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  1. That is what they are trying to shortlist!
  2. Wheres the i cant be arsed getting bored with it all now option?
  3. I said a while ago that when Tinman was appointed he should have had someone working alongside him and the same for Johnson,probably not Glenn Hoddle though
  4. Just sums Bristol City up nicely
  5. 1 Jokanovic 2 Gerrard 3 Karanka 4 Howe 5 Hughton Dont think we will get any of them though
  6. Agree with you 100% about Gerrard to be honest,think he would be looking for a "bigger" club.I wouldnt have a problem with the club going foreign either,my preferred choice would still be Jokanovic but that wont be happening,if we do go down that route we need to give him time to stamp his own style etc
  7. How do you know he isnt?Jim White said it on Talksport the other day but he could be warning us off because he is a Rangers fan and wants him to stay to beat Celtic.
  8. Didnt think of that !
  9. On a serious note i think it will be Phil Neville,not my choice btw
  10. It would give us those midfield hard men that we were talking about on a previous thread!
  11. Appleton it is then!!
  12. For me it had to be "Big Dave"(Fam) a true workhorse this season.
  13. BS13 Robin


    I met him away from football so may be why he was a nice bloke! i dont think he puts on an act either
  14. BS13 Robin


    Neil Warnock is a bit like marmite to be honest,i have met him away from the pitch and he is genuinely a really nice guy when he is on the touchline he totally changes.I dont know why that is whether its passion or his dislike of losing!Thing is if we were in Boros position of being in great danger of going down then i would be ok to have him here to try and keep us up just because he has a decent record of doing that.
  15. Something in my head tells me that if we havent made a move for Chris Hughton yet then chances are it wont be him,i would still like to see Jokanovic here
  16. Nope Mings was worse than that!
  17. Maybe waiting for a team at the bottom of the Premier League to sack their manager so that we can get him in(Norwich manager or Eddie Howe maybe)
  18. It could also mean that the players that havent been involved with the squad are starting preseason training,obviously Pedro has recovered from his injury as well
  19. That is an interesting read,going by that then i personally wouldnt want him,my preference is still Jokanovic but its not me making the decision!
  20. I voted Jokanovic mainly because of the way his Fulham side tore us apart at Ashton Gate a few seasons ago,going forward they were attacking in numbers and loads of pace and always someone on for a pass
  21. I didnt bother trying to log in and watched on Sky instead!
  22. Oooops i spelt that wrong as well i meant Ray Houghton!!!!
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