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  1. Cowshed


    http://theifab.com/laws/chapter/38/section/113/ Clear and obvious error. The Premier Leagues referees who are a limited company have their own interpretation of the laws that anything is offside if identified by VAR.
  2. I would have an educated guess that most teaching roles do not require high aerobic and anaerobic capacities. The requisite skills are different. My former role working for the NHS could be highly stressful and challenging but it was hardly comparable to football. Away from this one individual your opening post does not state what you want to improve. One change in Manager and a change in tactics can see a players key skills not being required. The above can frequently not be down to attitude but simply pragmatism. The player can improve but not to the degree that will fulfil the team need. I created a relatively simple scenario in my former post. An individuals athletic ability is set, there is a ceiling. What if the team needs individuals with higher physical ability? Similar can be done across elements of football. The bedrock of a players technical ability is formed before they become a adult. If you have not got a high technical ability by early teens .. A player will not develop that later. Your a teacher. I will not have to tell you about differing learning styles. Football clubs are becoming quite holistic, technology has given coaches new capabilities and learning tools. How to teach, communicate, how to nurture is part of the learning and qualification of coaches … But its still a case of what do you want, what is it you want to develop, what is it you want to improve and pragmatism. Improve yes .. But some players can't fit all the myriad of ways a Manager can approach a game of football.
  3. When you worked (you are retired?) was your employment tactical, technical, physical, psychological and social? Most of our workplaces do not reflect that sporting and highly competitive environment and its challenges. Footballers frequently can find themselves in environments they are not suited to. Improvement can be made but take the physical element of football. You can improve what god gave you but your athletic genetic potential will have a ceiling lower than other individuals.
  4. How do you counter attack with lots of possession? Bristol City use of low/medium blocks will mean less possession. Wingers generally will mean less possession. Pack has been replaced by replacements who have nor forged relationships on the pitch with the CB's leading to less receive and retain. Webster has not been replaced leading to less possession, worse angles, the CB 's do not step into midfield. I could make points regarding the way the CB's split and full backs show for the ball from Bentley as receivers but I think you will with respect avoid the point and points being made. I do not have to give consideration to the opposition. City's possession % has significantly dropped. Its a fact. An average over the season. Possession based football is a simple decision of intent.
  5. Look at how City are setting up, its use of wingers, counter attack, the centre backs , replacement for Pack and an increase in long balls. That is Mr Johnsons intent.
  6. This may sound like psychological mumbo jumbo but it is possible and realistic to coach those responses. I wont say its easy. In sport and in wider life you can with training learn to react to challenges more positively. Going a goal down is in the past, you cannot change it, it is a non negotiable, but our responses are negotiable. We can choose our mindset. Bristol City did work with a highly respected sports psychologist called Bill Beswick. This maybe a bit deep for a football forum, but self talk is what Bill Beswick does. It is self coaching but it is highly dependant on trust. Trust in what you do, its methods, it coaching, its Manager ..
  7. You clearly do have an understanding. The highlighted is a logical outcome of change. A norm to improve can be. The game is depending on you look at it three elements attack, defend, set pieces or five including transitions to defend and attack. Having one governing approach to those elements cuts down on complexity and should lead to greater understanding and players with the ability to problem solve, think for themselves .. The top level teams do not change as much as Bristol City do, there maybe the odd exception, but its hard to think of any in the EPL who have used seven formations this season and go through the seasonal change of BCFC The latter. That response would relate to the coaches training and the teams shape and collective defending - What is the challenge and what are our responses. Those responses are consistently integrated into training in an effort to internalise them, leading to faster decision making from players recognising patterns, ques and triggers. There can be a multitude of reasons why players do not meet expectations beyond its the players fault. A obvious question is it is just one player or players. If it is multiple players who are not getting it? Probably the coach should look at himself and what he is doing, or is that a definitely look closer to home!
  8. You are missing the point I was making. A team is a reflection of its Manager. In this case its head coach - The person who recruited, trained and developed them. If he has done all he can he should take responsibility and get rid of the player. What is thinking for themselves? If it refers to problem solving. Problem solving in football can be improved by simplicity and concentrating on task v tasks. This improves confidence, understanding - Confident players are more likely to problem solve. Consider the point made in this post. Nibor is posting about repetition. Mr Johnson has used seven formations this season. Training will be less repetitious it can affect confidence and relationships on the pitch will almost certainly lack understanding they would v less change.
  9. Player or players? If its players the coach has not instilled his vision and methods into his team. Mr Johnson is involved obviously in the selection of these players. He is involved in their recruitment. He coaches them. His players should be compatible with his football. A person in your former workplace who does not meet expectations, does not buy into the vision, methods etc? It is the individual who is in charge of that person who is responsible to ensure they meet a standard or get rid.
  10. Mr Johnson has been in the role for seasons. He has had time to recruit players who can take responsibility. A team is a reflection of its Manager. His ideas. His vision. If players cannot follow those ideas and vision it is the Managers responsibility to ensure they do and alter their mindset.
