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  1. It’s not without reason though Ska. He is allowed to do it because he’s part of the clique. Last night we had an alcoholic from Sweden - part of the same clique - post overtly racist comments which were deleted (swept under the carpet). And yet accusations remain for all to see in the Rovers thread when it’s not on our doorstep. Then this guy, known to rile with only that intention, is allowed to continue. You can go too far in moderating - Sagchat, or you can go not far enough and let a place like this, which used to be a great forum in which I enjoyed participating in, going to the dregs. Because that’s where it has gone. You once had really intellectual debate and commentary on this place. But the same perps are allowed to ruin it time and time again without any semblance of humour. And they do so deliberately; either for their own pathetic hard on, or through addictive disease - which the ‘friends’ allow him to very publicly embarrass himself rather than support. How shameful. Certain posters are allowed to ruin as much content as they wish and to stifle as much commentary as they wish just because they are the playground milk monitor’s mate. The door can hit me on the way out. See you OTIB... it was once fun.
  2. Why not stfu then? Yeah we know what you think and we don’t give a toss, and nor do you given your ventures to the transfer foru. See you when or if it’s confirmed; or rather not at all and you weren’t given platform for bullshit
  3. @Mr Popodopolous Very kind, but I'm just a blagger I'm afraid. I only have limited accounting knowledge gained when working in cross lines of service. I'll ask a bean counter though, and pretend I understand their response haha
  4. None as blind as those who can’t see. In that photo we don’t see ‘gasheads’ any more than we see ‘bristolians’ nor we see ‘British’.... we see scum, and I’ll never temper nor apologies for those words. Ironically, today, we had questionable views on racism moved to ‘Swedish ramblings’ as if it’s for carpet sweeping whilst this house is not clean - I guarantee this gets deleted or moved but look. Someone said ‘Most Swedes would be happy with more negro and negress but far less Arabs.’ See here And it exists in nonfootball chat. He doesn’t represent this club any more than the person in that photo represents rovers. Utterly disgusted to give this person a platform. Partly why my name isn’t in purple as a subscriber despite being a user. Give me a warning point and keep supporter of the year; this is vile. And hopefully curtails any comments on that photo until dealt with; and you’ve been caught out for an attempt at burying. For shame.
  5. Absolutely not. You, I and 99.9% who have visited ‘got it’. These - and the adjective is four letters long and begins in C ends in NT - didn’t.
  6. Can’t agree with this any more. I have been too and it’s the most harrowing and sobering place you could imagine. I think it’s somewhere everyone should visit if they could, because the humility to gain from such a place is truly staggering. You can’t overstate how haunting it is. And it’s really tough, if you go early on your trip, you won’t enjoy the rest it will play on you for a while; if visited at the end, it’s a really sobering way to leave that will leave you in tears and detract from any enjoyment you had from a beautiful country. To even turn up in a football jersey carrying a flag is utterly stomach turning. But let’s not lose sight, it is one of those that can’t be generalised against a fan base. Instead you can only say this individual is an example that there are some out there - unfortunately - that have no class whatsoever. The person in the photo and the person behind the camera, they are psychopaths because no one of sound mind could contemplate their actions being acceptable. Even seeing that, and reminiscing of my visit, I won’t lie, it’s left me quite emotional sat on my sofa. How on earth can someone visit the place and not get it?!
  7. It is a red, no doubt. Equally it’s one of those you don’t want to harangue your player as often the ref would give a yellow and also often you’ll win the ball. I think what Jones is saying - and even LJ - is you don’t discourage that tackle but you run the line. I think that’s a fair assessment.
  8. Fair point and not considered that I had been holding him to higher standards than I do myself. That's me put back in my box haha. Also only just noticed the twitter video put out with the dog. Actually shows good humour about the whole situation in all parties. That was excellent PR.
  9. I don’t think it is over. I think, for a player with his record of injuries, he realised the gamble of going out of contract was too much; see criticism of Owen v AV. Maybe he saw that. With the sort of revenue coming into the club now we have to weigh up do we have his side posturing every window, or do we say not worth the fee we’d get for him right now if we were to sell - given we have him locked in for four years When you consider what we paid, and pay, in wages... if I wasn’t wholly convinced he was not going to be trying to make further moves imminently, I would probably not have offered him a deal, left him aside, not let him earn appearance fees etc and sent a strong message to our young players. Especially as we have already shown we will entertain fair offers which give a chance to progress even if it is destabilising (Webster the best example). In some ways I think this was the one to make an example of. Caveat ALL that with I don’t know squat about the lad, how he is around the squad, what relationships he has and if we were hard-nosed if that would rub players up the wrong way. Just my two pennies from the outside and signing a contract securing his wage for at least 3 years is not really that big a commitment when he was heading for free agent. He has some bridges to build.
  10. Indeed. Unnecessarily provocative and he put Southampton in a difficult position deliberately. Personally, I think Soton were right but whether within their rights I expect to get tested as someone will probably fund him to have a go. Should be borne in mind T&C's probably (expect certainly) reserve the right to refuse entry on reasonable grounds, and it was his behaviour that may have made Soton feel they were acting on reasonable grounds. Obviously people will have their own view on that.
  11. I don't think so. Again I think there is the talent coming through at the back and we need an understanding this is in 5 years time. Agree that Euro 2020 probably comes too soon to be setting a high bar for minimum expectations. After that we have to be expecting to be ready to be challenging. I would instead say our issue is - like we had last time - forging the undoubted talent in to a functioning team. It might mean that players like Dele Alli are unlucky and they can't find a spot. We don't want to have a Lampard/Gerrard incompatable issue again. I think we need to stick to 4-2-3-1 and get the right individuals playing in that formation.
  12. Look at the front four. We have Kane and Sterling - coming to the apex of their careers where for the next 5-6 years they have the right blend of youth, experience and their bodies will be at the right conditioning (ages 30-31 at the end of that period). We then have Rashford, Sancho, Maddison and others (Foden, Rice etc) who will then be in the 24-27 age bracket bringing that youthful endeavour (plus experience, think Sterling right now). When you look at it, we have probably a more shiny 'golden generation' than the last one that came through under Sven whereby the squad should have impeccable balance. It is easy to stick your neck out and say who will not win a tournament internationally as we have one every 2 years and probably 8 sides with a realistic chance of success. But to say you can't look at Euro 2024 in Germany with our best players still young enough to be physically still in their prime with more experience, and those youthful players in the wings now 4 years more developed (and around the 25 year old mark) and not see us being in with a very big shout, I find utterly ridiculous.
  13. 29AR

    Bobby Reid

    No misinterpretation - rather it was me being very unclear in my explanation. That was my mistake there and I can see how patronising it sounds looking back. Apologies. What I'm meant to get at but failed was I - perhaps like you - know a lot of second generation immigrants to the UK. In my experience, the children of immigrants often have a strong sense of belonging to the place of their parent's upbringing (as well as Britain) because, within the four walls at home and in how the children are brought up, typically it is reminiscent of their second nationality. They usually speak the other language, know the culture, know the history and know even current affairs. Of course that could just be within my bubble and I miss the wider picture, but I can only speak as I find. That's why if Bobby's upbringing was similar, I'd strongly defend his right to feel both British and Jamaican. I can think of one guy in particular, born in Bristol to Italian parents and my god, if I needed a Princess saving or some plumbing done, I'd be phoning him. And were I to emigrate from the UK, my unborn Children would very much understand what it means to be British and would know all the Wurzel's songs... okay maybe not the last one (tin hat on).
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