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  1. Tbh I think it's pretty good for yourselves also, it's Boro who've come out on the wrong end of this
  2. Pretty fair assessment I'd say. Summed up in the game against them at the end, absolutely played them off the park even down to 10 men but just couldn't put the ball in the net and were sucker punched.
  3. Thing is, interest isn't just going to dry up overnight. If someone's willing to pay £20m now, what's to say we won't also be able to get stupid money next year? I'm on board totally with the club's philosophy of selling and evolving, but there's a balance to be struck. If you sell too quickly and too readily you don't give yourself a chance to evolve. There comes a point where money loses it's value. I'd take £10-15m to build on the foundations of an already good team over £25-30m to create a new one from scratch. Any day.
  4. Villaboy and Tractor Boys, 2 posters round those parts. Real shame it's dwindled away like it has, the place has a great core of posters. The back and forth with the Swindon lot during our promotion season was a lot of fun
  5. Someone get this on Gaschat, ready made UWE replacement right there
  6. I was happy to sell Kelly if it meant getting Kalas and a striker. Kelly and Webster - no chance. We've already got a great reputation as a place for players to develop and potentially move on their careers. What we need to be wary of is going too far and becoming known as a soft touch, who'll sell anyone once a good offer comes in. As good as LJ's interview was on Sound of the City the other month, the one little thing that did concern me a bit was how readily he said when a PL club comes calling we won't stand in anyone's way. We've got to stand firm and say no sometimes, else we'll put ourselves in a terrible negotiating position with both other clubs and our own players in contract talks - not to mention the need to demonstrate to fans and everyone else that when we say we mean business, it's not just hot air. This feels to me like one of those times. Edit: Of course this rumour is probably just a load of b*llocks in any case
  7. I think this would be somewhere where we'd have to draw the line and just say flat out no, sorry - not for sale
  8. Agree. I think of him kind of like Gary Rowett. So far in his career he's proven adept at turning mediocre teams into decent ones, but not so much that he can turn a decent side into a promotion contender. Which is what we'd be looking for hypothetically if LJ were to leave. His football is very attritional and he's also something of a self-publicist - seems like the type who's always off at the first sign of a better offer. Again, rather like Gary Rowett. Wasn't bad at Swansea, thought he was very hard done by to be sacked, and did a good job at Leeds initially. But they fell of a cliff at the end of the season and then he jumped ship sharpish to Middlesbrough, where with a big budget and good squad he failed pretty miserably. If I was a Hull or QPR fan, say, he'd be exactly who I'd be looking at; but I don't reckon he'd be a smart appointment for anyone with Premier League aspirations.
  9. What's the biggest problem with the game? The Sky money at the top distorting the competition. What's the biggest complaint about the ESL? All the Sky money would go out of the game. Why does nobody seem to get it? It's the perfect solution.
  10. Everytime the subject of a European League comes up people say the same thing: "It would be the death of football". It's the polar opposite - it would be the rebirth. "Classic example of the big club's greed" Yes. Exactly. So let them **** off. I can't understand why anyone would want to fight to keep them around.
  11. Just found the Bolton thread and might as well just copy the link - it's an argument all in itself. People talk about wage caps, scrapping parachute payments - these things will never happen in a million years unless the big clubs break away. The system's broken. This is the way to fix it.
  12. Exactly this. Cotterill was given no less backing than Wilder with a very similar squad playing an almost identical system. Difference is: one threw his toys out of the pram and the other knuckled down and got on with the job. That's why Chris Wilder is now a Premier League manager and Steve Cotterill is still out of a job, whining to fans about how hard done by he is. He came very close to undoing all of the great work he did getting us up in the first place. Thankfully, we clung on by the skin of our teeth and have now got ourselves back on track, but we wasted 2 or 3 years in the process.
  13. You've rumbled me. I in fact work for the EFL as a Fixture Logistics Manager. You can set that date aside in your diary for Middlesbrough away, folks.
  14. I did wonder why we went against our usual policy of waiting to get a replacement in before selling, but that would explain it. Such a good deal we just took the money and ran! Not that I think it's a particularly bad deal for Bournemouth, mind
  15. Nos. 3, 4 and 6 make a lot of sense. Finally, something being done about the god-awful drop ball rule
  16. It's flirting dangerously with the edges of a conflict of interest the influence of Jorge Mendes, but then you could probably say similar about the relationship between Lee and Gary Johnson and ours with Cheltenham and now Torquay in turn, so it's difficult.
  17. But why leave it at that, is what I don't understand? What not set it as a basic requirement of registration to the league that you must file your accounts for each year prior to the end of the season - 31st April say. It's such an obvious, blatant loophole and it appears so easy to close
  18. I think the way you create equality is to cut out the weeds and separate them from the roots for good.
  19. That's a very good point - I think you may be right. That's how they'll get b teams in. (Edit: but that I wouldn't agree with. Domestic teams will become feeder clubs, that much is inevitable, but the systems should remain completely separate - like in America with the NFL and College football)
  20. Wouldn't that be more interesting for them, though? If I was a Celtic fan I'd be bored stiff. And they're never going to improve as things are, they're only going to get dragged down and stagnate, and the gap between the haves and the have-nots grow increasingly wider. It's essentially already a 2-tier system as it is. Might as well just bite the bullet. I know people are going to bring up Ajax and Tottenham here, but a) They'd both probably be included in any European League anyway and, b) Those kind of upsets are becoming rarer and rarer and, barring the outlier that is the last couple of years, will only continue to do so.
  21. In England it would work relatively straightforwardly - as you say just the current top 6. Would be more difficult across the channel admittedly, in terms of how many teams and from which leagues. It could be that you have multiple divisions within an 'ESL' system in order to accommodate. It would and could only work with a closed shop though, I think. Promotion and relegation would just be too complex. But whilst that is anethema, again - necessary evils. The game isn't in good health at the minute let's face it. Competitively or in any other sense. Something needs to give.
  22. Fair enough, I can understand that. I don't think coverage will just dry up and disappear - look how much Sky show of the Championship these days. There would still be a huge huge number of people in this country who will be invested in what remains minus the top 6, and TV companies, sponsors etc aren't just going to suddenly stop going after their wallets. Sure - they'd be less money, but it many ways it's the sheer amount of money currently in the game that is the source of it's problems. (Edit: plus what is left could be more evenly distributed) Teams in England and abroad will still be able to compete among and against each other, it will almost become like 2 different sports in a sense, which I accept is unpalatable but at this point I think it's just a necessary evil. People will complain about there being less money and exposure but the main thing people moan about nowadays is there being too much of those things.
  23. So we've managed to find 3 20 goal a season strikers in recent years for less than £5m total and you see that as a reason we should go and splurge over 3 times that? I don't even disagree with you really, I think the time is right to get a Dwight Gayle or similar to push us over the top, but that's a really weird way of making the case.
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