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  1. That's superb. Can someone get him to ware that Gold shirt with blue sleeves,Lancer Scott one that i still have worn it once and still looks brand new. Han could turn it into a shirt that is total garbage to a must have.
  2. And the Beat goes on...The Whispers.
  3. yeah get that, didn't think for a minute he would. What would you think they could get out of a 20yo player that hasn't cut it for us yet. then turn him into a potential Premier league player? I know they all sigh so many players that never make it but dose Britton have something? Have never seen the lad play live, so have no opinion on his chances , as a local lad great if he could make it.
  4. If Britton signs for WBA with how they are struggling to keep up, that would be off the scale, with them looking for automatic promotion, how would a player that seems nowhere our first team squad turn them into promotion chasers?
  5. Dosent matter to this expert who has written Semenyo off. A lot could see he's like a firework just needs that spark. BTRFTG thinks he's a cut above with his opinions on,well everything. Semenyo is young enough to get near the top . IMHO.
  6. Got the game on Radio Bristol. Sounding pretty good. But i get the feeling Chiilcott is giving us praise through gritted teeth. Wonder why?
  7. Across 110th Street..Bobby Womack.
  8. Dry your eyes ..The Streets.
  9. Seems to be the norm now,more comments on a bit of booing than the actual game. Be ok thou some on here seem to be able to keep an argument going for days if not weeks!!!!
  10. Queen of Clubs..KC and the Sunshine Band.
  11. Superfly...Curtis Mayfield.
  12. I Get The Sweetest Feeling...Jackie Wilson.
  13. Was on a coach trip to Torquay ( We were pretty local) for some Birthday do. After a few pubs we ended up in this nightclub by the harbour witch i remembered from my clubing days as the 400 club. Now me and my mate plus our women supped a few,so when the barman wanted 20quid+ for the first round at about 9ish we thought WTF. Had a chat and realised that by midnight we would be getting short of money. We cut our losses ****** off to an Indian restaurant and supped for about 4 hours and still had cash in our pockets. OK that was a few years ago but i realised then clubing wasn't for me anymore.
  14. To many missed chances but hay fair play to Wright took his Taylor like, and came across really well seems a nice bloke.
  15. Yeah thought it was going to be another sad tear on my pillow.
  16. Fair enough , if it's on i hope everyone has a good day and we come away with 3 much needed points.
  17. Only four games left on in our league. Be great it the lot is off for me, no distraction then from family get together.
  18. Unreal, just couldn't stay away. At least have the balls to reappear as RALPH.
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