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  1. Why would he take offence ? I hope Kalas stays he a fine defender. But a captain no way. And he must know that himself.
  2. I hope so for home fans and get the away lot top of Lansdown
  3. Why does it matter the officials are German And Henderson's yes has more big experience
  4. Yes interesting survey. But the transfer market is going to be very different from what has been seen before I feel. So let's just sit back see where we are at start of next season and hope I can he back in the gate at away games where I can make them
  5. Why buy cheap but twice? It cheap last what ever time it last and get new one
  6. But if it a designer label in the charity shop I will not even buy it at knock down price from new. Wiil not and do not do designer fashion clothes. Call me weird I have one suit for all posh occasions and that's it other than comfy clothes . I never dress to impress cause I not give one what other people think
  7. Dick's out Dick's out and put them back away again I do seem to remember bring chanted from the Dolman in my early days of Attending Bristol City games
  8. Ok point taken . But I just do not see it . What's the difference other than the crazy price increase and some body making a bigger profit cause it got a name on it . Profiteering at its worse but common place . I suppose. Primark and charity shops for me
  9. Why even if you had the money would any one want to spend double £30 quid on a tee shirt .that's £60 quid on a tee shirt. no just no
  10. Sorry mate £30 for a tee shirt is right out of order who evers so called fashion name you want to stick on it . Primark is expensive enough . Clothes are stupidly over priced at the best of times without taking advantage of your supporters
  11. Money before people again
  12. But would they of been ?
  13. Always wish GJ the very best I really enjoyed watching the city in his time. Might even have s flutter in Torquay going up
  14. Yes test event. All cried neg test to get in and will be tested 5 days after to check still neg. There couple of music events up north under same test conditions as well
  15. I think all players should realise how privileged they are to have such a job
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