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  1. I know what your saying Dave about trying to go past players when you can take them out with a pass, but god forbid we have a player that is willing to take someone on. exciting to watch, gets fans off their seats. When you look at Grealish he has mastered the art. Just hope there is still room in the game for this type of player, but as you say has a lot to learn.
  2. Thing is you shouldn't worry about it Hustler. why would you care what some half wit thinks or knows about us? I can't be doing with any sky manu fan or any of the like, their view on football to me ain't worth a ****. As for the media i don't think we are called Bristol when reports of the game come in. But who ****** cares, when the winner went in at QPR if the reporter said a late win for Bristol would you have stopped dancing around to complain?
  3. Very rarely would he blast it at goal, would just pass it into the net. So composed in n the box, up there with the best.
  4. I think most people that have played at any competitive level of men's football would have cheered that, i certainly did.
  5. I'm with you some of the way, but playing decent football ? To be fair in 55 years of watching there haven't been many seasons when i have thought we looked easy on the eye, maybe 7or 8 seasons out of that. Most seasons the away team always seem to have had more flair. Maybe its just me?
  6. Cum on do it boys you know you can!!!!!!!
  7. BARISTOL clap clap clap, was a regular chant in the East End early 70s. As you would know. As posters have mentioned you need short songs to get the whole ground involved. Am sure though however the football is going on the pitch, if were involved at the top or bottom of the league come March the atmosphere will be electric Half way up will no doubt be pretty flat.
  8. I see Elliott has said Strujik has nothing to apologise for just an accident and should not have been a red card. Leeds appealing against the decision.
  9. Hell have had a bad back for 20+ years, but going to away games is what it is. Went to Man City for the semi, i know every ones problems are different, standing i one spot for a time is a mare and had to have a few spells sat down, But going away i know what to expect.
  10. Think she was 2/0 and 15/40 down at the start of her quartet final, still not to shabby!!!!
  11. This might be a blessing for us the way the first half ended. We doing any better? Changes imminent?
  12. Yeah it said cleared like it was the end of transmission.
  13. Yeah maybe got a bit carried away there. Joe was one of the best.
  14. I take it Mark Carter is not a fan. for me this is the most confindence i'v had in a manager since well maybe even back to Dicks.
  15. Lookin' Through the Windows...Jackson five.
  16. Electric Avenue.. Eddy Grant.
  17. Would just love for them to implode with the ego's now there. Imagine a free kick edge of the box, gona be a lot of noses put out of joint.
  18. yeah, BBC Salford had 3 threads about Ronny after the Transfer topic at the top of the page.
  19. i can only hope the Manu, Ronaldo thread can keep going. Maybe every time Ronaldo converts a penalty this season we could all wax lirecal. Nothing gives me more pleasure than the thought of Manu returning to the top of English football.
  20. Fordy doesn't matter where it hit him, if you move your arm to contact the ball after then it has to be a deliberate handball surly?
  21. He's deliberately moved his arm to stop the ball crossing the line, had to go.
  22. You ain't seen nothing yet...Bachman Turner Overdrive.
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