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  1. Funnily enough I have as thinking of posting about the 'singing section'. I think they should do away with it. Much better when these fans were spread out amongst all the stands. Far more likely get others to join in. As for the OP's question there have been innumerable interviews with players and managers that have said what a positive impact the crowd can have.
  2. Taking a neighbour and his young son fo his first match. Hopefully, he'll get a win at his first game. Although in terms of managing expectations of what watching City is really like!
  3. I don't think it is helpful to approach this from a human rights perspective. I think this is about balancing personal choice against a responsibility to help protect the wider community, in this case your teammates, who may have vulnerable people in their lives who may not be able to have the vaccine or whose immune system may not sufficiently protect them even more d they have. I am not sure you could make players have it, but I'd find out their concerns and educate them by a visit from a health profession to debunk them. Maybe a visit from a City fan who'd lost a loved one, or one who is living with long covid. I'd also get players to get together and talk about their concerns for others in their lives who, for whatever reason, are particularly at greater risk from catching covid. Hopefully, these stories would convince players of their wider responsibility to their teammates and community and that there are very few reasons to not have the vaccine.
  4. Maybe that's why Michael Appleton was being considered for the job? As others have said (and NP on other occasions), too many players nowhere near the squad. If I was a player with a short career I would be extremely unhappy about the fitness medical team's record. Imagine in real life if we had to go to our company doctor (or dentist) for treatment even if we thought he was useless.
  5. I wonder if we approached his younger brother when we had Kodi with us? It's always a shame when a young talented kids falls out of love with the game. Hope there's some kind of review of how things are being done rather than just putting down to the youngster. Too much pressure and expectation on all young people these days, and it must be worse you those involved professional sport.
  6. I believe in Cameron.. On the wing.. You sexy Pring.. You sexy Pring.. You sexy...
  7. Wasn't looking for more suggestion. His song is fine. Just the way, it's sung winds me up. If anything we need this creative songwriting for some of the other new signings.
  8. Singing a football song is very much like making love to a beautiful woman...
  9. My point was it bears only a passing resemblence to the actual tune and is currently sang at naff clap along 'stars on 45' pace! It's an arms in the air slow ballad for me. But then again I've always been a romantic fool. (Think @Mr Popodopolous is right about the words).
  10. When this started to be sung it took me a while to figure out the words and months to realise it was (supposed to be) sung to the chorus of Starman by David Bowie. I think I was told by someone. It makes you wonder how many of those singing have actually heard the original!! Would sound much better if it was slowed down to same speed as the original and actually stuck with the tune. The slowed down version of 'When the Spurs coming marching in' is far superior to the fast version IMHO. As if me posting on here will make that happen!! . I just needed to get it off my chest because it's been bugging me. https://youtu.be/tRcPA7Fzebw
  11. Really heartening to hear the club doing this for vulnerable people in our society. Excellent.
  12. I agree, but Weimann has always had that in him. Almost to the extend he talked himself into bookings. Much better this is shared amongst the team so let likely to get a card.
  13. Absolutely nailed it, PSR. And the 'No, no, no' got him respect from other fans as well as ours too. None of your media training BS, just told it as it was. As someone else said, he's done remarkably well with his talents and I don't begrudge him taking the opportunity to maximise his earnings especially as he came late to the game. Bit of shame he ended up at Cardiff but with his mate Pack there, and after a difficult time at Boro who could blame him. Wish home well on a personal level, but obviously hope Cardiff fail miserably.
  14. The impact NP has had on the mentality of the squad (now he has the players he wants and they are fit) has been nothing short of amazing. We have real character and grit now and I can't see us being bullied by anyone in this league like we have in past years. Outplayed maybe, but not outfought. Love his interview after the game. He was trying soooo hard to stay restrained when you could see he was absolutely delighted. Hope the squad had a good celebration tonight. Well deserved for their work so far this season. Wins like today's need celebrating.
  15. Must admit I thought he was on his way out but he's really kicked on this season. Having Matt James and Andy King to learn from is fantastic for him, but he deserves lots of credit for the way he's dedicated himself to improving his performance and his physicality. I do feel as his confidence grows he will be more attacking in his play.
  16. I'd prefer Corporal Jones. Don't panic!!
  17. I booked at Asda on Just Park fo a £5. Fry up before the game.
  18. Can we have Greenwood on loan now then?
  19. Posts haven't changed. We still need a new striker!
  20. @HarryIS Mark Ashton!
  21. I prefer him at CB, but he's more attacking that Kalas. Think Simpson will stay in though.
  22. Vyner RB, Pring LB. O'Dowda to play in front of Pring if fit. Rest of team the same as Swansea.
  23. JET, Jackie, Bobby Reid, Andy Cole.
  24. I like Martin alot. Strong and great touch. Makes everyone around him better. There was a good piece on Lukaku on MOTD at the weekend. All about his ability to draw defenders to him, his strength to hold them off, and play in others. What it relies on is other players to run beyond the forwards into the space he leaves behind. This is what I'm am expecting of O'Dowda and Scott in coming games. (Be nice if we had full backs that could join in too). I appreciate Martin does not have all the attributes of Lukaku, but he definitely has the ability to hold the ball up and lay it off intelligently. Think he'll have a good season.
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