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  1. They aren't right wing neither do they support fascism but wanted to defend the Cenotaph against Antifa (Anti-fascists).......
  3. Saw Inter Milan v Atalanta last year, San Siro is beautiful. Can also vouch for Malaga's ground and Willem's Koning stadium
  4. We're not sleeping, we're dead.
  5. Is this still available please?
  6. Usually consider myself fairly optimistic, but I don't think we have the squad, or the minerals to compete in this division. On paper, I don't think we're that good. In reality, we definitely aren't. Just staying up would be a positive season for me - like others have said, it will be disastrous to go down.
  7. I'm also clueless when it comes to this stuff but generally always have faith in SL around FFP considering he made his fortune through a Financial Services company. Hopefully that's not misplaced!
  8. It's no surprise that the majority of those against taking the knee are ****ing idiots, as you are helping to demonstrate.
  9. but... you started a new thread about it?
  10. Did we just boo their national anthem?
  11. Excited and strangely quietly confident for this match!
  12. Of all the things happening in the world, this is what upsets you?
  13. According to Derbyshire Live, not this season.. Derby have not commented on the latest claims but remain convinced they have not done anything wrong amid claims there were "ambiguities" in the accounts when it came to the amortisation of players' contracts. The independent panel now has to decide whether Derby breached EFL rules, they could face further charges and a points deduction. But it is not likely to be decided before the start of next season meaning it will hang over the club well into the next campaign. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/derby-county-efl-wayne-rooney-5466196
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