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  1. I think with Fam probably leaving I’d base the team around a 4231 formation with Palmer, Wells, Pato and Weimann your front four. That’s where I’d start structurally, them you have 2 from Morrell, Walsh, HNM and Nagy for midfield options, and a likely back 4 of Hunt Kalas Baker JD. Bench containing 2 of the midfield above, Moore, Vyner, COD, and a new striker
  2. Ashton did casually drop in that there would be some movement but it would be balanced with player trading once again. Think it was a very quick bit when talking about Fam etc
  3. So from the bits I heard and translating the MA spin... Fam and Elliason “ongoing” meaning if their agents get them clubs they’ll be off. But like COD really except nobody wanted to touch him in the end. DH has the same remit as LJ, except he really doesn’t. Top half finish will do I reckon. DH was the right candidate. I never heard him say best at any point, which leads me to think he was selected because there’s too much unknown with COVID and therefore cash, so they brought the guy in who knows the structure best. The fact that he’s on a 12 month rolling gives the board a “f
  4. The OP keeps putting “board” like he’s so freaking clever and out there, frankly it just makes me want to ignore his point, even if the other 99% of the lost is valid. Seriously, grow up.
  5. Well let’s look at what’s likely to happen. Fam and Elliason sold, so less goals, less assists. Maybe KP gets thrown off the bus too? Minimal signings, a chance loan or two. So squad will be weaker...so a good season will be 20th unless secretly Holden has had a completely different plan to LJ all this time. Doubt it though.
  6. If (still saying if for pure hopes sake) Holden is appointed it’ll be the least well received appointment since Pulis. I’ll back him, but my estimation of the desire of the club has taken a massive knock, it feels like we’ve regressed five years in a single day.
  7. Ignoring all the what ifs about what this means managerially, worth mentioning a big thank you to Macca because he has been a great club servant. There will obviously be a jobs for the boys tag on him but that’s not his fault.
  8. JD has the higher ceiling, but Bryan right now is the better LB. but tbh it’s not fair to compare them when one is so far further in his career than the other.
  9. The players are on time off anyway so a new manager wouldn’t be assessing them now. I’d have liked them to have been in place for a game or two but c’est la vie. Need this done Monday though because we need to start dealing with contracts and transfers, the next six weeks will disappear in no time to be honest.
  10. I want to find Jon Lansdown and Mark Ashton, roll up a newspaper and tell them, whilst hitting them on the nose with said newspaper they they are very bad boys, and need to stop this behaviour.
  11. Been my second choice after Hughton so not upset to hear this
  12. KITR has got way more right than wrong... Compared to others who have come up with utter hype-tripe before. He deserves the benefit of the doubt and not the dogs abuse he’s getting from one poster in particular (seriously Lez mate are you still on furlough and have nobody else to abuse? Rhetorical btw, you seem to have an answer for everything but trust me, I don’t want or need one here) Whilst he has the benefit of the doubt from me, I’m now at the point where I’ll only believe something when it’s on the official site. As with many things BCFC this has become far too tiresome!
  13. Still has one of the top conversion rates...still scores 20 goals. They can come off his arse for all I care as long as he gets them. Lets be honest as well if he was better than that he’d be a prem regular. We need to wind our expectations in sometimes.
  14. Jesus wept, guy bags 20 goals in a season and one off game he isn’t possibly the answer. He had the highest conversion rate going into this game...
  15. Watched Nagy boss it against Brum, there’s a player there but he does run around too much for me now. Needs to be a sweeper in front of the back three or four, before handing it off to the creative outlet.
  16. Let’s be honest, Holden is only carrying on what LJ put in place, we look like we are playing a bit simpler and not overthinking like we were before, but the loss of midfield and exposing the defence hasn’t gone away. Players need a new playbook!
  17. I’m glad tbh, it didn’t sit with me that we were going all in on somebody without a track record and I had an awful feeling it was going to be an Nketiah type madness.
  18. I think you’re forgetting that I said in my original post that I found this a miss rather than a hit. I was commenting more in the overall approach they were taking. Twitter has become, rightly or wrongly a platform to be a bit ‘clever’ for a lot brands, football clubs, etc. I found this one a bit cringe but more often than not there’s content that amuses me. It’s a fine balance.
  19. Not even close. I just don’t believe in belittling others because they have different tastes on something so basic.
  20. Ah right, so by inference that would make somebody like me what, beneath you? Asinine? Just because you don’t have the same taste as somebody else doesn’t mean it wrong. Not is it a reflection on the other individual. And please, please don’t make it sound like you’re in the majority because you have no facts behind that at all. Humour like many things is subjective. My original point was the same.
  21. I knew this would post would polarise. It’s called banter, I’m sure you thing plenty of stuff is funny that isn’t to others. Personally I thought this was a bit of a miss rather than a hit like some of the other posts, but I find it’s usually 75/25 with the content for me.
  22. Still can’t make my mind up if Kelly is a cb...that doesn’t help. He’s clearly talented but I think he’d have done better to be a championship loan this season. Feel for the lad though, clearly puts the effort in.
  23. Anybody else think this may get SL thinking? Him and Gibson very similar styles in club running especially when it comes to managers. Couple more poor results and play off contention dwindling you have to wonder if he would do something similar?
  24. There’s also another thing that could be going on here...he could be waiting on results for a COVID test after showing symptoms. Nobody would want to say until they knew either way.
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