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  1. Rubbish. He’s doing better than we did last season and has taken the massive step of getting rid of a lot of the dead wood. He’s also blooded some of our younger lads and made some astute signings without big fees. I for one am happy with the direction we are going in although it is slow progress
  2. Mate of mine spunked on a gas head named gapper once. Not the pictured fellow but one of his clan I believe.
  3. He was a class above anything in the centre circle tonight. Shame he was offered no outlet at all and nobody picking up the ball off him to create. Chucked under the bus too often on here
  4. give it up man he’s not up to it.
  5. He’s not up to it end of story. His pace excites at times as any quick player does but let’s be honest his end product is not there. Yes he got a lot of assists last season but if you look back at those goal movements, 5 on 3 overloads you’d expect anyone to provide an assist or at least a clear cut chance at goal. Sadly for once our midfield actually did very well tonight but there was no creative spark at all.
  6. There was a seasonal option for overseas fans yeah. I paid a tenner a match. I work every saturday now so Robins TV is perfect for me as I can have it on in the background at work.
  7. Is this just for international subscribers? I don't see an option for annual pass on the Robins TV page? Spent £350 on passes last year !
  8. Glad somebody else has highlighted this, 113 total senior career appearences? One of the strangest professional careers I have ever seen. Personally thought he came across as a bluffer on Robins TV too.
  9. Again a matter of opinion but I do find the OSIB podcast a little boring. I think its more for the hosts to have a laugh and attempt some one liners with a little bit of football thrown in. I far prefer the chat on the FBC podcast.
  10. If you think a shin pad would stop the forces involved in breaking that part of a leg you are mistaken. Might stop superficial injury in that area. Also, saying “I hope someone breaks his leg” is such bad form
  11. I just have a funny feeling we will nick this one. Players in their own minds probably won't feel the pressure to get a result here despite all the happy clap media interviews saying we are going there for a positive result. Takes the pressure off psychologically and perhaps will allow a bit of freedom to shine through. I'll put my neck on the line and say 1-0 Win with Antoine bagging
  12. Let’s hope in 15 months time we will be watching a repeat of these scenes; https://www.itv.com/news/westcountry/update/2014-05-03/rovers-fans-reactions-after-relegation/ Hahahahaha
  13. My personal favourite was the block of toilets on the end of the Dolman towards the East End, on a cold winter night match you could see the piss steam billowing into the night sky haha
  14. Take that as a compliment, most of the people on BRISTOL CITY BS3 Facebook page can’t even string a debate together but for the dribble on the keyboard
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