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  1. He could shout at them to stop trying to bounce tailenders in a florescent bib from the boundary.
  2. Agree about Morgan. He's a very clever captain and as you say couldn't possibly be worse than some of the others with the bat. It's not the biggest issue, but I think Root is a poor captain and agree that there are no real alternatives in the squad now. Bringing Morgan in will solve a couple of problems at least.
  3. I was there every home match pre-Covid.
  4. The least chaotic and most dominant Madison I've ever seen. Cavendish and Wiggins were masterful back in the day, but that was something else. Unbelievable.
  5. I think the front row looks stronger overall. Wyn Jones being back should help if he's fit. Henshaw finally in his right position but he's dropped the wrong winger. Don't get dropping Beirne from the 23, he's a guy who would do a lot of damage at the breakdown but has hardly played.
  6. I can't find a bad word to say about Rassie. He was there for Munster when Axel died and it felt like the world had ended. He's a great coach and I would definitely agree that South Africa were on the wrong end of some tough calls at the weekend. However, even I have to say that this is way over the top. Leaving aside the rights and wrongs and the fact that the officials have no right of reply, I don't see what he gains here. Rassie absolutely doesn't care what anybody else thinks about him and he will have only done this because he thought that it might give the Boks an edge somewhere but I can't see it. He's got this badly wrong in my opinion.
  7. Stade and Scarlets in the Heineken. Definitely doable for Bristol.
  8. Conan at 8 and Price at 9 stand out, the others are not so surprising. I thought it would be close between Lawes and Beirne at 6. Daly at 13 surprises me a bit as it's Henshaw's best position. Adams out despite scoring a bazillion tries on tour. Interesting that Murray was given the captaincy whilst clearly not an automatic pick.
  9. I usually watch on Swiss telly. I like both ITV4 and Eurosport coverage but almost always watch the former if I want to see it in English.
  10. I'm biased but that's never a red card. Have to hope for a miracle now.
  11. You have to think that without illness and injury he'd have absolutely pissed it. I don't think it matters that much. He's seen off so many challenges and done so much that won't be taken away, record or not.
  12. The guy is a total freak. He's one of my favourite ever sportspeople and isn't even Irish.
  13. The greatest of all time. 31 sprint wins is ridiculous. So happy for him.
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