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  1. Anyone know how close this to Exeter's first team? They have a lot of youngsters playing.
  2. Agree on Barnsley, small clubs normally have one go at it. (us under Johnson) Especially when the manager with his total commitment to a way of playing leaves For what it's worth i think half way in the table is where were destined.
  3. To be fair Rooney and Barton look the dream team for any club.
  4. Harvest for the world..Isley Brothers.
  5. It's such a shame that Massengo hasen't been fit for the worm up games, i feel Pearson would have him in the starting 11.
  6. Has someone hacked your account today Cidered?
  7. Nagy looking good to me, if Williams can get through the best part of 90 that will be a real positive.
  8. Shame really you can tell how hard he is trying but doesn't look like he's quite good enough for what we need.
  9. Was that an evening game? If so Weimann put his back out early in the 2nd half and was subbed after trying to play on.
  10. Not Bristol related as my clubbing years were in Torquay. I'm going back to the 70s so counting a lot of you young un's out. There were a lot from all over the country that came to Torquay for the night life and a lot of the jocks stayed, they even formed a decent football side and went up through the local leagues playing in the Celtic hoops. Anyway anyone holiday down there and remember any of these clubs. The Compass,400 club,Carousel,Scotch club (witch later was Tiffs) Rockingham, Clair's,Mr Matts. Compass was a great club,right next to the harbour and on 4 levels. Couple in Paignton, Penelope's and Pacific witch were both part or the Tembani hotel. Pacific was the place to go if you wanted to get up to date with any new Soul sounds from the States.
  11. I talk to the trees...Clint Eastwood.
  12. Well how unusual some players being wrote off already on here after our first kick off a ball. For our first run out we looked more up for it than the last 18 months.
  13. Your Love keeps lifting me higher...Jackie Wilson.
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