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  1. Not an album but a song. I went to see Nick Cave and Warren Ellis last month and they did a cover version of Cosmic Dancer by T-Rex. I can't believe that it's taken me 50 years to hear the original. Both versions are excellent, and the best thing I can say about it is that it sounds like a Nick Cave original.
  2. Stars of Track and Field - Belle and Sebastian
  3. Thats bollocks, he's not Joey Barton. He is trying to create a different culture and has clearly brought in players that can set an example for that. James in particular has been excellent in most games especially with the right players around him.
  4. Personally I thought it was significant that Bournemouth targeted James on Saturday. Every time he got the ball they pressed him hard in two's and even threes, I think Parker as a midfielder himself recognised how important he is in linking the team together. If you go back in the build up to their opening goal, you will see that they worked to dispossess him, which then left us exposed because players had started to move forward to support him. He is the type of player that fans don't necessarily recognised as a key part of the team, but opposition teams do.
  5. Josh Owers played the 90 as Bath City were knocked out of the Cup by Banbury. Will Buse and Khari Allen played in a 7 - 1 win for Taunton Town. Apparently Buse made a "world class" save to stop them going 1 down and then saved a penalty at 3 - 1. Prince Henry came on for the last 25 as WSM lost 1 - 3 to Salisbury, they were already losing and down to 10 men by then.
  6. I'm in Love With My Car - Queen
  7. Tired of Hanging Around - The Zutons
  8. Am I missing something here? That looks like 3 guys wandering over to the referee asking how they saw a particular incident. The referee seems to give her explanation and they wander off again. I fail to see a "confrontation" in that video, that looked like it was really well handled on both sides.
  9. Tour Jacket With Detachable Sleeves - Half Man Half Biscuit
  10. Having seen Dave Rennie's interview I think it's quite possible that with todays tech to give players like him the same kind of fitness regime and monitor them remotely. It means that National League football doesn't necessarily mean NL training, that would have been a concern of mine in the past. I would think that it's also beneficial to the loaning club in that their players will see what is required at higher levels and maybe try to aspire to that.
  11. Pretty much every person involved in the singing section on this forum complained bitterly about how poor the sound was from the Atyeo when they were in there, now we have people moaning they want to go back? Anyway, going back to the Bradford City away attendance, fair play if they can get close to it but I doubt the team will match the performance on the pitch.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-58919391
  13. Glos need to work hard on their consistency, and even more important they get a quality spinner now. Fingers crossed for Gohar returning.
  14. Pissy article and demand for an enquiry incoming...
  15. Actually Viv Anderson is cited as the first black player in the England senior team. The chap I mentioned is this one. Decades before Anderson made his senior debut, Plymouth striker Jack Leslie was called up to play the Republic of Ireland in 1925. However, he was dropped from the squad before making his debut. Leslie’s family believed he was dropped after a scout was sent to watch him play and realised the colour of his skin, having been called up on the strength of his goalscoring statistics in the days before video footage was available. So not England at all. As well all know the ROI became decidedly less fussy in later years.
  16. Plus there was a black player picked for England in the 30s who was sent away again when he turned up, because of his skin colour. Presumably the selectors were just going by stats in the days before extensive travel and film.
  17. I read this earlier, excellent article. I remember he was one of the few players that could illicit a round of applause from the opposition fans, the crowd at Ashton Gate seemed in awe of him. I was in the enclosure and he jumped what seemed like 2 feet in the air on the touchline to flick a ball one side of Sweeney and then spin around the other side of him to pick it up again. I said on here recently that there are times when I have to check whether Foden's feet actually touch the ground, and he is one of the few players that can glide across the pitch like Cunningham did, and Cunningham could do it on the 70's mud baths.
  18. Unless it saved you from a night with Irene?
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