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  1. Assistants don’t always make good managers though. Think the likes of Brian Kidd.
  2. Why aim so low? I’d be disappointed if we couldn’t tempt Pep from Man City or Klopp from Liverpool.
  3. They’re employed by Bristol Sport rather than the football club.
  4. I’ve long had the suspicion that AOL struggles with incoming emails that have been sent out in batch. Sending invoices and statements to company’s that use aol for emails is a complete ball ache.
  5. There was drinks breaks in the play off games yesterday so I would guess so.
  6. Sure she was with Sky before joining Bristol Sport.
  7. Jerry’s working tirelessly at the moment, trying to ensure everyone can get access to the live stream tomorrow. From looking at social media, he was at it from early morning yesterday right until the later hours. Have a bit of respect for someone who’s trying to fix something that wasn’t his doing.
  8. If the City were really concerned about the spread of the virus, surely they wouldn’t have played the practise game yesterday?
  9. Didn’t take long for the club to leave a lasting impression on him then.
  10. The club have said that they purposely used this date so fans can use the credit against 21/22 season tickets.
  11. Red button isn’t available for any remaining games.
  12. My guess would be, if City were to make the Play Off final and 10k tickets were made available to each club, as the FA are thinking of doing for the FA Cup final, you’d lose your place in the priority queue.
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