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  1. To the tune of that 'We've got Salah' song... We've got Kalas... Oh Nagy, Nagy... Han Noah Massengo! And don't forget Tommy Rowe... aaaand repeat Gets a few of the new boys into a pretty simple song
  2. Yeah, agreed I think it's a little over confident, and Webster is a bit old loss, but quite nice to be taken seriously for once And yeah, some curve balls for sure. I guess we just have to wait and see!
  3. BetVictor gave me the shock of my life, I stepped in with the resignation that we'd be half way down, below all the favoured clubs once again... and then BAM! https://blog.betvictor.com/en-gb/sports/football/english-football/championship/championship-team-by-team-season-preview-2019-20/?btagid=90987169&utm_source=fb&utm_medium=bvblog&utm_campaign=content&utm_term=bv&utm_content=championship_preview&fbclid=IwAR39SLUQ9Mv_hs9wWTWdFXy3tZLZ9pYVG0yLjrTcAqQsAi4Svqfo6FMEboE
  4. Totally agree with this, except Brownhill who nearly made me eat my words midway through the first half... I was telling the chap next to me how poor he'd been, and pretty anonymous, before he pinged it off the post!! Don't get down too often, but saw Forest and Boro and this was much much better, even if the opposition were poor. The interplay and passing was lovely at times, and that ball from Max out to Eliasson was awesome, the touch from him was even better. Lovely bit of play. He was my MoM, every time he got the ball their full back looked scared. Granted we could be more cl
  5. We were definitely the best side in the second half. Still need to put it in the back of the net which is a problem, but we were worth a goal in that half. Defensive mistakes cost us dear today. Boro were better overall I'd say, more composed and organised, but it wasn't all bad. I'll go home gutted (we lost so of course) but not as downcast about our season as I felt at HT. On we go...
  6. Ah, didn't even realise that was there! The revolving door of restaurants and bars in that part of the docks!! Ideal though - I'll head that way later.
  7. Awesome! Thanks everyone, maybe see a few of you there too Tom
  8. Are the any other Gloucester based City fans who are heading to a local pub to watch the game? I'd rather watch with a group than on my own at home! If I can't get up there in person, at least let's make a bit of atmosphere down here!
  9. However depressing the football might be listening on the radio, hearing the East End keeping up constant chanting is great. Well done you guys!
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