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  1. Out of likes today 28 pages and counting of total nonsense.
  2. Norman!!! Sweet Jesu, I knew there was someone I'd forgotten Sween! But it's Friday night and I've had a coupke! Actually, that's no excuse - Norman Hunter, what a player. A massive influence - for the good - on BCFC. Tom Ritchie told me once: Soon after arriving, Norman was taken aback to learn that the players had to take their own kit home to clean themselves. Leave it with me lads, he said A week later... washing machines and tumble dryers had been installed at the ground and the players didn't have to worry about laundry duties! True story. Without doubt, signing Hunter, Royle, Cormack raised standards both on and off the field - the club as a whole was taken to a different level. Compare and contrast...
  3. So do I. Unless we have to play them in the Prem (which I'll put up with !!) they can all F! the F! off. PS. How this squares with my unconditional love for Coops and Mr Joseph Jordan is anyone's guess!
  4. Forget"loyal" JB. They're one of the biggest clubs in England. Period. Them not being in the Championship makes our life significantly more comfortable: Leeds and West Brom up (possibly) - Norwich and Bournemouth down (possibly) ? Bring it on.
  5. I'm nearer 60. I hate to tell you this but... Leeds are a big club. PS. And yes, their supporters are, mostly, knobs. But with - sort of - good reason. PPS. In spite of that I'd die in a ditch for Terry Cooper, Joe Jordan, John Shaw, Jimmy the Mann, Bob Bob Super Bobby Taylor, Carl Shutt, Tommy Burden and several others I've forgotten, but really shouldn't have, because it's Friday night and several ciders and a bottle of vino have taken the edge off the old memory noggin...!
  6. Fair play Rob. I'm not a fan of social media tbf. I'm of the old fashioned belief that, put a successful team on the pitch, you'll reach just as many people who want to turn up and fill the ground as you will putting shite out on social media. We've put the cart before the horse these days - social media content (gifs, etc) outweighing success on the pitch. Take a bow, JonBoy.
  7. I didn't say it was wrong. I said it was puerile and embarrassing. If you don't understand how Bristol City, perennial lower league nobodies, taking the piss out of Leeds United - winners of the First Division, FA Cup, League Cup, robbed in a European Cup final and a Cup Winner Cup final by corrupt refereeing, and so on and so on - is an embarrassment... ...then you're as clueless as the pricks in charge of our ****tter account. PS. None of that gives me any pleasure - Leeds fans are, almost to a man, woman and child, with the rare exception, a feking pain in the arse, But facts are facts - our officials taking the mickey out of them for achieving something we've only ever managed in 120 years is...
  8. All out of likes for today PS. The combination of an arrogant Yorkshire mindset and their, in all fairness, significant achievements between 1965 and 1975, does explain - if not excuse - the behaviour that winds us all up these days.
  9. All out of Likes for today - agree with all you say here
  10. Thank you for calling it "banter". That says it all. Because, hate to tell you this, but "banter" equates to "puerile and embarrassing " for a helluva lot of us.
  11. Yes indeed, commiserations bro, you do have to live them with them! And PS - it wasn't funny.
  12. Sorry Rob, you;re wrong. We aren't over achieving compared to Sunderland - they're under achieving compared to us. Whilst Lansdown has over complicated how to move forward, Brentford have concentrated on the essentials: If you: (1) appoint the right manager, and (2) get your player recruitment more right than wrong (no-one has ever got it 100% right) - your team will move upwards and onwards. Our success rate - under Lansdown, and historically - has not been good enough. Brentford's - in the last few years - has been significantly better.
  13. I don't engage with it AT ALL. No facepalmbookshit. No Twitter. No Instaprick. Nada. But - unfortunately - as far as the outside world are concerned - these people are viewed as speaking for all of us: you, me, and everyone else associated with BCFC. ucFk that. And ucFk them.
  14. So people acting like pricks in your name - for the entire www planet to see - is ok then? PS. Apologies. When I say "acting" like pricks, that's not true. I believe they actually are.
  15. I know what you mean. But the point the OP was hinting at was that Brentford beating us to the PL highlights - if we didn't know already - what an underachieving shower we've been, for longer than we care to remember.
  16. Believe me, that was the OP's point. In spades.
  17. Should have sold him when the hype was at its highest. He's not a natural goalscorer. Not a no.10. Can play wide up front in a 4-3-3 but, these days, you need to weigh in with goals from there. So I've no idea what he is. Under Johnson he might have been given years - like Reid and Bryan - to develop. Not so sure that will be the case going forward.
  18. Wigan's manager proving his credentials as a motivator of men. Imagine that, a manager able to get the most of the resources available to him - in charge of our lot! Good game for our Herbie to be missing, too!! I still can't believe that scoreline though - the Championship is supposed to be ultra competitive, a league where bottom can beat top as much as vice versa. Has there ever been such a h-t scoreline in this league before??
  19. Results like this just show what a wasted opportunity this season will, in all probability, prove to be. Someone has rightly been held accountable for that.
  20. We might. Then again, during our GREATEST period Billy Wedlock played centre mid and he was 5'4".
  21. Not the worst shout. Given our recent transfer activity, anyone with inside knowledge of the best young French talent has to be in with a shout. Even more so if he has connections in English football with the likes of Arsenal and Villa (natch). Just one thing, quite important - is he any good as a coach? What's his track record like (not great at Villa if memory serves - which is why I like him )?
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