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  1. Not a chance. As much as i would love anyone but Djoc aint gona happen. Would be brilliant if a real attacking player won the thing. Unless Novak breaks his ankle it's done and dusted. Thankfully Alcaras looks the real deal ,attack minded player who has already at 19 beat Nadal and Jock on clay in the same tournament. Cum on lad!!!!!!
  2. Went to Senior School late 60s early 70s in Newton Abbot. Boys and Girls schools were separate. Mental place with a kids home attached to the school. The lads that came from the home were out of control, school was total carnage. We had a teacher who was a Palace fan ,if they had got beat he was nightmare, name was Bob Tarry,we used to call him Dac. One for the real old ones to get that.
  3. One of my pet hates. how the hell can you break at pace when the ball is played wide and the fullback cant cross or play a pass from the touchline. How can forwards time runs when the player cuts the ball back on to his favoured foot. Pathetic, maybe we dont want to counter attack . apart from that defending as a fullback on the wrong side is a nightmare. Unless you can kick with either foot of coarse.
  4. What? The most overrated player by the masses. Wrote off as a flop at Manc. Be interesting to see how he does next season after a year of coaching from Pep. Hopefully Southgate will let off the shackels and let him play. doubt it though as Southgate is a not lose type of guy.
  5. Up with the Cock....Judge Dread.
  6. Thank God this transfer saga has at last been sorted. I can now sleep at night.
  7. Been saying that for years!!!!
  8. No not me, all Sunderland. Good mate of mine follows them all over the country from South Devon, and has done for 40 years.
  9. Dirty OL' Man....The Three Degrees.
  10. Here i go again...Archie Bell and the Drells.
  11. Enjoyed that good result for me. Good friend of mine Sunderland fan who has followed them all over the country from South Devon for 45 years So yeah big club like em back up with us. Went to the gate in 70 with my mate took him in to the East End, first game of the season 4/3 win . He survived.
  12. Great watch for me. Nothing to do with the standard of Football, just about the passion and trying to get the job done. Love it, Baily Wright top man. Play offs love it.
  13. Harvey,Reaney.Cooper,Hunter,Charlton,Lorimore,Giles.Bremener,Gray,Jones,Clarke. And no i never hated them. Infact i loved to watch them play, they had everything you could dream a Bristol City team could be.
  14. Can see Madrid winning this 1/0 with the help of a couple of dodgey decisions. Then going through on pens.
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