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  1. Nice work out, now for a short bus trip to Plymouth. I guess it helps that we can put out a different team for each pre season game, I don't think that would be a luxury afforded to Exeter? I think several teams did, but there were extenuating circumstances I suppose.
  2. If this is at all indicative of Tyreeq's new work rate he is not going get many complaints this season.
  3. Anton Nagy, showing the life of a footballer, less than a month ago he was tackling Ronaldo on the edge of the Hungary penalty area, now he is breezing past kids at Exeter's training ground.
  4. Some of ours showing off a few tidy skills now we are 3 up.
  5. Looking very one sided, Bakinson is just running this game how he likes.
  6. is that Janneh on on the right?
  7. Lot's of nice progressive passing and movement off the ball, I know this only a friendly but in intent it's 10 steps on the end of last season.
  8. Just joined the stream for the 2nd half and I see that Exeter have decided to even things up by giving Max two goals behind him.
  9. All of them? Every single one? Are they the group that you are allowed to make sweeping generalisations about without repercussions?
  10. I think it's really important for us to start the season with a win. I wouldn't normally place so much emphasis on the opening game, but for the confidence of the players who are still here from last season and the fans, I think we need to see the slate wiped clean.
  11. Opposition fans used to say this was his alter ego.
  12. Or someone more local using them as cover as happens a lot.
  13. Bolt is a freak of nature, if you look at his build and what he was capable of, it's hard to imagine any drugs that would have enhanced his performance.
  14. I have often thought this, but it does rule out a lot of sports and to be fair, with technological advances, the marking seems a lot more representative of the actual performances, in things like boxing, Taekwondo, etc. The only place I still have some doubts is Gymnastics, but the more you watch it the more you can see what separates the truly great performers from the merely very good.
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