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  1. Is that what you meant to type? Or do I just not understand a ******* word anyone under 25 says anymore?
  2. Tennis balls after Wimbledon? Wouldn't want to a keeper after the Olympics with Pat alternating between hurling a shot put, a discus and a javelin at me to stop! Good video. Physically, throwing yourself to the ground constantly must really take its toll on keepers' bodies.
  3. And forget all your troubles, forget all your cares eh Petula?
  4. If there's one thing I hate more than rugby, it's that ******* song.
  5. Top post @Maltshoveller
  6. Really hope Kasey performs this season. He really needs to establish himself.
  7. And his wife Jay Low.
  8. I was looking for this a while ago because of my son. I printed off leaflets and planned to drop them through letterboxes. I got to one game a bit earlier and got out of my car to start dropping them off and there was a fella just getting out of his car on his very large driveway. I gave him a leaflet and asked if he'd consider it. He said he probably would and just nipped in to check with his wife. He was back straight away and said yes. (Probably helped have my son with me). Parked there 3 years until their circumstances changed and they needed another car so no longer had space. I gave him a fiver each game. Leaflets might be worth a try as chances of someone nearby being on here are quite slim. Can't help myself, but good luck.
  9. ******* morons. The FA have been negligent too. How we lose the "apparently" from the title? Make it look as if it's some wacko conspiracy theory.
  10. Makes sense to me, but has anyone else got an image of the the hypersleep pods from the Alien films. I'm just waiting for Baker to seeming go down with an injury only for one of those pesky little aliens to burst out of his stomach John Hurt style.
  11. Someone took the flame grilled a bit too far.
  12. Just be clear. I'm not criticising recruitment. Pearson influencing signing may not be a bad thing given where we are and how he did at Leicester. I'm just saying I think a DoF or similar is needed in the long term.
  13. Who the fitness and conditioning team at the time? Hope he has better staff looking after him now! Welcome Matty.
  14. Fair enough if you don't agree. The problem has been that Mark Ashton wasn't a DoF or Technical director. He was CEO who seemed to be motivated (or incentivised) to make a profit on players rather to build a squad capable of winning promotion. As I said in a previous reply having NP have more influence is probably fine for where we are. I just don't think it's right for the long term future of the club. You cannot entrust any manager - who by the nature of the role is only ever a short term appointment - with the long term strategy of the club. The DoF needs to be a long term custodian of the club's footballing vision. I would look to a club like Swansea who had to drop to the fourth tier to decide they needed to define their identity and recruit coaches to implement it. Which has led to some very interesting and successful appointments, not least the current manager Steve Cooper and the previous one Graham Potter. Both quite leftfield and recruited to fit with Swansea's philosophy. The alternative is to lurch from one manager to another hoping each will be the Messiah.
  15. Good luck Tommy. Great pro.
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