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  1. No. I do struggle with colours but that particular shade of green I could differentiate from red. Other shades are harder for me. Take the OPs point, though. Absolutely no need.
  2. Really great to hear this. Very lucky to have someone like Tinman who cares so much about the club and young players in this role. Future DoF in the making.
  3. Doesn't even rhyme! Against Modern Poetry!
  4. I've always liked Callum in spite of his performances!! Really think he could be a player but he does need to show it as he's not a kid any more. If you look back at some of the YouTube videos of his performances for Oxford you'll see what his natural game actually is - a very direct skilful winger. I truly believe the lad has been completely bamboozled by being overcoached by successive managers (we all know the chief culprit) and his willingness to comply and do what's been asked ultimately hasn't helped his game progress. NP is different. He admits himself that he isn't a tactical mastermind, but what is doing is building an environment where players feel trusted to play their own game and take responsibility for their own performances rather than just do as they are told. (I know what kind of environment I would perform best in). If he can stay fit I wouldn't be surprised to see a Bobby Reid type of transformation that will win over the doubters.
  5. Good to hear. Any academy player that makes the grade as a professional reflects well on the club and improves our chances of recruiting new talent. Well done Jo Jo.
  6. What's the difference? Can you elaborate? Does safe standing differ from rail seating in that you cannot convert to seats? It only can allow standing? I'd love to be standing again, but given I sit with a bunch of mates the whole relocating en mass would be a pain.
  7. If he does confirm that, then hopefully people on here will be a bit more understanding.
  8. Funnily enough I have as thinking of posting about the 'singing section'. I think they should do away with it. Much better when these fans were spread out amongst all the stands. Far more likely get others to join in. As for the OP's question there have been innumerable interviews with players and managers that have said what a positive impact the crowd can have.
  9. Taking a neighbour and his young son fo his first match. Hopefully, he'll get a win at his first game. Although in terms of managing expectations of what watching City is really like!
  10. I don't think it is helpful to approach this from a human rights perspective. I think this is about balancing personal choice against a responsibility to help protect the wider community, in this case your teammates, who may have vulnerable people in their lives who may not be able to have the vaccine or whose immune system may not sufficiently protect them even more d they have. I am not sure you could make players have it, but I'd find out their concerns and educate them by a visit from a health profession to debunk them. Maybe a visit from a City fan who'd lost a loved one, or one who is living with long covid. I'd also get players to get together and talk about their concerns for others in their lives who, for whatever reason, are particularly at greater risk from catching covid. Hopefully, these stories would convince players of their wider responsibility to their teammates and community and that there are very few reasons to not have the vaccine.
  11. Maybe that's why Michael Appleton was being considered for the job? As others have said (and NP on other occasions), too many players nowhere near the squad. If I was a player with a short career I would be extremely unhappy about the fitness medical team's record. Imagine in real life if we had to go to our company doctor (or dentist) for treatment even if we thought he was useless.
  12. I wonder if we approached his younger brother when we had Kodi with us? It's always a shame when a young talented kids falls out of love with the game. Hope there's some kind of review of how things are being done rather than just putting down to the youngster. Too much pressure and expectation on all young people these days, and it must be worse you those involved professional sport.
  13. I believe in Cameron.. On the wing.. You sexy Pring.. You sexy Pring.. You sexy...
  14. Wasn't looking for more suggestion. His song is fine. Just the way, it's sung winds me up. If anything we need this creative songwriting for some of the other new signings.
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