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  1. She is shagging a local journo, the type that gives you confidence an average bloke can punch well above his weight.
  2. I personally cannot believe we are up with BAMFORD upfront, he is nowhere near good enough at his primary job. I’m just going to sit back and see what we are given, I’m confident we will only go for players Bielsa wants and Bielsa will work wonders with what he has / is given. I think he’ll do one season in the PL and leave regardless of the outcome to go home, immortalised himself.
  3. It’s been in the pipeline and will now happen, increasing it to 50k. Redeveloping the whole area. We’ll have a new training facility too. I just hope we make a couple of good signings and I hope to aim for top 13. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.leeds-live.co.uk/sport/leeds-united/elland-road-expansion-leeds-kinnear-17102591.amp
  4. I have a headache. I was too drunk yesterday to post. Good luck and I hope SL finally wakes up and actually appoints a decent manager!! You’ve finally got rid of the dwarf who you all know I think was s**t. If there is one single example of what a decent (yes SL will have to dig deep) manager can do then we are it, we don’t have the best squad in the league but the best team. You should be looking at Hughton, Alex O’Neil, Gary Rowett, stay well clear of the likes of John Terry etc. I hope the only time I ever come back is because you’ve finally done it! At least
  5. Fulham aren’t that good, take their keeper and Mitrovic our and they are very average this season with a manager not so different to yours. They have individuals but still don’t know how to play well together. Get at them and they’ll fold.
  6. Then how did the other 18 players in the box (on both teams) seemingly hear nothing? Do these two players possess superhuman hearing? Considering there was never a point that they were the two closest people to Casilla I’d guess they’d have to......
  7. That’s the point, this whole thing wouldn’t stand up in a criminal court. It is two Charlton players in a packed penalty area that heard something, it would appear nobody else heard anything (team mates and opponents regardless of ethnicity) Without evidence (ie audio or even video with a lip reader) it would get thrown out of criminal court in half a day. IF there was EVIDENCE then he should be thrown out of our club no questions asked.
  8. Having read it if he DID say that then he should be sacked. What is most interesting is that 1) Kiko’s statement was apparently inconsistent at the time and then during the investigation this counted against him. 2) The two Charlton players statements are inconsistent with the referees report but this is totally ignored. 3) The video evidence shows that Leko didn’t even react and continued his run back to his position, surely had someone said what is alleged he would have reacted. 4) Tyler Roberts actually messaged Leko after the interviews (which he was shocked at) a
  9. Although this year we (Leeds) are closer to £40m we still have one of the lower Wage/Turnover ratios. As I’ve been saying all season, Bielsa and his team may cost a lot but it means we save on wages AND he adds value to players. Get a decent coach in!
  10. SPAZZA


    Decided on a career change, became a Thatcher.
  11. No it isn’t , I find it astounding you don’t recognise the difference.
  12. Oh dear, reference to religion is “seen as racist” Is there a Melon big enough?
  13. Another thing to consider, this could genuinely (shoddy performances aside) affect his future employability. That is a huge element of why this isn’t right.
  14. So “Black” is a racist word? Hmmm okay. We are told that “People of Colour” is a PC way to say things, but then what happens is that you lump EVERYONE who isn’t white into one category, hardly suitable. Black is a colour, the same as White, Purple and Green (a nod to your disgusting away kit way back when), it’s a descriptive word. Quite how a descriptive accurate word can be offensive is laughable. Reading the above “FA Rules” if I say mark the tall lad at the back, what if he turns around and says I don’t identify as a Male as therefore you’ve offended me?
  15. Okay, I’m Kiko back from a ban and I say ”Mark the IC3 Male, 6ft wearing a red football shirt”
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