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  1. Do you believe that any City fan would switch allegiance? Or even any supporter of club outside the top 6 in the premier league?
  2. Great Joey,truly a top player for us. Two footed,total energy and and loved a tackle. We can only dream about the next player we have with his talent.
  3. And the 7/1 defeat at Northampton to send us bottom of the football league. Sunday afternoon game it i remember. Still back to the modern day doom and gloom.!!!
  4. Fulham the better side first half. If it goes to pens fancy Bobby and Joe both to notch.
  5. Jumpin Jack Flash...The Rolling Stones.
  6. So round and around and around we go,where the City's headed nobody knows. It's a ball of confusion.
  7. Lew feel the pain but am now in the whatever mode. Do you think a top man is on his way? Me neither.
  8. How about if he came here and talked to our players? Sorry i forgot he's a Dinasour and wouldn't be welcome around these parts.
  9. This seems so ridiculous it's probably going to happen.
  10. Young Gifted and Black...Bob & Marcia.
  11. Les you have accomplished your mission,you have sucked the masses in,what pleasure you get sat back drinking wine quaffing grapes and laughing loud is beyond me. Anyway you have become REALLY BORING. So do the right thing now chap and leave,xx
  12. If anyone thinks we have the players to play to that level, well deluded. Let's hope the players we have out on loan can progress, because this current squad is a million miles away in first touch,movement and vision.
  13. Thank **** we never finished 6th.
  14. Wow John Barnes would have been proud of that one.
  15. Cardiff had a couple of half chances first 15 but Fulham seem in control now. Fancy a result here for Fulham. Nice to see our old boys playing without giving a **** if any of them **** up. Wouldn't mind if Jo whacked in a 20 yarder to win the game tho.!!!
  16. Was at wedding in Thame that day. Still remember being in a state of panic until i found out the result . I danced like John Travolta that night!!!
  17. Yeah that's fair.Just waiting for KITR. to anounce the new man.
  18. My Dad left early [ he wanted to do that a lot mind] when we were 4/0 down to Oxford the first year the Dolman was open. Early in the season were top Oxford 4th i think, he tried to get out of the ground after 20mins but don't think he made it until H/T. To be fair bless him he was a typical City fan. Even went back to the car when we went 1 down to Walsall last game in the promotion season.
  19. Anyway who gives a **** at this stage? That old bit of film was really funny tho made i laugh!!
  20. Hard to believe that 40% of the bets have gone on Cotts!!!
  21. Maybe me then, looks a pretty impressive to me. What's your list of top keepers?
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