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  1. Because you don't mix business with pleasure!! Ahh.. imagine watching city was pleasure. Anyone remember those days?!!
  2. I clicked on cov Swansea game and it is showing ours!! Give that a go on app.
  3. Let Reading Coach have it... We don't want the 'Curse'
  4. RIP Sir Colby-Tit Snr. Condolences to you mate. COYR!!
  5. When people preface a conversation or comment with 'So' So, I was watching television last night.... So... Ergh!!
  6. Can I at least get the bed sheets ready for when we are at the wrong end of the table in December
  7. Where has he been linked mate. All I've seen is a manager fans would like to have. Have you seen anything official?
  8. What was it used for??? 'Boob' cricket training?
  9. And how will Johnson make his mind up on who makes the matchday squad?! Probably with Guinevere and set of balls number 8!!
  10. At least your response is measured and not knee jerk. Your solution/view, on balance, is better represented than simply shouting 'Get rid'. Respect for that.
  11. And get who in?? You sir are a massive nause. Turn it in. Here again when we lose, hardly ever there when we win. Soft from the core.. That starts with you.
  12. To the tune of Wonderwall ...... All the goals that city score are blinding, and after all you're my Martin Kuhl!! Also the original Andy Cole song, we def sang that first. When he gets the ball he scores a goal, Andy Andy Cole!! Used love Wayney, Wayney, Wayney, Allison. Especially after he would miss an absolute sitter. Good old Tanglefoot. Super Dziekanowski was also a good un
  13. Didn't think he was that fat to be fair...
  14. It wasn't too cold for some of the players
  15. I have an idea.. Before we sing songs at the Gate, maybe we can post it on here prior, you know so it can be vetted. We all know that songs suggested on OTIB get sung on matchdays. Eh @Robbored Happy New Year people.
  16. potential is absolutely massive.... I thought that was his hair??
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