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  1. Agree, though averse to 5 from 9. Keeps more of the squad feeling in lv d which can be a good thing.
  2. I remember bumping into Bobby at Ashton Court mansion one summer as they had a little gym there. Shows the dedication of both those lads. Yes, Marvin has some engine but with Bobby it seems effortless. He seemed to be the one the set the high press under Johnson in the last really enjoyable football I've seen us play. He lead and with Korey hunting behind we were relentless. Once Bobby left we didn't have the forward player capable of doing that sadly. That's one of the reasons I was happy enough to see Famara go. I'd like to see a more nimble pesky front man that can do that kind of running and harrying. A big man just isn't build for it.
  3. The level of coaching and organisation of the defensive side of the game has meant it's easier to stifle the opposition. At the same time the streetwise mavericks either never make it because the lack athleticism, or they have their natural skill coached out if them. Generally, it's all become dull and predictable for the most part. Great question OP.
  4. Great to hear. Didn't Bobby Reid do lots of training with his own fitness coach in the summer? Kidnap that bloke I reckon.
  5. Red Skin

    No knee

    Fair play to you @pillred I think this is slightly different.and merits a separate thread Personally I don't like lumping everything into the same thread. I strongly disagree with booing players taking the knee, but if Brentford players decide they don't want to do it then that's up to them. There is a question here about the impact this gesture has now. I'm sure everyone in support would like actions rather than gestures now. It's a bit like when the country stopped clapping the NHS. The hope was they would be rewarded for going above and beyond. Instead they got a derisory pay increase.
  6. How dairy make such accusations?
  7. I'm not sure how much further out you want him. Out out?
  8. Spot on. He does seem to have created a togetherness and almost club atmosphere that was missing from the Golden Generation as players like Ferdinand, Lampard and Gerrard have spoken about where there players from the same clubs all kept themselves to themselves.
  9. Does he need to be? Surely as England manager you just get in whatever English coaches you feel you need? They'll probably come just because they'll be presenting their country?
  10. Complete supposition. Southgate had a meeting with small group of players, then the whole squad to discuss the booing. He seems the opposite of a dictator if anything. He is merely backing his players' collective decision and taking the heat off them by addressing it himself. Thought he showed once again he has principles and is a leader. Good on him
  11. He probably sold it on to Waitrose and demanded a cut of the profit. Tw4t. Well done Albie. Not at all surprised to hear this. Very genuine fella by all accounts.
  12. Great bit of data analysis right there.
  13. Great interview lads. Millen always struck me a a decent man and that came across in his interview. Obvious affection for the club and city.
  14. I think you already know, neighbour, but for everyone else.. For me it's been an acquired disease rather than a heredity one. I moved into a shared house in Totterdown during the Euros in 1990. One of lads that lived there already has a bad dose of Cityitis and almost certainly I picked it up from him. A combination of fatigue from walking to AG, an immune system weakened by copious pints of cider en route, and prolonged exposure on away trips left me very susceptible to infection. The initial symptoms of euphoria and unpredictable feelings of joy quickly faded and I've been struggling with the common sides effects of moodiness, a sense of hopelessness and general apathy ever since. I have been prescribed some rose-tinted spectacles but these only seem to work in the summer months. By early September the side effect are back with avengence. In good years I can be symptom free until Christmas but things always tend to go downhill in January. I've been told it's not terminal, but it is lifelong condition that I will need to learn to manage somehow. Trying not to look too far ahead - no good comes of that does it? - and just taking it one transfer window at a time these days.
  15. Yep, for me too. Felt like we're overcoached by LJ rather than just given freedom to play, which I think was what Holden was advocating TBF. I know SO'D isn't a favourite on here but I keep hearing echoes of what he always talked about in NP's interviews. SO'D was all about getting the players to take responsibility and make decisions for themselves.
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