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  1. Cowshed


    Big send off, huge turn out, pyro and flags of course and a few lads as well there from other clubs celebrating the mans life. Briefly spoke to Scooters and Taras family. They said it would have been exactly what Scooter would have wanted.
  2. Beautiful. THAT assist makes you .. Well I think its right. Her everything level for me means she should play centrally and do what she wants to get on the ball to create.
  3. But you understand the point made. V Spain Italy managed nearly as many shots as Spain in good areas .. That got them to penalties. Italy's performance indicators v England normally mean penalties would not have been needed. It wasn't exactly a battering via chance creation but it was one sided.
  4. Because they created seven chances the majority of which were inside the eighteen yard box. Against England it was nineteen chances created. Possession is a means to an end. Italy enjoyed more quality possession v England.
  5. England had success but Italy adjusted. The shape was also going to be negated by Italy's ability to occupy the centre of the pitch with numerical superiority and screen off U passing attacks down the flanks. The formation became 5-2-3 in the first half. The three were isolated. Kane dropped in ineffectually. Mount was ineffectual and not dynamic and slowed down transitions. The front three also became flat. And England again became a seven and a three. In possession centrally Italy feasted on a base of easy possession (70%) as England allowed them to sit in the second third. Rice and Philipps due to the system couldn't cover all that. It was a tactical horror show. Awful. Rice travelling ... Well done. He was trying to problem solve and break lines. Taking responsibility. It got England up the park rather than sat on their arse in their box or just past it .. Somebody had to attempt to break the malaise .. Its hard for a CDM with a limited range of pass to do so but at least he attempted different.
  6. Gary Lineker tweeted - "I think going forward have to find a way of being more attack minded. Braver in possession and throwing more people forward. We have the forward talent to scare teams, at present we seem scared ourselves to release that talent". I agree. Use the power, strength and creativity we have.
  7. It is not English. There is no great themes of sitting on leads throughout England's international history. Being outplayed, losing control is not sitting on a lead v playing a near back seven England 2021. England if they have a identity has been one of power and strength going box to box. Managers have done differing things Manager to Manager. Mr Southgates thing is .. An opinion mine is he is the most defensive and conservative Manager England have ever had. Another opinion is he is the most defensive and conservative Manager in charge of any top level European national team. Mr Southgate spurns creativity in his team for defensive shape. A huge opportunity has been blown here while other top level nations are in transition. The Germans will come again, and the Spanish with the likes of another passing superstar in Pedro are.
  8. Not all. Mr Southgate puts out negative teams. He takes modern coaching ideas and creates a outlier of a team. Who else plays a seven and three. His seven defenders and three forwards created virtually no chances in open play v Germany v Italy they created one. In both games they conceded midfield. Versus Italy a superior team England were over ran after thirty minutes and in the second half had 30% of the possession by choice of the Manager. His seven and three v Italy couldn't keep the football to keep Italy off them and one of his explosive attacking three was Mount, a player who is not dynamic when the team counter, even the transition to counter attack was conservative. No surprises. Bang on. I have done the penalties. Mr Southgate states he chose the takers. He chose the mindsets. Including young ones. England are getting somewhere but England do have the players to do differently. A change in philosophy is required. Englands dna to quote the FA is power and strength, we have that and creativity. Mr Southgate is restraining both. History doesn't reveal successful (winners) teams who play like Southgates England of seven and three or his teams minus a creative talent on the pitch. .
  9. The tactics were poor. Overly conservative, sterile timid. Englands U shape with Mount disappearing conceded midfield for two thirds of the game. Italy sat in England's half. It was elements of Croatia 2018 again. Saka made poor decision after poor decision during the game. His performance looked like he was over awed by the occasion. The man management behind having a stressed nineteen year old to take a penalty in England's biggest game for five decades was abysmal. Bringing cold players on to take penalty's is not efficient .. The better team and coach won.
  10. And things beyond the physiological, beyond safety and the love of your family the being part of something and having interest in something really does matter. Take away the arts, music, sport etc we lose normal social connections, we can lose sense of belonging, part of our self - These temporary but significant losses have damaged many peoples mental well being.
  11. There are pros and Managers including those from the very top of the game who wholly disagree. The not played the game card is silly, arrogant. There are pros and Managers quoting rules that do not exist.
  12. I like to think of it this way. There will be Scots who have supported four teams during this tournament and not seen their team win.
  13. What you are referring to are qualities and keystone behaviours. Guardiola recruits and develops both. Its obviously better to start with players with high levels but while dna cant be altered qualities and behaviours are trained in and improved. What Guardiola starts from is a vision, his big picture. Everything then follows the big picture. Your last line can be what is known sometimes as the arc of change. At BCFC new standards are being set, its a period that will be problematic for some as old habits and behaviours (standards) are replaced by new ones. Theoretically this creates a chain reaction of improved behavioural patterns. Some will fall at the storming stage, the standards then become normal and the team performs. Storm norm perform ... Mr Pearson may not use this terminology but the coaching theory is present
  14. Thank you . I am interested in the test used itself. That a player finished last piqued my interest of how. Your point. I/you/him don't. SDS is about capacity midfielders should fare well. Sat on your arse unless the squad is out on its arse as well isn't a good look. Body language reveals frequently a players psychological qualities. We project mental strength and we also don't. The bio mechanics of recovery don't apply themselves either .. "Get up mate, really up you get".
  15. Out of interest do you have a link for this? The instrument of torture I have used as in SDS runs (6x40 metres v time x rest) there is no last. It has a minimum standard - You can fail (last?) but can't be last if reaching the standard which intermittently progresses.
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