  11. The questions are reasonable how can you be balls out when backing off? How is the player affecting the player in possession? Hater? It can be a challenge responding to that level politely. I chose to be polite.
  12. I have made one post (ever) regarding this player due to another poster asking for an opinion. Hater? What do you think of the points raised? How can you be balls out when narrowing down? Was the player balls out v crosses and defending one v one? My opinion is I would like to see the player being more aggressive defending crosses in wide positions. I like the team getting compact and screening, but when the ball enters particular zones I would like to see the full backs (the team) defending situationally. The defending v the first goal. The full back position is debatably affecting little. Hunts defending v the second goal was? Well it goes against defensive principles. You get out quicker in that zone and defend that situation by not backing off and giving your opponent three metres = Deny, dictate and maybe delay.
  13. Cowshed


    And again. The goal was not correctly ruled out. The decision went against IFAB's guidance. VAR is not meant to be used for marginal decisions. What is occurring is that goals are being ruled out now because doing otherwise and following the official International guidance will harm the integrity of results.
  14. Being narrow is a consistent. I am in favour of Mr Johnson approaching the game this way and it did make sense to do so v Derby who will attempt to play through teams. The team shifted as a unit in response to Derby's possession. That response did wane legs, changes, discipline, maybe all three. That left Hunt exposed. I don't like his defending 1 v 1. He is too narrow. He was providing depth when his opponent was just outside of the box when he should have been denying the wide player space so he couldn't get it out his feet to do a bit. He was often passive. Dictate what he does, not react to what he does
  15. You could reverse It. Bristol City by getting compact slowed the game down. Derby play 4-2-3-1and attempt to attack down the middle and use switches to the flanks. Rooney positions himself in the two in relation to the possession looking to break lines and switch. By sitting off him and Derby there is no space to play into, and its difficult to generate tempo. Rooney was generally playing one and two touch and forward but in a game that was being slowed down by the opposition. Rooney was almost immaculate in possession but also not as effective as he has been previously when teams push up.
  16. He did not play as a CDM. He was moving from deep short and wide in positions that were not defensive..
  17. Derby overload the centre of the pitch and withdraw Rooney into a sort of pivot role where he can drop off and be a constant option. He was that constant option and controlled midfield tonight. He will be 35 this year and in this role he saves his legs.
  18. It was a point about attendances not status. Bristol City fans at Griffin Park (80 - 90's) could be a quarter of the gate and more.
  19. Twelve thousand v twenty thousand is significantly different. I don't think it is a crude way of measuring similarity of attendances. and their similarity over decades. City's gates were sometimes only two thousand bigger (80's) but when gates are below ten thousand that is significant. Visiting Griffin park over decades was a visit to a smaller club.
  20. You posted BCFC are a very similar club. Attendances are significantly different over decades. I am no expert in regards to finance but by using Bristol City finances last season haven't you used an exceptional example? Bristol City have spent massively past their means in the recent past. C. Brentford have a lot of competition for fans and players in their area. Bristol City do not. Bristol City are the largest club in Bristol and the South West. The challenges are different and at this point the XI has no local players in its XI from Bristol or the South West. I hope I answered your post above but in relation to pressing football BCFC V Brentford are very different. Brentford have on average far more possession than Bristol City or the opponents. They pass short. They use generally 4-3-3 and occasionally 3-4-3. They recruit to that consistent identity. Bristol City use seven formations .. Its a very different approach.
  21. I am not attempting to be rude etc but I do not think I ever looked at Brentford as a very similar club to BCFC. Starting at A with attendances (historical) could you explain how Brentford are very similar to Bristol City? B for budgets? C for competition (London) .. In terms of the way they approach their football to achieve their results they are very different.
  22. I find it perplexing and frustrating. Much was made of the player pathway from the community trust up. The community trust centres have been shut down around Bristol. The network of coaching that has been established to replace it, or progress this in or outside Bristol? It is not there. Other clubs clearly do more. Bristol City have had some success in producing its own players - Bristol City now coach less, not more players in its backyard!
  23. And now at eight the football is non competitive and there is a retreat line to promote footballing skill. This will help to create better skilled footballers for the competitive game that comes later. But I don't see kids football of any era being a even parallel to pressing in the adults game as a measure of how difficult or easy it is.
  24. I turned that into the present (a aside). Its debatable if there is any benefit in asking eight year olds to press the ball. The FA do not think so.
  25. It really is a case of perception. I love football but I dislike the game that is modern football. Bristol City in a short period of times have modernised and become part of that modern football. My Son loved the old Ashton Gate. He will barely enter the new one. I understand why. Its bland, boring, sterile with an atmosphere to match. The environment breeds that atmosphere. Modernisation is a necessity but a look at Germany highlights how modernisation can include fans. Bristol Sport and BCFC do the opposite, and it is detrimental to the clubs well being.
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