sykes being the new whipping boy…
  4. Not sure what happened to my post…
  5. I thought the same. Let’s be fair, SJ is an absolute Manually manipulatestaff too.
  6. Do you reckon it’ll be black shorts with the band running down the side? Like the black shorts we wore in the 70s? I’ve seen pictures of Gerry Gow in them.
  7. Yeah I was there on the side! I just remember being soaked! Great day though.
  8. Just got a memory of Lita scoring a last minute away at Walsall in the pouring rain! ^^^
  9. That just screams Leroy Lita to me! 2004ish
  10. Sounds a bit like the bloke of wolf creek. What a bizarre accent that is!
  11. That ploy might work if you’re playing up the downs. Not sure professionally…
  12. Apart from Pant that could be said for every Indian player. I can’t stand them, up there with the Aussies for me.
  13. Yeah, that was my thought. Pompey fans don’t rate him at all though!
  14. Reminds me of a sun lounger in Majorca
  15. This is when you need your skipper to turn up with the bat.
  16. Get out of India’s ass KP, it’s cringeworthy. Man I miss Bumble, Beefy and Gower.
  17. On field umpires had a stinker there. How could they be 100% sure that was taken at full speed!
  18. Ravi Shastri is not biased at all is he…
  19. Stokes frustrates me at times. He also milks an injury everytime he stops the ball…
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