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  1. I watched a bit of it. It’s mad to think they’ve been around for 60 years and still touring to this day! Legends.
  2. You have to say though, who would want to be an opener? You’re facing a hard swinging ball against fresh bowlers.
  3. Yeah I’m paying him a compliment there. Irritatingly good…
  4. Pant is an irritating get. We can never get him early!
  5. Just a shame he hasn’t got a scooby about making the right footballing decisions. Other than that, you couldn’t really ask for more!
  6. Good move for him I think. There will be plenty of scouts out there if he kicks on. Might see him in England again. No doubt that’s the plan for him!
  7. Lew-T

    Jason Euell

    Played under Nige in his Southampton days. Nothing but good words for NP from Jason there which is always nice. But I guess he’d hardly slag him off in a club interview…
  8. Lew-T

    Alex Scott

    Selfishly I would have hoped he stayed on the bench… Ha!
  9. On a side note for the ones that went, did anybody notice the amount of Scousers there? That’s all I heard.
  10. I’m still not sold on the James/Williams combo in midfield. Still feel we’re light in that area!
  11. “Where’s your Gareth Bale?” Song for those duckers August 20th…
  12. Kendrick has been brilliant.
  13. 2019 was even better than this. If anything too hot…
  14. I’m already home…. Wow what a few days! Effin brilliant!
  15. I’m gonna risk not taking wellies.
  16. Fair play to him for making the step down. He clearly wants to succeed and he’ll only do that by getting game time. Of course we can’t guarantee that here what with Kalas, Klose, Atkinson and now Naismith in front of him.
  17. I’d much rather it be 18ish and cloudy, as long as it’s dry! Can’t have a repeat of 2019 where I nearly passed out because of the heat. Forecast is looking near on perfect!
  18. That’s the team I fell in love with.
  19. Looks like they’re thinking long term with Bentley being off in the near future. They want O’Leary ready when that happens, but he won’t get play time whilst Dan is here.
  20. First thought…. O’Leary is off.
  21. I can tell you this, nobody bats an eyelid at Glastonbury! It’s weird that football and fans always have been seen different to the rest. I can only think the reason for it is because of past violence decades ago…
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