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  1. Because his position alters. If he stays with the defending principle of face up and ball and man he can then impede the player more efficiently.
  2. A technical point was made. Citys player does not look at the ball. The offending defending ignores the basic defensive triangle principle. If you cannot see both ball and man you cannot defend them. Its a penalty.
  3. I reckon he had not heard of a lot of things till he got to Sporting Lisbon then Man Utd. And what you are highlighting is a psychological growth mindset. Endless training can be ineffectual. What Ronaldo was introduced to at Sporting Lisbon and Man Utd is deliberate practice. Its whys and how skill is internalised and produced on demand is psychological. What sets Ronaldo apart is his mindset. He is blessed physically as are millions of people but his psychological aptitude to practice and preparation is exceptional. In regards to his free kick yes, he used visualisation. He uses a routine. Steps, scan, ball position were used to cut out noise and doubt, but also to control his mind and breathing. He would visualise the task right down to striking the ball with the medial cuneiform just below the centre of the ball, how the strike felt and how success felt. That was couple with the deliberate intense physical practice over and over. It could also explain why since 2014 his success has dropped down to 5% from 16% pre-2014. His technique, the velocity of strike, angle etc appears not have changed so maybe his superhuman mindset has allowed human negative doubt to creep in.
  4. Ronaldo uses visualisation techniques. He uses mental process as a routine including visualisation with his free kick taking.
  5. Yes. If you do not adopt a growth mindset (Beswick uses the term) you will not improve. We choose to fight or freeze or flight. We choose to word hard, or not. Mental drives physical. Physical doesn't drive mental.
  6. Childrens brains are not more aware of things these days. The brains development has not altered. It is a reason kids should not be exposed to complex issues. Psychologically they do not possess the comprehension skills to deal with complexity. Children should be allowed to be kids.
  7. Cowshed


    It was an example of a differing view and a relevant answer to your point. A poster asserted the words All Lives Matter can have a non literal undeniably racist meaning due to what occurs four thousand miles away. Within this thread you take exception to a multi racial group displaying banner displaying that phrase. You used the I'm not racist trope. You feel the phrase All Lives Matter is provocative. Others clearly have a differing views that it is not racist -. All Lives Matter can mean All Lives Matter. Again you tie yourself in knots. At no point have I said that. I see double standards. The scrutiny applied to the words All Lives Matter on a banner is an example.
  8. Cowshed


    To other individuals. Which is a reality isn't it? You are tieing yourself in knots. Another individual stated the slogan was undeniably racist. I disagree and so do others = It can mean something very different.
  9. Cowshed


    What else does the word privilege mean? Clearly those who have compiled dictionaries were not best placed to explain the real meaning of the word.
  10. Cowshed


    Because what occurs here shapes our communication, our lives and experiences. Our experiences and world view can alter with our postcode. Somebody living in BS8 V BS13 can see things differently. The poster was suggesting the alien, something from four thousand miles away shapes how somebody coming from a working-class area in Bristol should think. The taking the of knee. It is alien to the UK. It is imported. I have stated that it represents differing things to differing people. Not one thing, only one interpretation, one rule.
  11. England should be keeping the ball and resetting it. Building from the back has progressed the team. The personnell last night lead to slow play. Rice is no pivot and Mings lacks range. Where is the distributor? The outcome was predictable. The patterns predictable up back across etc. In regards to allowing the opposition to set up. Hungary were not rigid they slid and screened following the possesion. Grealish dribbling horizontally in the second third and taking multiple touches made it easier for the opposition to screen in lines. It was not fast and direct its was slow and indirect. Playing one two touch would speed patterns up. I would have kept him on but his withdrawal had some merit behind it.
  12. Cowshed


    I have responded to your use of All Lives Matter as being undeniably a racist slogan. The points and questions posed you have ignored. Its is easily deniable. It is illogical to use your rules where no other alternative can be considered. A mixed race group were using a undeniably racist slogan - All Lives Matter. That is nonsense. The group has been called various things. Most are that nonsense. As per politics forum. Why call people something they are not? What were the consequences? What was be implied/inferred? Were this group members of St Annes Conservative club?
  13. Cowshed


    You still have not answered the earlier questions regarding undeniably racist. I am calm. Yes, the group have been called racists according to Bristol antifascists they are notoriously racist, a poster in the sub forum called the group fascists. So yes, there is merit in consistently pointing out what are facts. Again, you have made an assertion. I know the banner creator as others do and as several pointed out last year, I think it is highly likely that the creator would not be aware of why you perceive All Lives Matter to be undeniably a racist slogan. You are importing and extrapolating context from another continent. The context is what occurred here in BS1. The words meant exactly what they say .. All Lives Matter.
  14. Cowshed


    Its half time.. All Lives Matter is a thing in America well a context is its four thousand miles away. However, you decide that this should define the use of language here. You want to enforce your rules of speech. Society uses due process. Facts. The facts I posted are the context. The group was multi racial, the wording on the banner was unambiguous and clearly not racist. Facts. A context you then decided was irrelevant. Your rules. These were working class bloke, not linguists. People can have a different world view to yours and have different standards. Not wrong different.
  15. Cowshed


    You are telling me I cant write whatever. You do not control the English language. I stated a fact. You state context matters greatly after stating its irrelevant in your first sentence. As expected a lot of rules. Your rules. Its nonsense.
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