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  1. Totally agree but I did read somewhere that the fan who attacked Billy Sharp has been given 6 months . If this is correct it is a total let down. These people need to understand their actions are not acceptable in society.
  2. For attacking players on the pitch
  3. Then show these knobs they will not be tolerated. And I repeat my self . Life bans and 10 years no parole
  4. After the disgracefully assault on Billy Sharp and what appeared to be Swindon players attacked after the final whistle. I feel the FA will be expected to take strong action against fans and potentially clubs. And surely there will be a move by some to bring back the fences and caging fans as we once where. I dread the return to these measures. But honestly I am in disbelieve at the action of some fans. I hope life bans and proper jail sentences are used for all involved. Our game does not need these idiots.
  5. Do we not need to add a recruitment director type role though ?
  6. Yes what I thinking we seem to be getting business done quicker than normal . Which is good and shows a positive direction
  7. Which makes perfect sense . And seems the obvious from what NP has said. So how has a 4 page forum topic thread happened in conversation about what what we knew already.
  8. Neither tram where at their best today . But I really enjoyed the game . Was good game to watch
  9. But that is why it is still such a great compition. It's the dream of success
  10. Has the so called fence got planning permission.
  11. Could this open a space for another more preferred no.2 choice by Pearson. ?
  12. Yes Everton would be nice away day. I remember Burnley being a ok away visit. But Leeds horrible and their fans are horrid . Not even do Leeds at home let alone away anymore
  13. Yes thanks for your reports this season
  14. I think of we avoid relegation next season it will be a good season
  15. But footballs football. Who cares about the rest of the shit. It's the game that matters and it's only live once
  16. Yes I understand that My last message I quoted the whole message. Where my response was to the seconed paragraph of that message only
  17. I think you pretty close to the best close season outcome. Keeping Scott and Semenyou for at least another season is massive. I think yes off offload the big contracts wells, Palmer and COD. And I think we will sell Kala's, Bentley and Massengo. But think Dasilva wil be retained. Now if that frees up some transfer money brill or maybe the money needed to cure our potential FFP problem.
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