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  1. Don't bother mate, some on here believe he is the antichrist and won't have a good word said about him. What's even worse is that generally it has less to do with his efforts in Management or on the pitch, but to do with the way he looks and talks.
  2. Ah but the Rich List isn't calculated using Gas Logic or include the money under his mattress. (The equivalent of the numbers locked out in the car park at away matches).
  3. To be honest, I could believe that, we were doing well at that time with a group of reasonable players, but not world beaters, I would imagine that Pep was interested in how you work within those limitations. He strikes me as that kind of person who would believe he can learn something everyday from any source. I also seem to remember that he thought that the rugby pitch markings were some sort of zonal additions we had put in, I think LJ put him right, but if it had been me I would have spun him a whole lot of bollocks about that. How many other jobs has he applied for? I don't know, do you?
  4. Isn't that staring up Angela Rayners skirt or something?
  5. Legalise it, regulate it, tax it. Improve education, reduce crime and ensure that the product is not cut with toxic substances.
  6. A follow up to my original post as it may interest some of you. https://www.change.org/p/nadhimzahawi-make-the-teaching-of-bame-histories-and-experiences-mandatory-across-the-school-curriculum/w?source_location=petition_nav
  7. Number of threads on page 1 of this forum 25 Number with LJ in the title 1 Not difficult to work out the answer really.
  8. Age of Aquarius - The Cast of Hair
  9. My wife has been saying that for years mate.
  10. The commentator just said it goes to "penalties"?, as a City fan I need this new fangled idea explained to me....
  11. It does vary a bit every now and again, but I just find the whole thing weird, it's like they aren't really interested in the football, nothing seems to stop them singing.
  12. I was about to say that Tavernier looks like he has run his race, very tired decisions being made.
  13. Controversial substitutions those, I hope Gio knows what he is doing.
  14. I am glad you guys picked up on that, I thought I had misheard it too. Considering he was thought to be a real talent before his injury, it suggests to me that the club think his injury means he will struggle to get to a good level again.
  15. The commentator said that Ollie Thomas was the youngest player on the pitch when he came on, 16? The lads going to be huge when he grows up!
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