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  1. Fawlty Towers Men Behaving Badly Bottom Vicar of Dibley IT Crowd
  2. Toronto FC, Slask Wroclaw and Zbrojovka Brno are teams whose results I look out for simply because I've seen a home game there.
  3. Celtic, Cardiff City, PSG, Real Madrid and Juventus. Other than Cardiff it is mainly down to their dominance and wanting them to lose to make their leagues more interesting.
  4. Very poor from the club. I can't understand why they are pressing forward with season tickets in the current climate. Seems all they care about is milking more cash from the fans.
  5. I had a fun day chasing a game to watch yesterday. I had tickets to Rotherham vs Southend which was gone on the friday. We then decided on Boreham Wood which soon followed suit. We were driving to Bromley yesterday afternoon when it was announced that one of the Chorley players had shown symptoms of COVID19 so that was gone too. Luckily we were very close to Dulwich Hamlet so ended up watching their game against Hemel Hempstead. Decent game too, Hamlet came from a goal down to snatch a 2-1 victory in front of over 2300 fans. Not bad for a team struggling in the 6th tier.
  6. Bromley vs Chorley it is then . I'm meeting up with a friend and just want to watch a game in the London area.
  7. I will hopefully still be watching some football tomorrow. Boreham Wood vs Torquay Utd is still on as it stands. Other than that I'll be watching a lot of Netflix
  8. Didn't Daley Thompson play a bit of pro football? I believe he was pretty quick.
  9. I've supported Liverpool for as long as I can remember. I was told I had to as I was born there. I've lived in Bristol for most of my life though and have a season ticket at AG. I am hoping for a chance of revenge on 25th January though
  10. If you don't win the replay I will never forgive you. I'll be buying a season ticket at the Mem next season . Then again I'd be punishing myself more than you if I did that.
  11. The football ground guide is a brilliant website. I often use it when I travel to new grounds. Which stations to use. Which stands offer the best views etc. I'm off to Port Vale tomorrow 69th of the current 90 football league grounds.
  12. I'm not going to deny things seem to be going our way. We have had some luck but it felt like that with United at times during the Fergie years.
  13. They could at least give you the first one free and then charge if you do it again during the season.
  14. I have Bristolian friends who are fellow Liverpool fans and it has never really bothered me. Saves on petrol when we go up for a match. I left Liverpool when I was 3 so I'm not much better than them. Nothing beats living close to the team you support though it's one thing I envy about most City fans.
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