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  1. Ideally we need to have somebody other than Pickford between the sticks.
  2. Nigel did seem quite chummy with Bialkowski.
  3. You are right, maybe could have said just a good shot stopper, but his distribution is also good. He is just not good at coming out for the ball. Pickford is the same IMO, obviously not an easy task for us to find somebody who can do all three. But if we can get a decent fee for DB hopefully NP can get us one.
  4. I just want a keeper who can dominate his area, Bentley is a good shot stopper.
  5. Great post, the club should employ you.
  6. Bentley has had a great season, but Max does seem more confident at coming out and catching the ball. Defo a future No. 1
  7. He made very few errors for us, and much preferred him to Bentley last season, far more comfortable coming out to claim the ball. But I’m glad that Bentley seems to have rediscovered his form, hope he keeps it up.
  8. Both Stan & Pete are really good at allowing Frankie to tell his stories, and knowing when to speak, not a skill that everybody has with similar player podcasts. Really enjoyed all the other player ones Stan did too.
  9. Terrible challenge, not the best at coming out for the ball, cost England the penalty v Denmark.
  10. He is in it quite a few times, but see him the most from about 5mins 20secs on.
  11. No don’t think so, looks a young lad with quite a lot of hair.
  12. Only one I could not identify from the video was the blonde lad with the blue bib, looked like he had 65 on his shorts. Anybody know?
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