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  1. I don't get to watch much of City now, so can't have much of an opinion but an observation is the Kalas throw may be long within this squad but it looks to be dropping at thirty five metres = It isn't that long. Its an asset but not as significant as it would be if he had three or four metres more range.
  2. There is a variable here. If team A has an outlier e.g Flint its figures will improve. If it has a rare high performing dead ball specilalist its efficency will improve futher but the general standard is no its not. Going short and crossing is more effective than corners/long throws. Going short and playing a pattern is more effective still.
  3. I do. It may be a coincidence but as a youth Rory Delap played which sport? This is not a coincidence. The longest, flattest, fastest keeper throw is the javelin technique.
  4. The main reason long throws are not used are how ineffecient they are. Then add teams moving away from tall centre fowards up top for mobilty. The most efficient throw in requires a differing technique that most players cannot achieve with a release of close to twenty five degrees. The greater the angle of release and thirty degress is a norm the less time the ball travels closer to horizontal and its trajectory is slower. Rory Delaps throw was released at twenty degrees and he put back spin on the ball .. It was freakish. Practicing a long throw is difficult. Players tire easily and there is an increased risk of injury.
  5. By gaining trust, by getting players to buy into bigger pictures, by working with players on internalising the values and principles of the teams approach.
  6. Its a valid comparison. Southampton have facilities and an academy that is noted as outstanding. This was started when Southampton were a third division team. Marcus Liebherr put the fundamental foundations in place by investing less than the debts Mr Lansdown has restructured. We should do what is in the best interest for our club, not what's the best interest for Southampton and copy them .. Not being interested in best practice is not in the interest of BCFC. BCFC are playing catch up. The money Liebherr inverested created one of the best acdemies based in that facility in Europe. A academy x facility that has raised well over a hundred million in players sales. Its not solely a point of division with its status, its a point about vision, drive, intent and long term planning.
  7. If Bristol City are compared to Southampton? Southampton created their Staplewood facility while being in the third division. Its a question of intent. Mr Lansdown has chosen to run up debts of tens of millions, turn them into equity and repewat .. It could have been invested in structure. The sales of ex academy players covers the cost of the academy, more money could have been invested into tha acdemys structure earlier and its narrrow coaching reach broadened in the manner Southampton reinvested money from ex academy player sales.
  8. Governments including the UK's give money to farmers to preserve rare breeds (the ones we do not eat anynore) and their gene pools. Letting sub species of species die out would be natural as many are the result of mans intervention into nature.
  9. I have met him via a acedemy side playing v FGR and Mr Vince welcomed the players, coaches and parents to FGR. Mr Vince also conducted a Q&A session with staff for visitors. He was polite and humble. One of the topics they covered was nutrition. They do not tell people what to eat. They outlined the benefits of vegan food. The health benefits are obvious. Their U teams certainly are not vegan . Mr Vinces marketing tool has a expanding academy beyond normal expecations v the size of FGR and is investing in development centres for kids ... Hardly a club with its heart in the wrong place. Preferred their old kit v that green striped mutant thing.
  10. The point about alternatives was raised in the politcs sub section months ago. Obvious problems with this gesture were always evident. A why clubs and all have changed their messaging. That kick back still occurs is logical. Kick back was predicted (this forum) months ago if this gesture was used. Einsteins definition of stupidity applies above. Ignorance. Thick as shit expecting different. Appeasement does not come into it. Politicising anti racism was a bad idea. We collectively are anti racist. Bristol City fans are anti racist. Bristol City fans have an anti racist history. This anti racism is not the same as BLM's which believes in white privilege, systemic racism, defunding the police, out there weirdness about nuclear families ...That was one obvious problematic challenge. I could have highlighted others as posters have. RedRock time. Politics should not have been brought into football. Football got in to bed with identitarian politics. Stating oh no we didn't, it isn't sorry while the semen stains are still over the sheets is still noticed. The outcome by politicising anti discrimination should have been predicted. Anti racism should not be the hegemony of political sides.
  11. Your use of ffs and caps locks does not deligitimise what is a fact. There is a contrary view within this thread, in the ground and grounds, and in the media, expressed by politicans, political commenatators that associates taking the knee with politics. Stating its not now does not alter history in all minds. Bristol City can bin this flawed gesture. Bristol City can adopt something more inclusive and less divisive. Like the rugby do.
  12. And the cycle continues. You appear to have missed a word. Perceive. As posters have expained at length, hats off to @TheReds the introduction of taking the knee into football grounds was political. So to state it now isn't at all, and to ignore poster after posters views is uneven. That you disagree with views does not make individuals booing what they may perceive as political/formerly political racist.
  13. Yes booing what people may perceive to be political is not racism.
  14. Yes people are being told what to think. The Trust in their clumsy statement are doing that - Taking the knee is a simple and respectful anti-racism gesture. Clearly its not so simple. Ashton Gate has seen other anti racist iniatives (kick it out). The reception? I and others recall no open negativity from fans. Why? Because of the lack of negative association/associations. Others views and mine. That is a relevant history longer than twelve months. Bristol City fans are overwhelmingly anti racist. We have not suddenly changed. However a gesture has now entered the football. There is open negativity to this one gesture. Bin the gesture. Choose something less compex. Choose something more inclusive that reflects a broader all.
