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  1. Ridiculous to come out with such hyperbole 2 months before the season starts wasn’t it!
  2. I seen a comment from Jerry on Twitter over the weekend, 10,000 had already been sold by that point.
  3. Pointless pitch invasions, fans in fancy dress doing the conga, footballs (and shoes….) flying about. Felt very much like a 90’s end of season affair. Thought it was all very amusing in all honesty.
  4. I can’t see that happening again, thankfully
  5. Think you’re definitely overthinking things way to far. Something light-hearted when the season is petering out, I’m all for it.
  6. It was right in front of where we were sitting, it was a clear foul just as he was shaping up to make the pass.
  7. You mean when he was bundled over just as he was about to make the pass.
  8. Our first home game that season wasn’t until the end of August. No where near when the balloon fiesta was held.
  9. 08 we started away to Blackpool. Rain so bad there was pitch inspection at 2:15, Brooker scored in the last minute. Great times.
  10. I’m sure the last time we were at home on the same weekend as the Balloon Fiesta was back in 07, played QPR and it was complete chaos. Don’t think they’ve allowed it since.
  11. Chelsea would have had staggered sales priority much like we had for the Bournemouth game, only with more levels. I’d imagine they were only at the start of priority sales when the sanctions got placed. They would have sold the game out easily.
  12. Was just about to post something similar, really impressed with him.
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