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  1. Don't we have one or two other teams above us?
  2. He's just getting some practice in for the 2nd half.
  3. None of that Oldland fella. It's done behave you don't still believe yourself. But if you somehow can't except wele still be in this division next season, you can get a misery 55/1 on us making the play offs.
  4. Well have to love it Olly your positive outlook on life puts me to shame. Now where did i put my ****** Cider down.
  5. Shit didn't realise that were on the cusp. Seriously give it up it will keep you awake at night. WE ARE NOT MAKING THE PLAYOFFS.
  6. OK, but same reasoning applies.
  7. Give it up we need two 3/0 wins and two 2/0 defeats for Cardiff.
  8. Glimmer gone Dave not a bad thing i think. Now minds will be concentrated on the bigger picture.
  9. Tonight might be a blessing, we can all relax again.
  10. He would have to have a pretty good look then to find something more attractive,as back then practically all football grounds had a home end like ours.
  11. Listen to the pouring rain...Jose Feliciano.
  12. No championship games on hesgoal tonight. Was hoping to cheer the Rams on against the sheep loving crew.
  13. That's the least we want.
  14. Come on Blackburn ffs. Sort yourselves out.
  15. That's good NTTDS, iv got a decent area on my portable radio so should be able to pick it up.!!!!
  16. OK, but can't believe they got 6 points clear at the top early in the season playing as you describe. And if by some miracle we made the play off final got battered by by a fantastic Brentford side but sneaked a lucky 1-0 win would you think us worthy of the premier league. Or would you reckon because of the dross on view the last two seasons we wouldn't deserve our shot at the top league?
  17. Wow find that comment staggering. A team with no money 9 players pre season, tiny crowds get promoted to play at grounds they could only have dreamed of, and your take is that. Good luck Wycombe.
  18. Feel for your loss. RIP John.
  19. Have to say never been a big fan of Pato shying out of tackles is something i'v always found hard to accept. But i realise this isn't in every players game. You can't doubt his technical ability,as good as anyone in the squad. Listening to Holden talking about Pato saying he's a free spirt but tactically very aware makes you think what was Johnson doing with him? Hold my hand up if fit for Stoke he along with Baker should be the first names on the sheet. And what a rare thing today to see a truly two footed player.
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