  15. You chose to include the word purely. Yours theirs .. But this gesture is not pure in all minds is it? Its not pure in the minds of all media? All politicians (left and right)? All influencers? Our experiences? To ignore that and state its pure is ignorant. You (?) and whoever are deciding you can see what people really think and feel. You (?) are deciding what people should think. Telling them so and on. Arrogant? Ignorant? Both. I don't make up associations. People in this thread are expressing theirs not mine. I accept their views sincerely exist as facts. Ignorance would not. The mesage behind this gesture as poster after poster has stated has not been consistent. Its was undeniably linked to BLM. All over grounds, on shirts etc. That is damage, that is flawed as a form of communication. An issue is the gesture. It should not be. You have still yet to answer why only this gesture causes this negativity? What is the stigma with this pure (!) act? In regards to your last line. Sorry but I don't understand what you think. I thought after reading your posts you think the act should be changed, but now don't .. Its either effective or not. Giving in, pandering isn't what its all about .. Nonsense that. Wrong. Improvement can be made. A more unifying message can be created.
  16. Why would we do something that could negatively affect our team? Yes. They already are. Taking the knee will not help players (some) achieve flow states, its a break in focus .. Its a uneven point. ... And with respect this was not an answer to the posed questions either. You have introduced a word purely. Clearly fans (the some) and I would disagree. This gesture is not pure. This gesture has associations. These associations are negative hence the gesture and only this gesture creates this negativity. Its ignorant to ignore what is a fact. Its ignorant to blithely plow on and expect differing outcomes when you know what you are doing/about to do creates negativity. What the Supporters Trust should have done is ask why? A tool. Think of someone taking the knee. Will your responses, the feelings you have be the same as somebody elses and the answer will be no. To deny that again is ignorant. Humans are not all wired the same. We have influential parts of society (and its not a right wing con) telling people taking the knee has negative associations and its not solely an anti racist gesture .. And we internalise this information differently. Our own experiences shape how we will feel emotion. A gesture can instantly lead to feelings pleasure or revulsion or indifference and on. The tool. People identify taking the knee with BLM. A vision that stirs emotion, really does .. To not accept that ignores how our brains work, more ignorance. That said, if a club makes it abundently clear that they are doing an action purely as an anti-racism gesture and it is absolutely not political and has no other connotations, what other answer is there to fans booing that action? You have already answered this move away from the flawed gesture.
  17. That with respects was not an answer to either question. You were asked why Bristol City fans (some) now boo this gesture and only this? What is the stigma around this kneeling gesture? The supporters club and trust explanation and only explanation is racism.
  18. This time around. Like others. And will again. The statements also morph. And will again. But the gesture remains. Society and football is overwhelmingly anti racist but this gesture causes contention. Bristol City supporters have never booed any anti racist action before. Never. So why now and only this? What is the stigma around this kneeling gesture?
  19. You may be interested in threads in the politics section. Bristol City lads have a fine tradition of anti racism. The British movement as the National fronts street fighters in the eighties targettede Bristol at football and gigs. They were fought and that is fought and opposed fiercely by Bristol City lads black and white. There is no difference now .. Only there is. BLM is viewed very dimly by quite a few people of the the same anti racist anti extremist mindset.
  20. I think the Trust as a representative body for BCFC fans should not be lying. Bristol City fans are not racist.
  21. The Supporters trust statement its so poorly worded I feel they are accusing fans of being racist. I am not the only poster in the thread who has interpreted their statement in that manner. You feel the Trust mean fans actions were racist. Which ever way you want to spin that to accuse fans of racist actions/being racist is deeply unfair. The Trust should consider more carefully the impact of their words.
  22. There are a myriad of charming left wing anti racist sites that may/will pick this up. We as fans will be tarnished unfairly. Good work representing fans there. Britain works on due process. Facts. The Supporters Trust have decided they are the arbiters of what is and what is not racist without facts. Booing people taking the knee does not necessarily make a supporter racist.
  23. We have been here before. You have powers that allow you to see into peoples minds so you can ascertain exactly what they were thinking. I do not. I can seperate the actions. I won't claim that all are this or that, and will accept there can be nuance versus the sweeping their all racists. That is what the Bristol City Supporters trust are doing without engaging with any of the fans responsible. That is plainly wrong. I believe the overwhelming majority, our all as City fans is that we are not racist. We as fans would support an entire team of Eskimos in red, anything in red. I believe that we all have common ground but common ground amongst fans in football is soured by the introduction of this alien and divisive gesture.
  24. You don't know. You cannot. You may want to revisit the Trusts poorly worded statement. It mentions the taking of the knee. Ergo fans can be booing the action. Why? Racism .. Well its a weird type of racism that clocks ins for this kneeling then clocks off to buy expensive season tickets to watch a multi racial team. To malign fans like that is silly. The Supporters Trust should check their own behaviour that prejudges fellow fans as racists.
  25. As far as = You do not know. You logically cannot and neither can the Supporters trust come to their conclusion unless they engage with supporters asking them their why.
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