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  1. I did not see the game but you are (?) enthused about a possibility. Being excited about how a team will approach its football can be a benefit of having an identity. That was my point regarding the term identity meaning absolutely nothing. An Identity has values and standards. Its intent and expectations, these may not be achieved but the principles will be followed. Note will. It ultimately does not mean the team is successful but there are obvious pros - Supporter buy in.
  2. My FA assessor and now mentor would disagree. His view is that it you cannot clearly articulate what the consistent keystone behaviours are of a team it does not have an identity. Styles change, identity fundamentally does not. Its not necessary for a club to have a playing identity but for some it is part of what they are and highly beneficial - The opening poster appears to be enthusiastic about the possibility of Bristol City football's future, and many posters and fans were excited in the past by football that displayed elements mentioned. An identity can be something go be proud of, buy into and be excited by. But no Bristol City does not have one. Its use in BCFC terms means nothing.
  3. There is no football skill gene and that was the point I made regarding JET and gifted natural ability. I have not disagreed that some individuals are not built for speed or that some individuals are. Some is hundreds of millions of people. Take muscle fibre types and ACTN3 (the articles smoking gun) . That gene is the gene associated with muscle power and speed. Of course its genetic it is a gene .. But the gene and its sprint variant is found in huge swathes of any race. It does not equal gifted natural born athlete. Its common, not extraordinary. RE ..Entine in that article he is using race as a biological category then oddly narrowing down his argument to nationality - Jamaica/Kenya. If his theory is correct running success should be far more broad spread because his successful nations characteristics are also widespread. Entine has demonstrated how successfully the Jamaicans and Kenyans have adapted, not that they are unique or more naturally gifted than other nations Hardly. You made a sweeping generalisation. You were racial stereotyping.
  4. You avoided the point about black people and heavy bones .. You earlier conflated skill with athleticism. Scientists study the World. Scientists cannot identify a sports gene, a football skill gene, it does not at this point exist. That was the original point. Athleticism is again a different thing but if hundreds of millions of people share a gene, tens of millions in one Country, if that gene is present across the globe and millions have it even in small Countries where is this extraordinary gift? The speed gene for instance is common.
  5. There are areas of the globe that don't. I certainly would not agree with that point the poster is making. But Western Africans do not dominate sprinting. The speed gene frequently associated with sprinting is present in huge swathes of the earths populace regardless of race. East Africans are better at long distance events .. Actually one tribe in Kenya are better than the entire region. Better than billions across the globe but their genetics are widely shared. We can state that people can lack the genetics to reach elite levels in some sports but stating that humans are just born naturally gifted for a sport is completely wrong.
  6. You have used a standard to judge the league - Brentford. Teams above Brentford are using similar means to outperform them.
  7. It can be expected the team to win the league at this point will amass 90+ points, the team that will finish second will be around ninety and seventy plus points will be needed to reach the plays offs. That indicates the league at the top isn't weak. How do quantify standard? Brentford make lots of passes, have a high passing accuracy and have a lot more possession than the opposition. So do Leeds, WBA and Fulham. Leeds and Fulham keep the ball more than Brentford.
  8. There is conflation there between skill and athletic ability. I was referring to skill as a natural ability. Skill is not genetic. There is no football skill gene. Yes certain body shapes will athletically limit potential but that does not necessarily limit football skill acquisition. With your theory .. It is not mine and I have not suggested everybody will reach the same level. I have made a point about skill. You noted that individuals who are not blessed athletically by nature can be highly skilful .. Yes I wholly agree. The creation of skill is heavily driven by mindset. A growth mindset does not accept that skill is set at birth. Being a less than perfect specimen psychologically is a driver e.g. I will have to work even harder to achieve. Away from skill why are black people more often than not great sprinters? Its is not as simple as that. The great sprinters are limited to narrow geographical areas but their genetics are widespread. The speed gene is not shared by all black people and is present in other races. Africa should be producing Olympic 100 metre champions but isn't if it was simple as black people = fast. In regards to swimming .. I don't find swimming interesting enough to remember an answer. Football clubs actually … They may also want to check the achilles tendon as longer length more speed .. Or maybe not. What I found is that most kids that age find it hard to focus. Stick to fun games. Then you have the child who is the opposite any available ball, any time .. Its that mindset. Developed brain function leading to advanced spatial awareness and pattern recognition. And it comes from intense deliberate repetitive practice over years. Without that practice they would be like the rest of us.
  9. The genes mentioned in the article are present in the majority of the populace including the famous speed gene. Some races and regions of the world have higher ratios but it is hardly conducive evidence. In regards to natural ability the worlds largest Countries are not producing as many naturally skilled players as one nation (Brazil). Brazils success is not down to Brazilians possessing more natural skill its down to how they approach the game. The Brazilians success is down to the way they practice and a football culture that encourages high skill levels. If other nations replicated the Brazilians they too would see more naturally skilled players.
  10. Without practice to create neural pathways and muscle memory you cannot perform a skill.
  11. Its a body shape that does not suit football. The worst. Endomorphs can be suited to sprinting (its anaerobic activity) but frequently not suit endurance activities and post explosive movements have poor recovery times. An alternative view can be is that he did well and reached his ceiling. There is no football gene that leads to being naturally gifted. Its not a gift. Skill is created by practice and practice only. This player would have practiced more to gain his level of skill. He did not come out of the womb a skilful footballer. Your average human cant do fifty kick ups because they do not try to.
  12. Arsenal would get run off their feet. Liverpool's players are outliers in physical performance. Players now do 2km a game more. Liverpool do more again.
  13. Its a little difficult to measure as you would have to define what run is. A footballers average sprint lengths are around twenty metres. The average top speed reached is 17/18 mph. Sprinting top speed is called actualisation and it is not reached till sixty metres and is rarely reached in football. Footballers can rival Olympic sprinters over forty metres Bale and Bellerin have reached speeds around 24 mph.
  14. What do you want or expect? Bristol City have found it difficult to pass the ball through the thirds whether teams press them or not for large parts of the season. If you want the team to just win then going back to front, not over committing, playing % balls is fine. The team won. The team is just outside the plays offs. Launching it when you can't keep it, and they can't makes sense. If you want something else say lots of fluent passing and movement well that will require a lot of change in how Mr Johnson approached the football, and some new players. Ability to understand and predict where team mates are comes from consistency of approach and familiarity of other individuals skills. With respect to the CB's they are not particularly good at playing out to .. A? There is no pivot or player who is very good at receiving the ball from the CB's. There is frequent change in the centre of the pitch, relationships do not flourish. City's poor movement and poor/sloppy passing is hardly a surprise, or should not be. Bournemouth - Eddie Howe has gone through multiple formation changes, it is something like seven. The passing game they had is not functioning. Bristol City's passing game is not functioning well either, the number of formation changes is multiple, it is seven or eight. That is a simplistic way of highlighting something but perhaps valid.
  15. I have used your post in that manner because I agree with all of the points. Well it was a win. It is an out there scenario but a question is what is the expectation from the club itself? What is the clubs it (big plan)? Much noise was once made about BCFC’s player pathway and nurturing local talent. Local lads playing in Bristol City’s XI are now a rarity. So the starting point is what is IT and what are the expectations. If its win, win now, play as you want and we can spend this, play eleven Eskimos on the pitch if it gets them the wins they consider to be progress.
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