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  1. Last season Preston at our place were the most depressing team I watched,the cheating by their players was the worse I’ve seen,that is ingrained in training/matches by the coaching staff,something I don’t want to see down the gate
  2. exactly,last 10 mins of make or break season and we were still playing **** negative pansy shit...lump it in the box ffs ballbags
  3. The mans a crook saw him yesterday driving his bmw with that silly smirk on his face,would love to wipe it off his face
  4. What a silly response i certainly understand FFP rules what I’m getting at is he one bad run,one. At some point if Lansdown had shown the same trust in him like he is Lee then yes I believe we would now be in a better position
  5. What happens at other clubs is irrelevant mate for what he gave us the season before he should never have been dumped the way he was i spent time with the captain of the team at the time and who was the first person cotts phoned crying as he told him he’d been sacked, that is someone who cared deeply about the team, maybe if we’d have given him time and a shed load of money who knows where we’d be now im 48 and the team he built the double winning year was the best I’ve seen as a group strong,fast,clinical
  6. For me it has to be the sacking of cots. he must be gutted after what he achieved he didn’t get the slack another manager has got after his(1) bad run
  7. but they are NOT testing all deaths for corona are they? if you havent been tested before death in anyway then they do not test post mortem which is why the german death rate looks so much better than most others
  8. Johnson is utter shite at this level
  9. look,i'm 100% a lee johnson outter but can we just wait and see the results and most importantly the style/manner in which we play before we hang the man!!
  10. Tammy loan so irrelevant kodja 11million was it?
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