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  1. clunes

    Alex Scott

    The cameraman has an eye for the ladies doesn’t he!! Not even trying to be discreet
  2. It’s one of the worst games I have ever watched. League 1 standard at best.
  3. To all those mocking Page’s comments, I don’t know who the best fans in the world are (if there is any such thing) but I arrived in Bordeaux the day after Wales beat either Slovakia or Russia in 2016 (I dont remember which) and the place was full of Welsh drinking and having a good time. I sat with loads and had a great day and I can absolutely say without any doubt I would rather spend time with the Welsh fans at an overseas tournament than the English
  4. I’ve visited a load of Outlaws locations for my Instagram page: it_happened_right_here I can always use a few more followers if you feel so inclined… I’ve also tracked down some Only Fools and Horses spots too among the hundreds of other places I’ve been (one of which was in the stadium car park)
  5. Fair play to them. I’ve got loads of mates that support Rovers and they’ll have a great night tonight. I’d still like to see us playing in the same division so we could get 2 derbies each season. I don’t get this hatred… yes, they’re tinpot but why should we have an issue with that? Let them have their moment cos L1 gets tougher and tougher each year and staying up will be their aim.
  6. Your Group H is tasty id like us to get Mexico, Japan and Saudi. It’s a World Cup after all and we play enough European teams regularly.
  7. Simulate your own draw here… https://draw.inker.one/#/wc/gs
  8. The World Cup draw is always in December, 6 months before the tournament, therefore it’s no different this year. The draw should have been made in December 2021 if it were a summer tournament. It’s Panini I feel sorry for… their window for printing stickers and albums is much smaller than in previous years.
  9. ‘Twas my 11th birthday. I was seated in front of Dr Legg from Eastenders… who died today.
  10. I for one would love to see Klinsmann manage in this country (specifically in BS3)
  11. I did exactly that 2 years ago. The train from Pisa to Florence is decent. I went to the rooftop bar at the Westin Exelsior in Florence and the AC Milan team were in the lobby as they were playing Fiorentina the next day. Didn’t recognise a single player
  12. I’ve seen a game at the Allianz in Munich. Also been to Bordeaux. Both great grounds. Also, in Budapest you have 4 clubs to choose from so there should always be a home game on when you visit. If you’re looking for something a little odd, try Venice or Pisa.
  13. I wonder if the Hollywood owners will turn up if Wrexham get to the final?
  14. I wasn’t aware Ray Clemence had Prostate Cancer. That’s what took my Dad at age 59. He found out he had it at 56 and it was symptomless until one day he collapsed with a shortness of breath. His cancer was so far progressed that when he had a PSA test, his result was 729 when someone of his age should return a score of around 5. Get checked. Insist on it.
  15. Apart from one mistake, Walsh an having a good game. Always looking for the ball. What don’t I know about Maddison? Why the hatred?
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